Thursday, September 25, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

Well, I've clicked my sand-crusted, sparkly, pink flip flops three times, traveled six hours with a three year old beach goddess and her fast driving, crab-catching, kite-flying, and sand castle-building Daddy!

Yes, we're home! Aaah!

Don't get me wrong. We loved our time away in Gulf Shores. It was Alise's first vacation and I have a feeling she is going to be a beach-lover! She and Katie were inseparable and we had a great time with Doug and Mirya. But there is something about having a place to come back to....a place to simply call home. It's the safe harbor where are lives are played out everyday. Home is where the Horton's live.

And the best thing about coming home? We came home WITH CLEAN CLOTHES!!! No washing! How great is that?! Our condo had a washing machine and dryer and so Wayne - who does most of the laundry in our home - did a fab job with keeping up with the washing even while we were on vacation! I couldn't ask for more! Thank you, Wayne!!

I was the mean Mommie today and took Alise back to school. The faster and sooner we get back to our regular schedule, the better. I asked Alise yesterday on the way home if she was ready to see Allie and Emma again. Her little face lit up and she squealed, "Yes!!" So I don't feel bad about sending her back so soon. When I dropped her off this morning, Ms. Katherine was standing under the awning and she gave Alise a big "Hello!" so that made me feel good. When I picked her up this afternoon, the duty teacher told me that she was jealous. When I asked why, she said it was because she heard we had been at the beach. My, word travels fast at that school!

So, with Alise at school and Wayne running errands, what did I do with myself all day? Get ready for a garage sale! Trust me, I haven't had any fun!! All I've got on my brain is decorating for fall, so boxing up, cleaning out, and pricing things for my mom and her friend's garage sale next weekend just wasn't at the top of my list on my day off! Poor Baby Girl hardly has any toys left! My mom thought that the toys she had outgrown would sell well with it being close to Christmas. We'll see. Maybe I'll make enough money to buy Baby Girl new toys and AND decorate my house for fall!!

My mom and dad left early this afternoon to pick up Cousin Brooklyn in Conway, Arkansas. Actually, I think they were meeting my brother half way. Alise is esctatic! She can't wait to be around her older cousin! We will probably go to my parent's house as soon as I pick Alise up from school tomorrow. Brooklyn will be staying a week so there will be plenty of playtime.

What college football game will you be watching this weekend? College Game Day will be in Georgia this weekend to cover the Georgia v. Bama game. I am so ansy about it!! Wayne thinks it is going to be an awesome game and even some of the polls and sportscasters are predicting that Bama will win! Being the Crimson Tide fan that I am, I'm hoping that we can pull off a victory, but I'm just not certain of it. We will definitly be in front of the TV for that game!!!

Speaking of football and fall you see a pattern? Do you think I am ready for Fall or what? So much so that I made my BFF Leigh's Taco Soup tonight for supper!! Yum!!

Vacation is over! Fall come quickly!!



  1. Home is my favorite place to be! I like a 2-3 day trip but I do like to come home! Glad to hear you made it back safely and sounds like you got a ton of stuff done! I tagged you over on my site so check it out!

  2. Woo Hoo!!! I'm so excited about the Bama game...but nervous too!

    I LOVE the beach and am ready to go back!!

  3. WELCOME HOME!!! So glad you made it back safe! I have enjoyed your beautiful pictures! Sounds like you had a fantastic time!

  4. Glad you are back and had a great trip. I, too, am very nervous about the game this weekend - esp. since USC lost last night!! If I had known you made taco soup we would have so been at your house last night - it is one of our favs!

  5. I"m glad you had a good trip! I think it was good to bring Alise back to school to keep up with her routine, and don't feel bad because i'm sure she had a great time there with her friends!!! Ohhh I hate having garage sales and my husband loves to do it. Good luck!

  6. I'm sure y'all have heard about Georgia encouraging the "black out". Their fans are to wear all black today to get ready for the game tomorrow. We have a buddy that Doug works with that's a BIG GA fan. Doug wasn't going to work today that is until he got to talking with Hal (Dawg fan). He came home and has declared today will be "white out day" for all Bama fans that have to put up with the GA fans and their "black out day". lol! He got his favorite white Bama shirt and washed it last night to get it ready to wear to work today. Does Wayne have his white Bama shirt ready to wear after work?

    We enjoyed our time with y'all on our vacation. Aah! It was nice, but like you said it's always good to be home.

    Good luck on the garage sale. Tell your folks hello for us.

    Love y'all and Roll Tide!

  7. Hey by the way, I just told the story about Wayne's tent on my blog. I just wished I had a picture of Wayne's kite.

  8. First of all glad ya'll made it back safely to home.

    Second...... I hope Alabama kicks Georgia's butt in the football game! I'm from Ga but my husband is a GaTech grad so we are black and gold through and through! To H___ with the Dawgs!!!

    Now...... onto the Taco Soup you metnioned...... I WANT that recipe..... when you can send it... YUMMO! It is making my tastebuds water just thinking about it. :)

  9. I'm so glad you had a great trip and a safe ride home! I love to travel, but I am a homebody, so I love coming home even more!

  10. Glad to see that you all not only had a wonderful trip, but also arrived home safely.

    And I do have to say this...Keep going Bama! Beat those dawgs!

  11. Coming home to clean clothes?! That must have been heavenly. It is so good to get away, but I think even better coming home! Glad you are back safe and sound.