Monday, October 20, 2008

Has Anyone Seen A Debit Card?

Wayne and I lost our debit card this weekend in Tuscaloosa. I won’t name any names, but it wasn’t my fault (Ha, ha!). We stopped at a gas station down from our hotel Saturday morning to fill up so we wouldn’t have to on the way home. I think “someone” must have accidently left the card on top of the gas pump. I don’t even remember how we discovered that it was missing (because we paid cash for everything else that day), but as we were walking into Bryant-Denny Stadium, I was on my blackberry with Regions Bank reporting our card as lost. We got online and checked our balances and luckily, no one had used our card. Thank you, God. Our new cards are headed to our mailbox.

Alise has been invited to her first “big girl” birthday party. Well, I should clarify that she’s been invited to the same big girl’s party before, but we were always at a Bama game and Alise could never go. This year is different. This Friday night, Alise will be going to Madison’s High School Musical birthday party. Some of you will remember Madison and her little sister, Claudia, from Alise’s party this past spring. Anyhoo – Alise gets to go with the “big girls” this Friday night to see the premier of the new HSM movie! Actually, she has never seen the first one, but I’ve been talking the party up and she is SO excited to be hanging with the “big girls.” Madison is her hero (because she’s older) and Claudia is a best friend. It’s a slumber party, too, but I’m not about to let Alise stay the night. I suggested that Claudia come to our house and let the “little girls” have their own slumber party at our house (Wayne is going to the camp). We’ll see. Stay tuned later in the week for pictures.

I had big tears in my eyes this morning when I read Mirya’s post about Granny Horton’s old homestead. The Horton family and friends can go here to read about it. I just can’t believe it’s gone. Such a “marker” for our family and now it is no more. Going to Aunt Peggy’s will never look the same. If you want to see Mi’s baby bump, go here. I like the boy name that she and Doug have picked out, HOWEVER if for some CRAZY REASON, Alabama ends up playing Texas in the mother of all championship games later in January AND they beat us, I think you TOTALLY need to pick another name! Mi – I left you a comment to the same affect earlier today.

Tonight our local pizza dive sponsored Alise's school. For all the pizzas sold between 5 - 8 PM, proceeds will be donated to her school. So, tonight after dance, Wayne met us at Johnny's and we had pizza for dinner. Alise was the hit of the place. She still had on all her dance gear and everyone thought she was so cute. I thought so, too! She was a social butterfly....fluttering around to say "Hi!" to all her friends. She would say, "Mommie, I need to go say Hi to so-and-so!" and off she would go.

Announcing a New Tag!!!

I love my bloggy friend, Audrey, and I literally laughed out loud when I read her blog today and she mentioned the “meatloaf/spaghetti/taco rotation” in regards to finding and coming up with new recipes that call for hamburger meat. I think her little phrase can probably just about sum us all up! Don’t you feel like you cook the same things over and over again?

So I am proposing a NEW TAG to ANYONE!

No rules.

Just post a recipe that you and your family enjoy that has at least one ingredient…you guessed it, hamburger meat…and does NOT fit in the “meatloaf/spaghetti/taco rotation” category.

My bloggy friend, Marie Etta, is ahead of the game, so check out her recipe.

Leave me a comment if you decide to post a recipe on your blog and at the end of the week, I'll combine and link all the recipes here so other readers can see them, too! It will be like a mini cookbook! All on one blog! We'll all have different recipes to try! "Meatloaf/spaghetti/taco rotation" problem solved! Viola'!!


  1. Wow, glad your debit card wasn't abused! I have a recipe that I will share: Mexican Spaghetti Bake--but I gotta come back witht he recipe!

  2. How scary that you (well, not really) lost your debit card! :0 We LOVE Johnny's! How fun that Alise is SO social and had to go around and say "hi" to everyone! I can just see her! :)

  3. I have a Cheeseburger Pie recipe on my blog, if you're interested.

    In a way, I think we're still good with the boy's name because the player's name is Colt and not Colton that's from Texas. Tehe!

  4. Anonymous10:48 AM

    I'm so glad that nobody used your debit card!! And how exciting that Alise gets to go to her first big girl party, I bet she is so excited! And a slumber party at your house?!? I bet Alise will have the time of her life!!! Looking forward to those pictures!!
    You are so great to add a "ground beef" tag,lol, cooking dinner can get boring, so thank you for thinking of such an awesome concept! The Ground Beef Stroganoff was GREAT, but I added in a can of cream of mushroom soup and sour cream, like some of the commenters on the recipe said! I posted the recipe on my 'menu' on my blog! Looking forward to seeing all of the compiled recipes!!

  5. I'm glad the debit card is safe!! That is such a scary thing! I hope Alise has a fun time at the big girl party! I think you should let her spend the night!!

  6. Mine is up!! I copy and pasted part of your blog because my mind is about turned off now and I could not make a complete sentence to save my life!!! I will let you know if any of my friends add a recipe as well!!! Thanks for doing this!

  7. I don't know if chili is too common for what you are looking for, but I posted our favorite recipe for that earlier this week. That link is:

    Maybe these new recipes will inspire us all to get to the grocery store!