Sunday, October 12, 2008

Something About A Man In A Uniform

Wayne and I watched one of my favorite movies, "Pearl Harbor" tonight on cable. There is just something about Ben Affleck in a uniform!! So dreamy! His innocence. Pre-Benifer #1 AND #2!! My favorite part of the movie is when his character, Raiff, is going through the military infirmary and begs beautiful Nurse Evelyn, "Ma'am. Please don't take my wings." Heck, I would have passed that good looking officer, too! But there was always something that no matter how many times I've seen the movie, I never quite could figure out. Was Evelyn still really in love with Raiff when he came back or had she already fallen in love with Danny? If you've seen the movie, you know how it ends, but I just never got a clear distinction of who she really loved in the end. What do you think?

When Wayne got home Saturday afternoon, I came down with a major migraine headache. My head hurt so bad that I was nauseated and I could not watch the LSU game because the TV was too bright. I had to end up listening to it with a pillow over my face and a cool washcloth over my forehead. That's okay because what I heard at church this morning, most of our LSU friends/fans did just about the same thing....or better yet, decided to turn the TV off altogether at some point. I must admit that I was very disappointed in LSU. I thought the game was really going to be a good one. I guess they were just having an "off" night. Lord knows us Alabama fans know all about an "off" game! I warned Wayne not to reb our LSU friends too much...what goes around comes around! I am also sorry for my blogging friend, Julie, whose favorite team, the Oklahoma Sooners lost, too. That was totally unexpected in my book, too! Another weekend of upsets. Thank God we had a bye. But we are headed to Tuscaloosa on Friday morning for the game against Ole Miss on Saturday. Make sure you look for me and Wayne on TV!

I am on chapter 14 of the "Twilight" book by Stephanie Meyer. I must say that it is alot different than I suspected. Much to my surprise, it hasn't been bloody or gory at all. I have a hard time figuring Edward out, though. In one sentence he's smiling and in the next, he's angry. Let's just say he's very moody. Chapter 13 cleared alot of things up and - from my research on the web - was the actual beginning for the book because it was the dream that Ms. Meyer had. At this point, I don't know if I will read the other books in the series just because I've heard so many people say that the the first book is the best. I am looking forward to the movie that premiers on November 21st.

Wayne and Baby Girl have a daddy-daughter project due on Wednesday. Alise has to decorate a pumpkin. I merely suggested that this was something that the two of them could do together. So today after church, Wayne wanted to go to our local Farmer's Market and buy a pumpkin. They were closed. We ended up at Wal-mart. Here are some pictures of Alise at the Wal-mart pumpkin patch:

Saturday morning, Alise got "all dressed up" to play outside. When I saw what she had on, I cracked up laughing and grabbed the camera. Here's to you, Aunt Donna!
Friday night, Alise and I were watching "The Lion King." She started asking alot of questions when the Daddy Lion died. She kept asking me where he went and what happened to him. It hit me when she started asking questions that it was Hollis' birthday. So, I decided to pause the movie and I took down the picture of Wayne's dad that we keep on our entertainment center. I asked Alise if she knew who was in the picture and she said, "Papaw." I told her it was Papaw Horton. Then I asked her if she knew where Papaw Horton was and she pointed up to the ceiling. I said, "Yes, Papaw Horton is in Heaven with Jesus." Alise didn't say anything for a few seconds and as I watched her, her eyes begin to well up with tears. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she wanted to go where Papaw Horton was. Then I began to cry, too. I told her that one day, when she's old enough and asks Jesus to come into her heart that she will get to see Papaw Horton in Heaven. We both had a big cry. So was our "Girls Night Out."


  1. well, now I am crying. What a sweet story and it sounds like you both had a nice weekend--except for the yucky migraine part. Hope you are feeling better. Love the pumpkin bishop!

    I cooked the shepherd's pie! Turned out good, of course Sofia did not even consider touching it. She did help make it though. Mine was not soupy--loose but not soupy . Have a great MOnday!

  2. Oh my tears fall freely from this post.

    Also I love her outfit I mean could she have possibly put on anymore pink. Love it. So cute.

  3. what's with that smile in the 1st pumpkin picture? she's so goofy!

  4. Great pics! and the story of Alise and Papaw H. is so sweet. Kids can just put it all in the right words, can't they? :-)

    The LSU game sorta shocked me too. They may be ready to prove somebody wrong when we get around to playing them. I'm also a Texas fan, so I was happy about that game!

  5. That's a sweet story! Thanks for sharing! I love the pictures!!! I am tall, but my friend, Lesley is short! I am 5'9 and she is probably 5'2!

  6. I LOVE her pumpkin dress! I know why God didn't give me girls...... we would be living in a card board box and she would own every dress and matching shoes and bows that ever existed!! What adorable pics!!

    The shepards pie recipe sounds fabulous and I'm making copies to make this weekend! YUMMMMM....

  7. Awwww... Sounds like you had a great weekend. Sorry to hear about your migraine! Hope you are feeling better. Love Alise's dress. What a cutie!!

  8. Thank you for your kind words during our Red Rivalry Loss!!! We were very upset and disappointed in the team. But I was never necessarily wanting a National Championship. I just want to win a bowl game again!!!! I have to say I was not pulling for LSU. Sorry. It wasn't the team really; it's the couch. He used to be at OSU. We're excitd for Alabama!!

    I can't wait to read how the pumpkin decorating goes. That should be fun!!

  9. Oh my goodness....look at her little fall smock dress in front of those pumpkins!! Now that is a photo opp if I ever saw one! She is quite photogenic!

  10. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Oh I'm crying now. What a sweetheart Alise is. Aidan knows that his Grandpa Gary "lives in the sky" too, but he doesn't quite get the concept yet. I love all of Alises pictures with the pumpkins! We are behind with our pumpkin patch pictures, hopefully we'll get to that soon!