Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sarah Palin's Wardrobe Scandal

Obviously I’ve been living under a rock somewhere. Or maybe it was that $300 Walmart trip. Or the dance and gymnastics lessons. I’ve got it! It was the movie, “Annie”! I’ve been letting Baby Girl watch it entirely too much lately.

How did I miss this, Friends?!

If you’ve been hiding with me, too, go here, and here, and here.

First things first. $150,000? That’s alotta dough. That’s alotta dough-nuts. That’s more than the house that some people live in! That’s more than their house AND their car, People!!

Allow me to break it down for you:

* Saks Fifth Avenue: $49,425.74.
* Neiman Marcus: $75,062.63
* Macy's: $9,447.71
* Barneys New York: $789.72
* Bloomingdales: $5,102.71
* Hair and make-up: $4,716.49

Now, some of you reading this may not even blink about those expenditures. You might shop at these stores all the time and that’s great (unfortunately, none of these stores are in my area, and I would probably only be able to window shop anyway. Remember, all my money goes to Walmart).

Was Sarah Palin that frumpy before that she had to have a “presidential make over”? This was someone who had already spent time in beauty pageants and held a political office. She is the freakin’ governor of Alaska!!! I guess a dowdy governor’s wardrobe just won’t do for a vice-presidential candidate.

Bottom line, my beef is with the money. I like Sarah Palin. But for someone who classifies herself as “one of us,” a hockey mom that wears lipstick, a supporter of the American working class, how in the world – why in the world – would you spend this kind of money on clothes and makeup?

Palin promises that the wardrobe is not hers. She says that the expensive outfits will be donated to charity after the election. How many other women can you think of that have donated their dresses to charity while they were alive? I can think of just one. Princess Diana. God rest her soul.

Could it be that the reason Palin is receiving so much flack about her wardrobe is because this is the first time – since Geraldine Ferraro – that we’ve had a female in the presidential spotlight? Women’s fashion sense and attentiveness to it has changed drastically since the ’80’s, thanks to the very same media that is blowing the whistle on this story. Could it be now that women can actually hold important positions in government and NOT look like a man?

My final thought: why didn’t the Democratic party come up with the idea of a presidential make over for Hillary Rodham Clinton?

What do you think about this?



  1. waht are you doing up so late???? That is a whole lotta Target spending for me!!!

  2. Were all of those things purchased with campaign money? With as many kids as she has, she couldn't spend 150K on clothes, especially when she personally only made 125K last year.

    Oh well, she looks great.

  3. With the current state of our economy, I'm shocked at these numbers. Also let me state that I don't know yet who I will be voting for....I'm not too crazy on either candidate. It's like choosing the lesser of two evils.

    (Please don't throw the book at me b/c I am talking politics. I try to stay away from such topics).

    Also what could have been done with that money?? What lower income person needs to wear an outfit from Barneys...I mean, wouldn't you rather eat or pay your mortgage?

    See I've got to stop.

  4. Don't get me wrong, this is a lot of money, money that probably shouldn't have been spent on clothes.

    However, I think it's pretty cheap for the media to attack Palin. I have no doubt that because she is a woman, her clothing allowance is something of national scandel. I wonder how much Bidden or Obama is spending on his suits. Has anyone done a top secret investigation of HIS Barney's bill? I highly doubt it. A woman spending too much money on clothes is way more interesting and outrageous than a man spending too much money on his clothes, or cars, or whatever. I don't think the real issue is the amount of clothes she has bought for the campaign, its the media's stereotyping this candidate as a woman who spends too much money on clothes, otherwise known as a woman, period. I think the intent is to belittle her and make her look irresponsible and weak, not like her big, strong, level-headed opponent. Let's all get over the fact that a woman is up for vp and get to the stuff that really matters.

    Again, I don't think its necessarily right for anyone to spend that money on clothes, but I don't think it needs to be in the headlines.

  5. I think it's nuts that our economy is in such disarray yet she is able to be highly fashionable.

    Off my soap-box now and that's all I have to say about that.

  6. I agree that it is a lot to spend on clothes, but I also think the media is eager to attack her at every opportunity. I even heard Barbara Walters say that she didn't know why the RNC couldn't just get her a black skirt and a couple of jackets. I can see someone who lives on a modest income making that point, but not a wealthy journalist who, like Palin, is styled by other people. I wonder if Barbara herself knows how much the clothes she wears on "The View" cost?

  7. I thought that was crazy and didn't match her persona as the average hockey mom, but I do understand about needing clothes to campaign in. But really, there are less expensive clothes that look just as great. Did they really have to be designer labels? It was reported that her 7 year old daughter was bought a Louis Vuitton purse. Really? Really?
    There was a picture in Time Magazine where Barack Obama's feet were up on the desk. The shoes were worn thin with holes in them.

    So who's really the elitest?!?

    Sorry, I got going there,lol! Guess you can't tell I'm supporting Obama/Biden, right?!?

  8. INSANE.... that's what that is!! I mean seriously.... Think of all the things you could buy with that kinda money. And all the mouths you could feed.... Need I say more?? You can look and act the part without spending that kind of money. FYI.... Michelle Obama gets her clothes from J.Crew. She said it on the tonight show last night.... She looked quite classy if I do say so myself!!

    Yeah like Audrey..... It is kinda obvious who I'm voting for;)

  9. First of all, I hope I look that good when I'm over 40 after having 5 kids, dealing with dumb politicians all day, changing Alaska and making it to hockey practice.

    Thank God the Hilary pantsuits are dead.

  10. Okay, no one said anything about the dough spent on Michelle's clothing. ;)

    And Hillary did have the makeover. Look at before and afters of her. And she is not as girly as Mrs. Palin...she wouldn't be caught dead in nothing but a smart pantsuit! I read a book about her and that makes sense to me that she was made up as much. But she was made to look better...believe me! She looked bad before her brush with the white house!