Thursday, September 04, 2008

Rap Sheet

I’ve got a rap sheet a mile long to write about tonight, so let’s get started.

First of all, Baby Girl has an ear infection. I personally think that it’s the same one we had a month ago. Dr. Stanley wasn’t in yesterday afternoon, so we saw Dr. Bivens who said that it looked to her as if the button was either turned or no longer in Alise’s ear. Ugh! She recommended we contact our ENT and let him have a look at it. We have an appointment with Dr. Dugas on tomorrow morning.

Gustov brought torrential rain and flooding to our area. I think we got the most rain in the state! Our schools ended up being out for the entire week, so I was running around trying to find care for Alise. I really needed to work this week because that was the expectation from Senior Management with the hurricane. I was also extremely tied up with the auditors and month end. I am so thankful for my mom and Donna who came to my rescue. They are Alise’s favorite people, so I knew she was taken well care of. Thank you SO much!! I plan on taking off tomorrow and Alise and I are going to have a "Mommie/Daughter" day after her doctor's appointment.

I wanted to give some free advertisement to my blogging friend, Audrey. She has started a new cards and design business called, Grin & Share It. Audrey designed the card below of Alise’s first day of preschool. She did a great job and I love them! They went out in the mail this week! Go by her site and start thinking about Halloween and Christmas. She can do any design you like.
Maybe some of you got one of these in the mail this week perhaps?

My next little diddy is rather a secret. I don’t want to get anybody’s hopes up. I really blame the whole thing on Baby Ana Liyah. I’ve just been getting too much love from my niece lately. So here goes: A few nights ago, I dreamed that I went for a visit with my OB/GYN and told her that I was ready to have another baby. Don’t have a heart attack. But you should have seen Dr. S’s eyes in my dream! She nearly DID have a heart attack! Me? I woke up in a cold sweat! I told Wayne about the dream and he just laughed. No, I’m not pregnant, neither do I plan to be in the near future. But the thought of having a second child kinda hit me like it did the first time God put those “crazy” thoughts in my head…just out of the blue and like a light bulb going off. That might be nice…for today. Ask me again tomorrow.

And now.....

Julie was blogging this week about all her OU clothes and I thought I'd share some of my Alabama "dress up" items. You just can't go to Alabama without an Alabama purse!! Especially during football season!! The white item is my football season wallet. Would you believe I actually bought it in Shreveport? The other items are just bracelets and earrings - some that I've never even worn. I'm only missing one of those big, bright red beaded necklaces. Maybe I'll pick one of those up tomorrow. Anyway, I don't always wear my "dress up" stuff to the games. It just depends on what I wear...or should I say, it depends on the weather. Most of the time, it's just jeans or capris with a t-shirt. Sometimes, it's nice capris and my nice Alabama shirt that we drove all over the state to buy. That's usually when I "dress up." So, really, it just depends. I still haven't decided what I'm going to wear to the Bama v. Tulane game this weekend.

So, yes, we're headed to Tuscaloosa tomorrow evening. It depends on when Wayne gets off work as to when we will head that way, but we're figuring it will be a late start. Wayne-0 tvoed the Bama v. Clemson game last week, so we've been watching a quarter each night, re-living and relishing in the win - hopefully not to confidently!! I'm listening to Finebaum again and I am SO ready for a home football game!!! That is, a home football game with a W!! It would make the drive home so much better!!

Not to gloat, but have you seen it?

I was talking to our auditors this week at work and they warned me, "Beware of the SI curse!" Of course, this was coming from a bunch of LSU fans, but they swore to me that it was true. I think they said the week LSU was on the cover of SI, they lost against Florida. Hmmm.....Lord knows we could hit rock bottom with Tulane just like we did against my Ala mater last year, but let's hope not! You can catch the article here.

Have a great weekend, ya'll! Hopefully Gustov has passed your way and you can look forward to some sunshine!! I'll see you on Sunday night when I announce the big winner of the Philosophy Strawberries & Cream shower gel and bubble bath. Make sure you get your name in the drawing before Sunday! Check it out here.

Roll Tide!!


  1. Have fun this weekend!! Let me know if I can help with anything while y'all are gone. I will miss you!!

  2. Love the photo card! Super Cute!! I hope Alise gets well soon! Have an awesome weekend too;)

  3. ooo wee, you should NOT have posted that one thing you did. now i'm not gonna stop bugging you about it!!!! :D love ya!

  4. Sorry Alise is sick again! I hope she gets well soon!!! I can't believe all the rain ya'll got! I think what we were supposed to get went your way! Sorry!
    Oh, the baby story is exciting! Keep us updated on that! :) :)
    I LOVE the preschool card, how cute! :)
    Hope ya'll have a GREAT weekend and a SAFE trip! :)

  5. I'm sorry about the ear infection. Those are so awful to have to deal with. It's great that you were able to find people to keep Alise while you had to work. It's not always easy at the last minute! New baby, huh? That is exciting to think about!!

  6. Oh, I hope little one gets better soon. She has to be uncomfortable!

    Loved your gear!!!! Isn't it fun!!
    And there is an SI curse. OU has been the recipient before!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!

  7. Anonymous12:50 PM

    You have had a busy busy week! Enjoy your fun, fun time in Tuscaloosa!!! Go Alabama!!
    I hope Alise's ENT appointment went well and glad you get to take the day off for extra special mommy and daughter time! Your Alabama gear is too, too cute!!! It's really easy to add a video on Youtube by the way! Just get the video off your camera into an mpeg format(I'm pretty sure that it does it automatically) and upload it to youtube or to blogger and voila! your video is ready to share!! And SO GLAD you are happy with your cards, Alise is SO cute!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  8. Are you SURE that God isn't putting that longing in your heart? I am feeling a little tug at my heart...just a feeling! Be careful, I feel a baby coming on!