Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day

Today, on Veteran’s Day, I would like to say how thankful I am to all the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for the freedoms we have here in the United States. Thank you for your love of country and self sacrifice.

In regards to Veteran’s Day, this morning I read a devotion about the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne, Australia. You can go here if you are interested on the topic. I just think it is amazing that the creators were able to channel the sunlight so that on the 11th day of the 11th month at 11:00 AM, the light shines directly on the word “love”. And then I think that as amazing as that feat is, God’s timing is even greater and of far more consequence.

Now, I just have to throw this question out there: what are you getting your kids for Christmas? What is THE toy this year? I’m still hearing the “Wii”, so I think my friends with older kids are considering this gift for their kiddos. But for most of you that read my blog, your children are about the same age as Alise, so I’m curious….what is Santa bringing?

So let me tell you our thoughts for Baby Girl. We would like to take Alise to Walt Disney World for her 4th birthday in May (Just an FYI, during 2009, kids can get into the parks free on their birthdays). She is in love with the Disney Princesses and I would love to see her expression when Tinkerbell flies down from the top of Cinderella’s castle. So, having said that, we are not planning on going all out for Christmas. My BFF, Leigh, mentioned that a friend of hers does the “three gift limit” for her children because the wisemen brought three gifts to Jesus. I’ve decided to do that this year (I said I was going to do it last year, too, but you know how that went!). We’re going to get Alise three “big” gifts and just a few smaller ones…stocking stuffers, that kind of thing. One of her big gifts will be a new bicycle. I’m also thinking about getting her the new Fisher Price digital camera (not the expensive one) because everytime I take her picture, she says, “Let me see, Mommie! Let me see!” I’m going to keep the fact that she (or Mommie) can upload the pictures to the computer a little secret. Ha! The third gift is still up in the air, but right now, it looks like it will be something educational. Sorry, Alise, but Santa DOES bring educational gifts! You may be thinking why don’t I give Alise what she wants for Christmas. The truth is, I can’t get her to tell me anything! A friend suggested sitting her down and having her circle the things she likes in the Christmas books that have come through the mail and newspaper, but she won’t sit still long enough. I even took her to Toys R Us to get her to pick out things. We were there twenty minutes and half that time, she was playing with the Thomas the Train table. After I convinced her to get away from that, she told me, “I’m ready to go, Mommie!” Ugh! She just doesn’t seem interested right now.

So, what is Santa bringing your children this year? I can’t wait to hear!



  1. What a great post.... I am interested in hearing what Santa is bringing everyone too.... Santa is bringing Olivia clothes for her American Girl doll. (my brother is getting her the doll) And I really don't know what to get Isaac. I need help too!!! And Christmas will be here before we know it!!!

  2. Anonymous9:08 PM

    I would LOVE to visit the Shrine of Remembrance in Australia! That's amazing! Well, we're really scaling back this year! Last year the boys got so many presents between both grandparents and us, it took them almost all day to open them! TOO much!! So we're just getting a few gifts and books. Aidan has specifically said he's asking Santa for the Hungry Hippos game, A sports car(lol), and a teddy bear. We're thinking about making a Build a Bear Bear and having Kevin record a message from Santa for Aidan, and of course we'll make one for Evan too! And I have no idea what to get for Evan!!

  3. Oh, I love this post. Santa has scaled back big time this year. With a birthday next week and then Christmad she will get so much new stuff! Chritmas is going to be The S'mores Fur Real horse,some model horses and the dog and cat from American Girl. Done! By the way, you know Disneywork has that special to buy 4 nights get 3 free special right now?? Might want to check that out.

  4. Anonymous5:24 AM

    I'm no help in the Christmas department. I have no idea what to buy our 3 year old nephew! Aunty M will definitely be buying him some clothes, though.

  5. Hi, I am Diana just browsing through some of Audrey's friends blogs. She has so many great blogging friends!

    Can I say that since the Samantha American Girl Doll will be discontinued that I am getting clothes for my doll as a 26 year old? I have to. She was my most favorite doll. I even had a dress that matched her.

    I am not sure about girls (I have a boy), but I think American Girl is really big this year. I also saw a box of disney dress up princess dresses for not too expensive at Toys R Us? If your daughter is into princesses...a collection of those would be cute.

    FYI on the Disney thing, if you want to eat at the castle, you have to make reservations far in advance! I remember going at Alise's age and thinking that Disney HAD to be magical.

  6. Well, Sydney pretty much says she wants "everything" she sees on TV. But I told her yesterday that she needs to come up with three things she wants to ask Santa for and she said, A princess bike, a Sleeping Beauty vanity, and a doll with a scooter (she saw one at Target the last time we were there...and, yep, a doll and scooter are officially two things, but I guess we'll see). I would keep it to three gifts if I could, but Gary always wants to go so much more overboard! :-)

  7. Um, according to Noah, Santa is bring him one of every item from every toy catalog we have received in the last month. Throw in one of everything he sees on TV and at friend's houses and that should do it! Of course, Mommy and Daddy are going to have to speak with Santa about this and whittle it down. I love the fat man and all, but we might have to draw the line....

  8. Santa is scaling down at our house this year. I thought LB would be getting an American girl doll, but not this year. We have just started readying those books, so maybe for her birthday or next year. She is getting a guitar and CD player - along with little things to go with both. Carter is getting a catcher's mitt and catcher's mask. Stocking stuffers are my favorites!! My brothers, Amy, and DH draw names from each other. We make a list of our favorite things and then fill the stocking with those things. That is our gift to them and it is SO MUCH FUN!!!