Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Bad Week

Whew. {Sigh}

What a week! It's been a bad one.

Alise's teacher's aide, Ms. Georgeanna, called me yesterday at 3:30 saying that the teachers thought that Alise might have pink eye. I had already seen Dr. Stanley in the hospital that morning, so I knew a visit to his office was inevitable (For you that don't know, every single time I see Alise's pediatrician, we end up in his office within a week). I told you yesterday that Alise had a yucky nose. She still had it Friday morning and didn't sleep well again Thursday night. The area between her nose and lip is very chapped, red and irritated. I went ahead and sent her to school, expecting a phone call sometime that day, but not for the pink eye symptoms. I called Dr. Stanley's office and the receptionist said that he was extremely booked. I begged and was told if I could be there by 4:00, she would let me see him. I hurried to school, picked up Alise and we sped to his office. Dr. Stanley did a double-take when he saw me and Alise sitting in the waiting area behind the glass doors. I said, "Yep! We're here!" He just shook his head like, "Oh, no!" Yes, we had pink eye and a bad cold that he was tempted to fight with an antiobiotic, but told me to try some samples that he gave me first. You can imagine what a pain it is to try and get drops in Alise's eye! She is SOOOO whiney and doesn't feel good at all. She's also had pretty bad nose bleeds. So that is how our weekend as been so far.

Here are some pictures I took of Alise yesterday on my cell phone while we were waiting for Dr. Stanley to come in to see us. She was playing "doctor" in the last pic.

Wayne wasn't joshing when he gave me the "are-you-crazy" look when I mentioned the bayou picture a few days ago. He refused to go this evening because of the Alabama game (another story below). He DVR'ed - just like he does all the games - but refused to leave the house. So I am hoping we can go tomorrow evening.

The only good news was that I made nearly $300 this weekend at my mom and her friend's garage sale! I was the one that actually made the most! I was happy! Wayne insists that I split it 50/50. I told him he would get paid if he showed up on the bayou tomorrow afternoon wearing his game face and a black shirt. We'll see. I might be one lucky - rich - woman! I picked up some Dr. Seuss books for Alise and a scooter that she just insisted she wanted at the sale.

Because Alise is "Star of the Week" next week at school, she got to bring "Brown Bear" home for the weekend. He's a cute stuffed bear that comes with his own backpack and book. Before she takes him back to school on Monday, we have to write in the book what we did with Brown Bear all weekend. All the other students have done the same and it's been fun to read their stories to her. I read them to her at bedtime. I've also been working on her poster that she has to carry to school on Monday. I'll post pics of the poster and Brown Bear tomorrow.

I really don't have that much to say about the Alabama game. I certainly don't think we looked like a team that had just beat Georgia the week before! I guess I am just appreciative of the win. We have a bye next week and all I can say is that I am glad that I don't have to experience the "wrath of Saban" for the next two weeks! There were shots of him on television and I have never seen him so emotional!! He was HOT and he had every right to be!!


  1. Gentry was NOT happy with his boys even though they technically won. So sorry Alise is sick, hope she is better soon!

  2. Sorry Alise isn't feeling any better AND has pink eye! I hope it clears up soon! Great job with the garage sale!

  3. I think our weeks sound similar. YUCKY! Sofia got over her strep, then had just a runny nose, this Thursday night fever and vomiting, no school / work on Friday and then now runny nose still and keeps complaining about her eye--it does look sort of red. Anywho, glad Bama pulled it out (unlike some other team, ugh)! Sofia had bad nose bleeds too, by the way.

    Can't wait to see the pictures with Brown Bear. Last year Sofia got to bring home Hopper ( the Frgo) and we had a great time. We had to take him everywhere we went and take pictures to share with the class.

    I just love Alise's uniform!

  4. I am so sorry Alise has not been feeling well. Administering medicine to my kids is SO hard, and I think eye drops are the worst! I hope she has fun being the "star" next week. That is so sweet they get to take the bear home and write stories about their weekend. I'm sure she will have a big time next week.

    "Paging Dr. Horton," has a nice ring to it. Love the picture of her playing doctor. She is such a cutiepatootie!

  5. Poor baby! I hope Alise gets to feeling better very soon. You've got to come up with a way to stay away from Dr. Stanley. Tehe!

    Have a good Sunday and Roll Tide!

  6. Wishing Alise a speedy recovery! I hope this week is much better for you!!

  7. Anonymous8:46 PM

    I really hope Alise feels better soon! Yay for making money on your Garage Sale!