Monday, September 08, 2008

Just the Highlights, Folks

First, just some Bama v. Tulane musings:

…....I wish a speedy recovery to Javier Arenas. Without his punt returns, I don’t know if we would have been able to pull that win off! He is THE best punt returner. EVER! I got coke all over Wayne and the nice gentleman sitting in front of me because I was jumping up and down and screamin’ so much on that 90 yarder punt return!!

…....I’m still considering whether or not the “Clemson Hangover” is a true possibility for our poor performance on Saturday night.

…....Mark Ingram is still my hero! Nick Walker is, too, but he didn’t get as much playing action this past weekend.

…....Andre’ Smith, we met you in Shreveport at the Independence Bowl in December. You are one of the nicest guys on the team. We miss you and the team needs you!!! Get back to playing soon!

…....I’ve got to go on a SERIOUS diet!! I was huffin’ and puffin’ all the way up those stadium steps….WITH my order of nachos!!! Of course, it doesn’t help when you’re sitting in the NOSE POURING section (not “bleeding,” but “pouring”).

…....And, the best quote I’ve heard all weekend, “Who replaced John Parker Wilson 2008 with JPW 2007?!?” HA! I love it!

We made it to T-town by 7:30. I remember the time precisely because 1) I drove the entire way and made record time, even in the rain showers, and 2) when we walked into the mall, there was a sign that said that Tyrone Prothro would be signing autographs from 6:00 to 8:00. Wayne looked at me and I looked at him and we both said, “YES!” So I ran back to the car and got my camera. We met Tyrone and he was very nice to us. One day soon, I will post his “[The] Immaculate Reception” from You Tube. My heart breaks that his football career was cut short by a very serious injury. By 7:50, Prothro was walking out of the mall. I know this because I was walking out of Gymboree and nearly ran into him even though he was surrounded by security. So very exciting! A celebrity!!

You may be asking what we were doing at a mall of all places. Well, let’s just say, “Bama stuff” and leave it at that. It’s places like Hibbet Sports and “Bama Fever” that see us coming with the words, “sucker with a three year old” stamped across our foreheads. We spend entirely too much money in those stores!!

After leaving our debit card in the mall (not really), we headed to the new shopping center across the highway to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner. We were starving!!! The food was wonderful! We had salads, steaks and baked potatoes, plus lots of bread and butter (Yep, so much for the ol’ diet…). Then, it was back in the car for another 35 miles to our hotel in Bessemer. Saturday morning, we ran (literally) to some places/stores we wanted to go before the game started. I wish I could have shopped longer in Macy’s because they were having an awesome sale, but I must have spent too much time in Sephora!! Wayne insisted that we leave the Galleria at 2:30 and we did…a little later. Anyway, made it to the game and here are the rest of the pics: A very nice girl my age was getting a cookie at the Galleria for their football party with friends that night.
People go all out to decorate their automobiles on game day. This one gets the prize for most decorated.
Guess what!? I found the hat. There's my man standing over to the left with the sun visor on.
Me and my man at the game (before it started. That's why for the empty seats behind us). A quick pic before the mile trek up the stadium steps to our nose-pouring section!
I told you we were in the "nose pouring" section. Notice the wall behind the sign. That is the wall of the back of the stadium!! We were sitting higher than the stadium lights!! I told Wayne I never wanted to sit that high again!

Alise's first dance lesson was tonight. She LOVED it! She went right in to the dance studio and I watched her on the monitor. She was so cute and totally cracked me up. She has about fifteen little girls in her class and two of the little girls belong to moms that I went to high school with. Gosh, did I feel OLD!! I took a picture of her sitting on the bench outside in the waiting area, but when I asked her if she wanted to take a picture with her teacher after class, she told me no. Maybe next time.


  1. I'm glad you had so much fun!! It looks like y'all take your football as seriously as we do! I'm glad the dance class went well!

  2. Laura,
    I am LOVING all of your great pictures from your weekend! Maybe I have a football gene in me afterall,lol! It looks like you had SO much fun! And how EXCITING you got to meet a celebrity and get a picture with him. And glad you found the hat, it looks really cool! Alise's dance class sounds so cute!! Can't wait to see pictures :)

  3. Anonymous11:01 PM

    It looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend! I'm so sad that we live so far from our alma mater now and won't be able to get to games as often. This will be the first homecoming I've missed in five years!

  4. you mean you didn't pick up anything in the Tiger Prie side of the shop!!! Loving all that football fever!

  5. Laura! I have missed you! I haven't had time to blog or read blogs since school has started! I'm glad you got to go to the game and had a great time. Cute pic of you and Wayne with the stadium behind you. I am SO glad Alise loved dance. I CAN'T wait until EG is old enough. How fun!

  6. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!! I am so jealous you got to meet Tyrone! My friend that went to the game with me was at the game where he made "the catch." I will have to add you to my list so I can check back with a fellow tide fan!!

  7. Wow... sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I was missing you;) Now, don't be gone so long next time!! ha ha

  8. Javier is my current favorite player. He plays with so much heart!! We were also "going crazy" when he had that awesome punt return.

    That is SO cool that you guys got to meet Tyrone P. I still get upset when I see his injury. I really feel so bad for him. He could have had a great career!

    Love all the pics!

  9. What a fast and fun weekend!!! I love you game day shirt. I need an OU one!!!

  10. Wow!! Ya'll go all out, I love it!

  11. Looks like tons of fun.

    But, why was the Bama cookie decorated with UT colors?????

  12. Wow! Look at yall all decked out in your Bama gear! I love football season! Its so much fun to be apart of football in the south!