Monday, September 01, 2008

The Night the Lights went out in New Awlins

Update #2: I went to a local favorite bar-b-que place after work and picked up supper for us and my parents who came over to eat with us. The place was packed with out-of-towners. The owner told me that they had been extremely busy. I also heard some others talking that Gustov is suppose to hit our area around 2 AM tomorrow. I have a feeling Baby Girl will be sleeping with us. I just hope that old, nearly-rotten tree in our backyard will make it through the storm. We'll see.

Wayne says that he's tired of watching the weather channel, so we have opted for the Tennessee v. UCLA game on ESPN.

Update: It is nearly 1:30 pm central time as of this update. It looks as though our area will be the least affected by the storm. That doesn't mean that we won't have wind damage and possible electrical outages. We anticipate those, but hopefully, the damages here will not be near comparison for those in the South, central, and northwestern parts of our state. There seems to be a 24 hour lag time, so our "scariest time" will be tonight and tomorrow.

Having said that, our area is being considered a "haven" for the areas in our state which are affected. My hospital is working with the Louisiana Emergency Preparedness team and we anticipate going on emergency alert as of 7 PM tonight. Some of our sister hospitals are without electricity at this time and are using back up generators. We are concerned about another hospital in the Lafayette area to which we have already received critical care patients. Our busiest time for patient care will be tomorrow.

Right now, it is windy and sprinkling rain. It is very humid so you can imagine what my hair looks like!

For updates in South Louisiana, please visit my new blogging friend's site: Dawn's Place. She lives around the Baton Rouge area.

Please continue to pray for our state and the evacuees.

It’s early morning here in North Louisiana – not even 8:00 as I type this. Wayne and I have been glued to the weather channel nearly all weekend.

I was suppose to be off today – Labor Day. But due to the school closings in our area, I decided to switch my day off until tomorrow so Wayne could keep Baby Girl today, I could keep her tomorrow and my mom on Wednesday. Looks like all that may change. I’ll tell you about that in a minute.

On my way to work this morning, I had to make the usual “pit stop” at our local Sonic. My grape slush usual became a Route 44 Diet Coke. I needed all the caffeine I could get today!!

Right now, the skies here in North Louisiana are sunny. You would have no idea that a major hurricane was hitting our state. It’s a little windy here, but nothing major.

As I was driving to work this morning on the interstate, I thought about my camera. I wished that I had remembered my small digital camera (I usually keep it in my purse, but Wayne had taken it out to charge the battery). I could have taken pictures of some of the signs and shelters off the interstate. Maybe tomorrow… although that may not be a good idea… taking pictures while driving…in the rain…on interstate.

I work for a hospital here in North Louisiana. We have several sister hospitals located in South Louisiana. A meeting was held late last week at our facility to discuss evacuation plans, payroll processing, as well as other expectations and responsibilities that we would be called upon to perform as we care for the these patients as well as for the people now occupying the shelters here in our area. I am not a nurse, but because of the position that I have, I – and my fellow colleagues who are not nurses – are considered to be “on call.” “What” we will be doing to help the medical staff is somewhat of a mystery. We have a meeting this afternoon, so I guess the mystery will be revealed then. So that’s the reason my plans for what to do with Baby Girl have been changed. Being able to take off tomorrow is now tentative on the influx of patients we receive and what I’ll be needed to do in the actual hospital.

I will update later on the weather here in North Louisiana. Please be praying for our state.



  1. You have such a sweet heart...whatever is expected of you I know you will be perfect and arise to the occasion!

  2. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I am praying for you, Louisiana and all of the people that Gustav is affecting! I saw the ferocious winds and rain this morning on the news and am praying that Gustav will not cause any major damage. Glad to hear it is sunny where you are located! Keep us updated, I'll be checking in :)

  3. I hope you all are doing ok.

    I hear on the news about in-land flooding & hope it is not in your area.

    Thanks for keeping us updated!

  4. Hey girl! Hope ya'll are safe! Now the talk here is tornados!:0 It looks like we will be hit late tonight on into tomorrow with lots of rain and heavy winds. I imagine we will be without power, but I'm praying for the best! Keep me updated!

  5. Thanks for the update!! Stay safe!!

  6. I'll bee praying Laura. Keep us posted on how you are doing when you can. Go away Gustav!!!