Sunday, October 05, 2008

Message From Brown Bear

Hi! Brown Bear here blogging for Laura. She allowed me the "honor" of posting tonight and filling you in about our weekend from my point of view. She's busy right now running around getting ready for Alise's big day tomorrow - "Star of the Week" - including finishing up the "Brown Bear project" by writing in my book so Ms. K can read all about mine and Alise's great weekend. Here goes:

Alise was so happy to bring me home this weekend! I felt so sorry for her on Friday because I knew she didn't feel very well. Her nose was very red and her eye was pink. Ms. Georgianna called Alise's mom right after school let out to tell her that Ms. T and Ms. K thought she might have pink eye. Ms. Laura showed up during snack time in the cafeteria and Ms. Georgianna walked me and Alise out to the car. It was only a few seconds before we were speeding - literally - down Loop Road headed to Alise's doctor's office. I wanted to ask why we were driving so fast, but I heard Ms. Laura say that we had to be there by 4:00. I snuck a look on the car clock and saw that we only had ten minutes to get there. I'm sure glad we didn't meet a cop on the way!

When we got to Dr. Stanley's office, Alise insisted on taking me in with her, but Ms. Laura said no. She said that all she could see was the whole class coming down with a sinus infection and pink eye. Or worse, something else. So I had to sit in the warm car, but that was okay because I took a nice LONG nap. It seemed like they were gone forever!

After we left the doctor's office, Alise said she wanted something cold to drink. Ms. Laura asked if she wanted a slush from Sonic. It seems the Horton's live at Sonic - more on that later. The drive-thru line was too long, so we pulled into a stall and finally our orange slushes arrived. Ms. Laura said that this was the first time she had ordered an orange slush and said that she liked the grape ones better. On the way home, Alise accidently poked a hole through her cup with her straw and her slush started leaking all over me and the back seat. Ms. Laura had to hold her cup out the window all the way home and she wasn't too happy about that. She said it was getting all over the outside of her car and vowed to never let Alise have her own slush again. Apparently, this was the second time something like this had happened.

I was so glad when we finally got to Alise's house and out of the back seat of the car. Mr. Wayne was already home from work and said that he would get a shower and take "his girls" out to eat. When he asked Alise where she wanted to eat, she hollered, "Chic-fil-a!" It wasn't exactly my cup of tea, but I really didn't have a choice in the matter. Mr. Wayne and Ms. Laura took Alise to "Build A Bear" after dinner, but they told her that she could only look and not buy anything. Mr. Wayne said that this particuliar store was breaking him. Not sure exactly what that meant, but I loved getting to see all the other stuffed teddy bears and outfits. It wasn't long before Alise wigged out and we had to leave. She pitched a fit all the way from the store to the outside of the mall. Although this kind of behavior is nothing new to me - remember, I go home with a new three year old every Friday - Ms. Laura had just about had it. She said all she wanted to do was take a sleeping pill and die. I think that's just what she did.

Alise and I snuggled all night and when we woke up Saturday morning, Mr. Wayne said that he was so glad that we slept late. He said that was a first for Alise. Shortly after breakfast, we headed to a garage sale. We stayed for only a few hours because Alise still didn't feel well and her Nana told Ms. Laura not to worry about helping at the sale and to take Alise home. By this time, Alise noticed the cut on my ear and asked her Nana if she could fix me right up. So, I stayed a few more hours at the garage sale with Nana and then went home with her. She sewed my ear right up and took me back to Alise's house, just in time for a spaghetti supper and the last few minutes of the Alabama football game. All I can say about that is that Mr. Wayne wasn't happy at all!!!

This morning, only Mr. Wayne went to church. Even though Alise seemed to be feeling better, Ms. Laura decided that she needed to stay home. We all ended up at Wal-mart before 9:00, though. Because Alise is "Star of the Week" this week, she is responsible for bringing class snacks every day. Ms. Laura seemed to be clueless on what to prepare and Alise was no help. She couldn't tell her mom a single thing that we've had for snack time at school, nor could she help suggest anything. Personally, I think Ms. Laura is too much of a perfectionist - I heard Mr. Wayne tell her so this weekend. Anyway, Alise and I had to hang on to the buggy for dear life because her mom kept saying over and over how much she disliked Wal-mart and just did not want to be there. I got to meet one of Alise's little ballet friends. She and her mom were at Wal-mart early this morning, too. Both moms commented on how they had no make-up on. No wonder, Ms. Laura wanted to get out of that store as quick as she could!!

After naptime, Alise's mom declared that it was "her time" and she got everyone dressed in black shirts and jeans. Mr. Wayne didn't seem to be too happy about it, but he had had a nap, so he wasn't too grumpy. We all piled into the car and headed to a place called "the bayou" (pronounced, "bye-you") and tried to find the perfect spot. Alise's dad kept complaining that he was sweating and all her mom could say was that if everyone would just cooperate, we could have this shin-dig done in two takes.

Here is just a preview of what is to come in a few days when Ms. Laura has a chance to post the bayou pictures. I thought the pictures turned out great! Oh! And here is a picture of the lady bug cupcakes. Cyndi wanted to stay away from the red and black icing, so she went pink and brown - the new "in" colors. I thought they were so cute!
Well, it was nice visiting with you! I'm not sure when I'll be visiting the Horton's again, but maybe it will be soon! Stay tuned this week for pictures from my favorite little STAR!!


  1. That was sweet. It was nice getting to know you Brown Bear;)

    Have a good week!!

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  3. I am cracking up! Sounds like a busy weekend! Can't wait to see more pics.

    Brown Bear, you seem to haven really figured out the whole Horton Family really fast!!

    my typing was horrible so I deleted the 1st comment!

  4. I'm so jealous of you, Brown Bear! Getting to hang out with the Horton's all weekend! I wish we lived closer so we could do the same! :)

  5. What a cute and funny post!!! I LOVED hearing all about the Horton's from Mr. Brown Bear! :) Hope ya'll have a GREAT week and Alise is feeling better!

  6. Good summary Brown Bear! ;)

    Love those cupcakes by the way!

  7. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Hello Brown Bear! You wrote a very cute post! I'm loving those cupcakes!!! And love your picture in the Bayou, can't wait to see more!! Tell Alise I hope she feels better really soon!