Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bama Rolls!!

How 'bout my Alabama Crimson Tide?! Did they manage to squeak by LSU last night or what?! If you didn't get a chance to watch the game, you missed an awesome one!! Bama is still undefeated and my man and I are headed to Tuscaloosa next weekend to see our team take on Mississippi State. The weather is suppose to be C-O-L-D, so it's a good thing I found my Alabama sweatshirt today!

Alise and I were up at 8:00 Saturday morning making cupcakes for our little Bama v. LSWho game day party. She had a blast decorating with red icing and sprinkles. Even Wayne thought I did pretty good on the trademark "A". Our party was complete with Bagel Bites, cheese dip, and chocolate cupcakes! Wah Lah!

Wayne was so excited to get to church this morning to brag and wear his red sports jacket and new houndstooth pants. I snapped a picture of him and Alise before we left. She was wearing her Alabama smocked dress, too. Daddy insisted. I love this picture because Wayne looks so much like his Daddy. The jacket he is wearing actually belonged to his dad; we had it altered after his death. He only wears it to church around the "red" holidays, so anytime he can take advantage of wearing it for a big-time Bama win, he does. By the way, it was freezing this morning and I forgot to put a sweater on Alise. One more picture to share.

It seems the for the last few years, I have developed a pin fettish. I think it's because my Grandmother always wore pins on her jackets and blouses when I was little (Last year when my Grandmother decided to go into the nursing home, she had to put most of her things in a rummage sale. She let the family go through her things first and get whatever we would like to have. I got some of my Grandmother's pins that I remembered her wearing and I hope to pass them down to Alise one day). So anyway, Friday night, I ran into Belk because they had my favorite ribbed turtlenecks on sale for $12.99. I just happened into the jewelry section and ended up getting two pins for like four and five dollars each! Audrey, I thought of you with the Eiffel Tower pin. It has rhinestones, but you really can't see them in the picture. The brown feather pin may look a little old fashioned, but it looks great with my pink turtleneck. I plan to wear brown pants with it and I think it would make a great accessory. So today, I am thankful for my Grandmother and the influence she had - and still has - in my life. I stayed at her house the summer that Wayne and I started dating, so she got to see our love for one another grow through the years.
Have a great week!


  1. I didn't really watch the game, but I was at my parent's house through some of it as they screamed at the TV! They are big LSU fans. My mom got her doctorate degree from LSU when I was in high school. I'm not really a football fan AT ALL, but I was thinking of you the whole time! :)

  2. I am loving them all dressed up in their red! Also love the pins, my sister used to wear pins all the time! I think she still puts them on her sweaters too! Cupcakes look yummy!

  3. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Oh I'm LOVING that Eiffel Tower pin!!!! Those pins look great with that beautiful pink turtleneck! SO HAPPY for you that Bama pulled it off! You are going to have so much fun next weekend! I'm so jealous!! Crossing my fingers for you that Bama wins next weekend as well! And you have the best looking cupcakes I have ever seen! I am a complete mess when it comes to decorating baked goods,lol! Your party sounds like so much fun(and delicious,lol!!)

  4. Wayne and Baby Girl are too cute! The cupcakes are too. :)

    I love pins too...but stopped wearing jewerly when I had nursing babies that would tug and pull on said jewerly. *sigh* I never got back into wearing any.

  5. Love the pins!! I have a special one from my great grandmother:)

    Great cupcakes... or as my kids call them... pupcakes.. lol

    Have a great week:)

  6. ROLL TIDE!! My LB wore her Bama smocked dress Sunday as well. I have been meaning to make it for 2 seasons now and finally got it done this year!!

  7. I can't even begin to tell you how sick all us UT fans are this year. I mean--Wyoming????
    Oh well, there is always next year.

    I love the Eiffel Tower pin so much that I am going to Belk to look for it. Ever since DH & I went to Paris, I love everything about it.

  8. I'm so glad BAMA won! {I do not like LSU!} I thought about you this weekend as I was listening to my hubby watch the game!!
    I love your cupcakes! Very cute!!

  9. Those pins are SO cute!!

    And, yes...

    ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who makes "themed" foods for the Bama games. :-)