Monday, September 15, 2008

Photo Catch Up

We woke up this morning to cooler temps and higher gas prices. Alise walked outside to get in the car for school and said, “It’s cold, Mommie!” It wasn’t cold. It was PERFECT! Hardly any humidity! Almost a perfect hair day! My car thermometer said 65 degrees. I actually got a chill walking in to work. This change in temperature, my friends, is wonderful!

However, the gas prices are not making anyone a happy camper right now! I heard on the radio that the prices spiked again over night. The cost of supreme gas is $4.25. I know this because my car has a super-charged motor (thanks to my wonderful husband) and requires supreme gas. Ugh! And just in time for the Horton/Mason beach vacation!! I just know those gas companies are out to get us! They KNEW we would be going to the beach and are trying their best to sabotage the whole trip!! Never fear! We are outta here in just five sweet days!

About a week and a half ago, I mentioned taking Alise to the doctor for her ear. Dr. B (not our regular doctor) suggested we follow up with our ENT. I never told you about our visit to Dr. D. He scared the living day-lights out of me! He examined Alise’s ears and told me that she had “tumors” – yes, his exact words! – on both her ears. He quickly saw my frightened face, patted me on the back and reassured me that they were not cancerous. Whew! Actually, they are polyps of “gunk” that have accumulated in her ear that is now causing build up on the buttons/tubes so they are not working properly, thus causing the blood and other junk (not to be confused with “gunk”) that we saw coming out of her ear! He could not see the right button. He suggested that we first get Alise’s ear cleaned out and take it from there. So, for the last ten days, we have been “boiling” Alise’s ear out with hydrogen peroxide and using a prescribed ear drop. Today was our ten day follow-up visit with Dr. D and everything looked great! He wanted us to continue putting drops in her left ear for another three to four days and then we're done. I told him that we were headed to the beach this weekend and Dr. D just said for us to wear our ear plugs. What a relief that we don't have to do the whole button/tube thing again!

I am behind on my pictures, it seems. My husband says so. He says there are two pictures that I MUST post. The first is a picture of an alligator that Wayne found while he was on his UPS route one day soon after Hurricane Gustov.

This is a “baby” alligator, folks. He said it was dead when he found it. It is a federal offense here in Louisiana to be caught with one of these babies…or momas or daddies for that matter so he happily left it on the side of the road.

The next picture is one that I CANNOT believe I forgot to post with all my others from the Bama game we went to a few weeks ago. We were leaving the stadium that night a little later than the other fans. After all, our seats were in the “nose pouring” section and there was no need to hurry right out. Besides, I had to visit the little girls’ room because I absolutely refused to go during the game because I simply did not want to climb those steps again! I digress. Anyway, we were leaving the stadium and we see an older gentleman wheeling around in a golf cart.

Wayne asked, “Is that Mal Moore? I think that’s Mal Moore!” Lots of excitement in his voice.

Of course, I knew who Mal Moore was, but highly doubted that the man riding around the stadium in a golf cart was the infamous one who brought Nick Saban to T-Town!! So I said, “No {you idiot!}! That’s not Mal Moore!” As you can tell from the picture, I was quite mistaken. Here is a picture of my Bama-loving Man with Mr. Moore himself. He was very nice and obliged for the picture. Wayne walked away like he had just won the Pulitzer Prize of Football!

The last picture is of me and Baby Girl on Sunday eating lunch at “Red Monster.” Wayne took this one with his cellphone and I thought it was so cute of Baby Girl with her nose crinkled up. If you haven’t noticed, she seems to be doing this a lot lately. I don’t know how she learned to do this. By the way, school pictures are this Friday! Can you believe my sweet Baby Girl is going to be taking “school pictures”? It just breaks my heart!

Tonight was dance class and here are some pictures of Alise with her dance friend, Avery, who use to be in Diaper Daredevils with us at Gymnastics. She and Alise now dance together. The other picture is of Alise with her dance teachers, Ms. Anna and Ms. Gretchen. They are super sweet!



  1. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Oh yay, I'm the first one to post!! First I'm so glad that Alise's ears look great and that is one less thing you have to worry about for your vacation!! Second, those pictures are fabulous! Tell Wayne he took a GREAT picture of that Gator! Wow!! How exciting and scary to see one on the side of the road!!! And I am loving the picture of Wayne with Mal Moore, he looks so excited! And of course love the pics of Alise, and the pics of mama and daughter at "red monster",lol! So Cute!! Have a great week and a wonderful vacation!!

  2. Glad to hear Alise is feeling better and the ear situation is going well!!! If I would have seen that "baby" gator, I would have flipped out... dead or not!! ha ha Great Pic at Red Monster!! Priceless!!

  3. So happy to hear the ears are doing ok. You guys are so cute in your pic together -- love her scrunchie nose! I sure hope those high gas prices do not return to AZ--we are sitting at 3.67 for supreme rightnow. Have you packed yet. GO PACK!!

  4. Those pictures are all so great!! You know that I'd appreciate the Mal Moore one! :-)

    That alligator is crazy!!! Wow!!

    And I'm so glad that Alise's ears are doing better.

  5. The crisp air couldn't have come any sooner! The "vampires" mosquitoes were BAD here!

    I am so happy that Alise's ears are looking so well improved!

  6. Its a lot cooler here, too! I love it! I'm so ready for fall. I started getting some of my fall decorations down.
    What cute pictures! I love the one of you and your sweet baby!! She is so cute! I love her tutu!!

  7. You have me rolling off the "Red Monster" comment! Noah calls it the "Wed Wobster"

  8. That is UNBEIEVABLE about that ALLIGATOR!! I would've freaked!

    Alise is so cute in the crinkly nose picture!

    Yay for vacay!

  9. I know you must be super-excited about your trip. You won't even notice those gas prices with all the fun you'll be having.

    That alligator creeped me out!!! I can't believe that! I'm glad Wayne got to have his picture made with one of his favs. That's awesome.

    That is such a CUTE pic of you and A. Love it, love it. And, she is precious in her tutu! I can't wait for those days to come with EG.

    I feel your pain on the school pictures. Ours are next Tues. Whaaaa!

  10. I adore these pics of your sweetie. She is such a cutie!