Monday, October 27, 2008

The Mother of All Tags

Thanks to all you 1,000 fans out there that tagged me last week!

I thought I would substitute something new for my tag that I read on my friend Bri’s blog last week that I really liked. Here goes:

I am: loved
I have: a wonderful family
I dislike: people who do not tell the truth
I miss: my father-in-law
I fear: what this world is becoming
I think: that gas prices are too high!!
I know: that Jesus is my Savior
I have no idea: who I will vote for for President
I want: a new house and furniture
I hope: that Alise does well in school
I feel: optimistic
I smell: chocolate chip cookies in the oven
I crave: Sonic slushes
I cry: when I am sad or tired
I search: for the cord to upload my pictures to the computer ALL THE TIME!!
I wonder: what happened to
I regret: being so selfish
I love: spending time with my family
I care: about what other people think too much
I always: take a bath at night and a shower in the morning
I worry: about the Wayne’s safety and the choices Alise will make
I am not: perfect (took me a while to figure that one out!)
I remember: when M&Ms came in the color brown
I believe: that there is a God
I dance: to Sweet Home Alabama in Bryant-Denny Stadium
I sing: to Sweet Home Alabama in Bryant-Denny Stadium
I don’t always: say the right things
I wish: I could get motivated to loose some weight
I listen: to Paul Finebaum nearly everyday
I don’t understand: how people can harm another human being
I can usually be found: spending time with my daughter
I need: a new fall wardrobe
I forget: what I choose to forget
I am: blessed beyond measure

TAG! You’re next!



  1. Anonymous1:59 PM

    I love this Laura!!! I will have to do this myself :-)

  2. good responses, i think i would have to think too much to carry it on - we will see.

  3. I did this too the other can be so refreshing sometimes!

  4. Laura this is great!!! I am so glad you filled it out! Something a bit different than the norm. :) From reading your answers, I think we have a lot in common.