Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Spraying again in Mosquito-ville
Looking for my lost fume-a-gator
Some people claim that there’s a ‘cane to blame
And I know {ta-ta-da-ta-ta}
That it’s Gustov’s fault!

Ever since Gustov, the mosquitoes have been atrocious! I don’t know what it is about hot, humid, damp weather that makes those things multiply so! Alise and I can barely open the car door in the mornings before the car itself is full of them! So we have to head to school with the windows down swatting mosquitoes to get out of the car for a mile or two (Yes, the mother-daughter team look like they have totally spazzed out). Ugh! I would have thought that the cooler weather we were having would help, but it’s hasn’t. When we get home in the evenings, Alise begs to go outside to ride her bike and swing, but they are just so bad that I won’t let her go. You can imagine how that goes over!

Alise seems to have inherited a trait from her great-grandmother. My dad’s mom has always been a “purse clutcher”. Now, first of all, you’ve got to understand that my grandmother grew up during the Great Depression and the World Wars. Money for her family was tight to say the least. My Grandmother holds on to her purse wherever she goes, that you would think she had a million dollars in there! This is so true that in our wedding pictures, my Grandmother is carrying her purse in all the pictures!! – every one of them! Family pictures AND the picture of her walking down the aisle to be seated (If I had my wedding pictures here at my house, I would show you!)!!

So, now it seems, Alise has become “purse clutcher #2.” She cannot go anywhere these days without a purse. She has started taking one to school, to church, with me when we run errands, to the mall, outside to ride her bike….everywhere! You tell her, “Alise, let’s go!” And she’ll say, “Okay, let me get my purse!” She actually found her Baby Gund “My First Purse” the other day and insisted on carrying that one to church this past Sunday! I say all of this because one day last week when Alise took her purse to school, unbeknowing to me, she had makeup in it! That afternoon, she preceeded to paint Emma’s face all over with make-up! Lori told me that Emma pitched a fit that night because she wanted to wear it to her brother’s football game. So, now, I have to play “security check point officer” every morning before we leave for school to make sure she doesn’t have anything that she’s not suppose to have at school!!

Do these pictures look like a Fancy Nancy little girl that has to carry a purse where ever she goes?! This is the way - or shall I say the "condition" that I picked Alise up in today. She and Allie went looking for mud puddles again. I wasn't happy and neither was her Daddy when he got home and saw the pictures and her shoes. I am washing her white shirt right now. Who knows if all that mud will come out. Laugh if you must, but I know one little girl's bottom that is going to be red if she does this again.



  1. Oh my gosh!!! Those mud pics are hilarious, sorry but they are! I would help you wash her clothes if I was closer since I laughed! :) Her face is just priceless!
    We have mosquitos really bad too!
    The purse story is SO cute!!! :)

  2. ***LOL*** Those pictures are hillarious!! She is adorable even when she is covered in mud:) Now, the purse story is adorable. If you ask me, I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to carry a handbag at all times;) Girls will be girls!! Though I am sorry you have to play makeup police:) LOL

  3. LOL! Oh my gosh that is a great photo! She looks like a naughty shirly temple! HEE HEE!

    The mosquito swarms are BAD! Perfect conditions for thos buggers to multiply. But that cold snap should slow them down. :)

    Hey! I made a blog for YOU at my blog!

  4. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Yuck to mosquito infestion! I draw them in like a magnet. I've really enjoyed living in Illinois where it isn't as humid. Because of this I've only had two bites this entire summer. This is good, considering I'm allergic to the blood suckers!

  5. Uh uh, now way! Those pictures are so stinkin cute!!!! I love the look on her face. Like she just knew it was not good!!

    By the way, I spell like strawberries!!! Got my lovely prize today and LOVE it!

    Did you pack yet???

  6. She is so cute! The story about the purse is cute and no, doesn't seem like the same little girl who would be playing in the mud! The mosquitos are terrible here too. I have giant, ugly bites all over me and I hate them!

  7. I'm sorry, but those pictures are hilarious! She looks so innocent. It's just like she's saying "no Mom it wasn't me that did it. It just happened." Ha! Ha! Too funny!

  8. I am rolling off the mosquito song! :) And those pics of the mud baby are classics. When you were describing the "purse clutching" I immediately pictured Sophia from "The Golden Girls"!

  9. She looks beautiful though!

  10. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Oh my!!! Alise is adorable!!! I just love her school uniform too! I love that she took makeup to school to pretty her friend, too cute :)