Monday, September 22, 2008

Orange Beach, Alabama - Day 1

So much for Wi-fi!! I'm having to upload pictures the "old fashion way." Here are just a few pictures of Baby Girl. I've already taken TONS!!

Alise is LOVING the beach!! I think we've found our usual vacation spot for the next few years. I asked my man if we could buy a time share. He just looked at me like I had lost my mind!

I'll try and post more later! We are having a GREAT time!!



  1. Laura~
    Those are wonderful pictures! Alise is so cute. So glad to hear you are there safe and having fun. Have a great time:)

  2. Alise is a cutie pie! Glad y'all are having fun. Our girls love the beach too. Enjoyed your pics!

  3. I love the beach!! That last picture is adorable!!!

    Stay away from those Time Shares! My parents had one when I was growing up and we never got to use it! They might have changed now, but you had to use it at a certain time and it was always the wrong time for us. It took them forever to sale it!!

    We missed going to the beach this year! I really want to go!! Have fun!! :)

  4. jealous, so jealous...but I am glad you guys are having fun! And Alise is precious.

  5. Love that last pic! I can't wait to be there myself--I will be in 2 months!!!!! Have a great time!!

  6. Glad ya'll are there and having fun!!! We went there this past summer and LOVED it, well all of us except for Ella! Alise looks adorable in all the pictures!!! :)

  7. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Laura! What amazing pictures! I'm SO happy that you are having a wonderful time. You need to frame those pictures, those are spectacular!! Looking forward to seeing more pictures and your next update!!!
    Audrey :)

  8. How precious! It looks like a great spot to visit! I vote for the time share!