Sunday, October 19, 2008

Real Men Shake Pom Poms

Winning convincingly. It's something that Alabama isn't doing right now. Saturday's game against Ole Miss was the third time that we have not put any points on the scoreboard in the last half of a game. Yes, after half time, the 2007 Alabama team decided to show up for the remainder and had fans all around us outraged and just plain ticked off!! Wayne and I wouldn't even speak to each other. I just knew it was going to be a LONG road home to Monroe. Somehow, someway, that Ole Miss player missed the catch on 3 and 5, we got the ball back and let the clock tick down. We won. By 4 points. So, yes, Bama continues to win, but nobody can seem to explain how. I absolutely DREAD the game next week against Tennessee. We are fortunate that the BCS still has us ranked #2! With the way that we've been playing, we are very appreciative to be there.

I just love Tuscaloosa. A few years ago when I thought I wanted to branch out and leave Monroe, I actually put out resumes for the hospitals there and in Birmingham. But it's just like God to have another plan (always different from my own), and those wonderful thoughts just never panned out. So, I get really excited every time that Wayne and I have a chance to go back and attend an Alabama football game. It's just something about the way a game brings the whole state - or shall I say, states - together. Look, when you get 92,000 plus people together in a single place for a common goal, something just happens. I can't really explain it. But it's something that my man and I like to do together (because I will never enjoy hunting with him and he will never enjoy shopping with me...) and I absolutely love it! So here is my man - in the earlier part of the game - when we WERE actually scoring points - shaking his pom pom.

Wait. There is a story behind the pom poms that I MUST tell. On Friday morning, we were getting our things together and I reminded Wayne to get my pom pom out of Alise's toy box. On Saturday morning when I was getting dressed in the hotel, remembering that I hadn't seen my pom pom in the back of the car, I asked Wayne if he had remembered to get it. Nope. So about seven times that morning, I reminded him that he had to absolutely get me a pom pom before the game and he promised me he would. "Yeah, right!" I thought. We parked in our usual parking area at the game and walked probably two miles to Mellow Mushroom in downtown Tuscaloosa for lunch. Wayne had already asked one guy on our walk if he would be willing to sell his pom. The guy said no, because it was his only one. So, we kept walking. We finally passed a small consignment/art gallery in one of the older shops and low and behold, their mannequins in the store window were holding red and white pom poms. Wayne slipped in the store and bought two poms for $4!! Did my man come through or what?

A pom is a must-have accessory to any SEC game!! I love to look around the stadium and see them all waving. We actually own about ten right now!

Here is a picture of us at Mellow Mushroom.

And here is a picture of us at the Bama v. Ole Miss game this weekend. Actually, this is the second year in a row that we've made the Ole Miss game. However, I was very disappointed in Oxford last year. It was not the town I thought it would be and I never got to see John Grisham. And here are some miscellaneous pictures I took on our walk to downtown.
Enough about football.

Grandparent's Day at Alise's school was a huge hit in her little heart. She was so excited to see her Nana get out of her car Friday morning at her school. I took everyone to her class first because I needed to talk to Ms. K about Nana checking her out after the program and I wanted my mom to see her classroom, too. Ms. K said that we could go ahead and walk over to the church, so we did. I know absolutely nothing about the Catholic religion, but I do know that Alise pitched a fit to dip her finger in the pool of water outside the sanctuary. My mom held her up so she could dip her finger. My mom - being the true Baptist that she is - wanted to sit close to the back of the church. We found Emma and both her Grandmothers, so mom and Alise sat with them. Wayne and I left and headed to Tuscaloosa. Later that day, when I talked to my mom, she said she really enjoyed the day. She said after Mass, Alise and her classmates had to go back to their classes. The Grandparents were ushered into the gym for a reception and the children came out and sang for them. She said Alise was singing, but didn't do the hand motions. After that, she and Alise went to the Book Fair and then she checked her out of school. They spent the rest of the afternoon at Kiroli Park and the pumpkin patch.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I got to catch up on everyone's blogs with my blackberry on the way home from Alabama. Have I told you lately that I LOVE my blackberry?



  1. Okay Laura, You had the most fantastic weekend ever! Your pictures and description makes football look SO exciting,lol. I may have to start watching a game or two here soon! I just LOVE your picture of Wayne at the game, loving seeing that beautiful sea of Crimson and all of the fans! Glad Alise and her Nana had a wonderful Grandparents day!! Loved all the pictures of Alise at school with her Nana!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Laura! You and your hubby are too cute, and Alise and Nana look so sweet. I wish Ella Grace would keep in her "dog ears." Any tips?

  3. You know what I keep thinking about the season this year? That, before the seasons started, I figured we'd have about an 8-4 season. So everything to me is just beyond what I even imagined. Sure, we're sucking in the second half, but we're playing some awesome first halves and we're #2 in the country. I'm pretty danged excited about it!! (You're right, though. The Tennessee game--even though Tenn has looked VERY weak so far--is still a scary one!)

    I LOVE Tuscaloosa too. Went to high school and college there, and I'd love to move back when we retire someday. :-)

    The pictures are all great!!

  4. Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. Love the photos. So glad your team won... that helps:) Have a great week:)

  5. That was a close game. Shoo! I'm glad y'all got home alright. We saw Henry & Dwayne yesterday and Dwayne is on fire for Bama football. He wouldn't stop talking about it. You'll have to see the pics of the old Horton home being burned. I wrote a little of the story on my blog, but most pics are on the photosite. It's sad to see it gone.

    Talk to ya later!

  6. BTW, I'm jealous that y'all got to go to Mellow Mushroom without us. Boo Hoo!

  7. We are going through a football slump up here as well. U of M is the winningiest college football team history and we just lost to Toledo!!! I really don't care because I am a Spartan Fan( GO STATE:) But the wolverines are a sore subject around my hubby!
    Looks like a fabulous weekend. Alise looks so happy to be with her Nana!!!

  8. It sounds like you had a busy weekend! I always loved g-parents day when I was in school. I was fortunate enough to have mine in town, so they always made it. :)

  9. Sounds like a fun and busy weekend was had by all! Your mom is SO young!! When did she have you??? When she was 15?????