Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Junior League Cookbook

Introducing the Monroe Junior League's New Cookbook: Cooking in High Cotton.

This cookbook would make a great addition to anyone's collection. It would also make a nice Christmas present (which I vowed everyone was getting from me this year! My shopping is nearly done! Thank you MJL!!)

If anyone is interested in purchasing one, please let me know. Price with tax is $27.44.



  1. You shopping is almost done??? Ugh. I haven't even started!

  2. me, me, me! Can I just pay you with paypal? let me know, I buy all of the JL cookbooks!!!

  3. I am cook book obsessed. I own (no joke) about 100 of them. And I actually use almost all of them on a regular basis. Gentry makes fun of me whemever we are around them and asks if I am getting the shakes, or if I somehow manage to leave without one, he'll ask if I'm in withdrawl. Hardy-har-har...That's right, mister--laugh it up while you enjoy my delish creations! :)