Saturday, November 29, 2008

8 Random Things About Me

1. I take lo-o-ong bubble baths at night and showers in the morning. Before Alise came along, I could even take baths in the morning, but there just simply isn't enough time now. I'm a "soaker" and soaking in the bathtub with a good book or magazine is like the best way to unwind for me. Wayne can't seem to understand why I like to "sit in dirty water," by oh, well. It must be a Girl Thang.

2. I have a collection of Scarlett O'Hara and Gone with the Wind ornaments that I've collected since Wayne and I have been married. Most of the them are Hallmark ornaments. Guess what? Not a single one made it on the tree this year.

3. I hardly ever watch TV. It's not against my religion or anything like that, I simply don't have time or I'd rather do something else - like get on the computer or blog. I don't have a favorite TV show and I don't watch Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, or DWTS. Call me crazy, but I'm simply not interested unless it is SEC Football related. For that and of course, my Crimson Tide, I will watch TV. I do watch American Idol when it begins.

4. If I had not taken a bookkeeping class in high school and "fell in love with the numbers," I would have been a high school American History teacher. I love history. I love to read historical biographies and historical romance novels.

5. I absolutely hate to fold clothes. I hardly even know how to wash clothes, although I am getting better at it. Before Alise was born, Wayne did absolutely all the washing in our house, but I have since gotten better. I still have to ask from time to time, "Can I wash this with that?" My mom made me fold clothes when I was at home and I hated it then, and I still do! I am getting better, though. Oh, and I don't iron, either.

6. I always drive 5 miles over the speed limit. Except on interstate. There, I drive maybe 7 or 8 miles over. I do wear my seat belt. I have gotten two speeding tickets in my life and both were in the same place! If you are on Lea Joiner Expressway headed into Monroe to cross over Louisville on to 6th Street, you better be going 35 miles per hour. I'm just saying....

7. I eat ketchup on everything. I refuse to eat french fries without ketchup.

8. I have to sleep with cover. I feel naked if I don't at least have a sheet, but normally it's a sheet and a thin quilt. In the winter time, we put an electric mattress cover on our bed and I think I've died and gone to Hawaii. Also, since being pregnant with Alise, I have to have an extra pillow between my knees and I always fall asleep on my right side. Wayne sleeps on the side of the bed closest to the closet. I'm scared of closet monsters. Really.

I tag anyone who wants to play, too!



  1. I am afraid of closet monsters too!!! I am not kidding. But I like doing laundry.

  2. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Love your list Laura!! I am afraid of closet monsters too,lol. I have to have the doors to our bathroom and closet closed before I go to sleep or I feel like I'm being watched,lol! And I absolutely HATE folding clothes. I will do everything else, including cleaning the bathrooms. I also don't iron. Kevin does that,lol! And I loovvee History!! I'm a history buff!!!! And I also have to sleep with a cover on. The heavier the better!!! Even in the summer! I'll have to do this list too, hopefully I'll catch up on posting by tomorrow!!

  3. This was fun to read! You are so funny! :)

  4. Good Stuff. I like the new picture and yes, wait till you see my bama photos--I'll post later today. I thought of you guys while we were there. you know we just tailgated. Tickets were still $150-200 into the 2nd quarter!!!!

  5. I DO think we may have been switched at birth. I think this WAS my list. Ha!

  6. I have this thing about my knees touching when I sleep on my side too- it started when I was pregnant with Adler. Wierd, right?

  7. I don't like to let any part of me hang off the bed. I am still certain there things under there that will grab me & pull me under.

    I have a collection of Wizard of Oz ornaments.