Saturday, September 13, 2008

Race for the Cure 2008

Alise and I kept our regular morning routine so that we could make it to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure by 8:00. We walked with the Kitty Degree Breast Health Center team, which is an affiliate of the hospital I work for. Our team shirts were lime green with bright pink writing. So cute.

Alise stole the show (in my opinion). She looked so cute in her lime green shirt and matching pink shorts. She was also sporting a new pair of teeny shoes that we bought her last night. They are the neatest shoes, by the way! They look like they lace up, but they actually velcro! I was so surprised because I had never seen anything like it. Maybe I'm just behind. It's been a while since we've bought Alise teeny shoes.

Here are some pictures before we left the house this morning.

This is a picture of Alise with her two year old Sunday School teacher (Sorry, but I have to admit that I can't remember her name and when I asked Alise, she was no help, either!). She was so sweet and noticed Alise right away.

By the way....somewhere about this time, I missed my friend Leigh! One minute we're all taking a group picture and the next minute, she's gone, so I didn't get any pics of her and Alise.

Leigh, where were you?!

Since the walk was at our local park, Alise wanted to swing for a while before the walk/run began.
This is Alise with my c0-worker, Tracy. We ended up loosing her because Alise and I ended up walking in the 5K part of the race. The plan was for us to walk only in the one-mile race. I got a little confused because I had never walked in the race before. We ended up catching up with her after we "finished." Okay, yes, we did cheat a little. Alise kept saying, "Hurry, Mommie, hurry!" She was in the stroller and I was pushing. I was walking as fast as I could!! When we got to the finish line and all the cheerleaders were cheering her on and saying, "Good job!", I was trying to catch my breath and she was eating all the attention up!

This is Alise standing in line to get a balloon "creation." It ended up popping in the car on the way home!
And, finally, I picture of me and Baby Girl. By this time, I have no make-up on(either sweated or rubbed off) and I am suffering from the sweat/wind blown look with my hair. But all in all, it was a great time and I really enjoyed getting to spend it with Alise. It was fun getting to be "twinkies" with my three year old!



  1. Yay!!! Another Louisiana blog I can stalk. Nice to "blog" you. Your little girl is precious.

  2. Lovin' all the pink and green! Very cute picture of you two, its important to be "natural" sometimes and you look great.

  3. Anonymous8:24 PM

    I am just loving these pictures! The pink and green shirts are SO cute and I am sure Alise stole the show!! Her matching pink bow is TOO cute!! Glad you had a wonderful day & it's so great it was for a good cause!!!

  4. I know I lost y'all! I walked somewhere with Hollie and then I turned around and y'all were gone. I'm so sorry! Did you see you and Alise on the news??

    See you in the morning!!

  5. YOu guys look so cute! She is just a doll and I can just bet she did steal the show!

    yes, I have been watching that bizarre display of football today known as Auburn vs. MS--this is both pathetic and amazing--but mostly just LUCK!!

  6. What a great way to spend time with Alise. Our race isn't until October.