Friday, November 21, 2008

Flashback Friday

My friend Bri was feeling a little nostalgic earlier in the week and asked us to post some of the things that were in our sweet babies keepsake boxes. I decided to share some of Alise's things as my Friday Flashback. Here goes: This is Baby Girl's itty bitty white t-shirt and striped cap that she wore in the hospital. Not for long, though. Of course, Mommie had a whole bag of outfits for her to wear. She had to look so precious for all her visitors.

Two coursages from my showers and Alise's hospital bracelet.

The ol' pregnancy organizer and test in the background. Oops! Am I the only crazy person that kept their pregnancy test? I had to keep it. I left it on the bathroom counter the morning I took it because I knew Wayne would beat me home that night and see it when he got his shower. When I got home that night, he was like, "Uh? I think there is something you need to look at in the bathroom!" "Really?" I asked. It was a funny - and happy - moment for us.

Okay, this isn't a very good picture, but these are four paint samples for Alise's nursery as well as two suckers left over from one of my showers.

This is daddy's "labor shirt" with Alise's footprints on the shoulder. The ticket stub is for the Star Wars movie that came out close to her birth day. The ticket was dated 5/20/05 and I remember that movie date so well because I had been to the doctor that day and Dr. S told me that I was ready....she would be seeing that weekend (didn't happen). So Wayne and I spent the entire night joking that I was going to go into labor during Star Wars. Like I said, it didn't happen, but she was VERY active during the louder parts of the movie. I will never forget that night!

And here she three and a half years! Alise will always be my baby!



  1. Too sweet and she is such a little doll. Hope you are feeling better today and all ready for the Twilight Madness.

  2. This was so sweet. No matter how old they get, they are still our babies, right?! I miss the snuggle days.

  3. Wow Laura, you have such a great keepsake box for Alise! Everything is just beautiful, and it will be so special for Alise to look through everything when she is older! Now I need to hunt up everything from the boys' births!

  4. I was looking at some of Noah's little things the other day. For some reason, I have had a really hard time with the fact that he has officially turned 3. Its just all too fast!!!

  5. Oh I just love all the obscure stuff like the paint swatches and movie ticket stub! Those are the things that are so unique and special to you that no one else would have. Thanks so much for sharing and for linking back to my blog!

    I'm sure 3.5 years absolutely flies! *sniffle, getting teary-eyed here*

  6. What great memories!! Thanks for sharing! Alise is beautiful!!

  7. I love your makes me think back to all of Carter's cute little things. I love the idea of a "labor t-shirt." If we have a second baby we are going to copy your wonderful idea!

    Isn't it just crazy how 3 1/2 years fly by? Carter is 3 1/2 too and it just stuns me at what a big boy he is.

  8. This is such a SWEET post!!! They really do grow up way too fast!
    I just threw away 3 old positive pregnancy tests this morning when I was cleaning out my wicker trunk that I keep keepsakes in!