Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Forevah & Evah

Alise's silliest time seems to be in the mornings when we're getting dressed for school. This is usually after she's "not" eaten breakfast, drank a chocolate milk sippy, watched (off and on) thirty minutes of The Mermaid on the Disney channel, and asked me one hundred times if she can wear my make-up to school! Her silly times consist mostly of running naked through the house with me trying to catch her or playing hide-and-seek underneath our bed comforter (her favorite hiding spot) that is always on the floor. Ugh! She and I would have to get up an extra thirty minutes earlier to get all the playing out of the way that she wants to do in the mornings. And I don't see that happening.

So I decided to be a little silly myself this morning!

I asked Alise - when I finally caught her and got a second pair of panties on her (because the other ones were "going up my booty, Mommie!") - what she thought about God giving Mommie and Daddy a new baby. I've already told her that Katie was going to have a new brother or sister next Spring.

She looked at me and her eyes welled up with tears. She said, "No, Mommie! I want to be your Baby! I want to be your Baby forevah and evah."

I guess that settles that!

Or at least until God decides He has a better plan.

Here are the pictures from ballet class yesterday. Both pics were taken in the lobby area of the studio. I'll try and get "real" ballet pictures later on.

I cannot believe that we leave in less than two weeks to join our Alabama cousins at Orange Beach. We planned this vacation nearly a year ago and Mirya did all the leg work with finding the condo. Now, Poor Thing is deathly ill with morning sickness and I am praying that she will be able to enjoy the trip. When I talk to Alise about it, all she can tell me is that she wants to "pick up sea shells." I may be buying a bag of sea shells to scatter along the beach. Alise did ask me yesterday afternoon if I would help her build a sand castle. I cannot wait to experience "beach life" with her!!


  1. There will be plenty of seashells for her to pick up..they're always everywhere! Look for sand dollars too! I still have to disagree with her on the baby situation though...:D

  2. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Oh I just love Alise's pictures!! Her silly time sounds exactly like my boys silly time! They both love to run naked through the house while I'm trying to catch them to get dressed,lol! And hiding in our bed is their favorite thing to do too! And Alise would be SO cute as a big sister if that is the chosen path ;)

  3. And don't forget, best of all, the opportunity for taking pictures on the beach! That's my favorite part of our beach trips, so the children are usually good to comply.

    She is a sweet ballerina! Is she loving it? She might enjoy teaching her new moves to another little one someday, and I'm sure her life will be blessed either way!

  4. Those pictures are SO cute!!!

    I am jealous of your trip to Orange Beach. That sounds fabulous!!

    I'm so glad that you found me at Tide Chick. I actually tagged you today at my "regular" blog-- www.lifewithcherylwray.blogspot.com

    I'll be back often!!

  5. Alise would make a wonderful big sis! Does Olivia need to talk to her about all the perks of being a big sis? I'm sure she would do it:) ha ha Love the pics of Alise... what a cutie!!

  6. DOn't forget, go to Lartique's Seafood Store in Orange Beach and ask for Shannon--tell him you met his sister online!!!! I will be in OB for Thanksgiving, wahoooo!!!!! RIght now I am only good for Tide vs. TIgers tailgating--no tickets yet, but my friend E has tickets. Oh well, it will be a blast anyway!! Love you Silly time--sounds like us in the mornings too--nice and early at 5am!!!

  7. Oh and I say YES to a baby!

  8. Alise's comment about a new baby is so sweet! I say you need another one though! :)
    She is adorable in her dance outfit! :)

  9. Hi Laura,

    What a sweet little ballerina you have. I love that she still wants to be "your baby".

    Beach vacations are my favorite.

    ~hippo hugs~

  10. She is absolutely precious!

    We just started dance too and it is so much fun:)

    I definitely think baby girl needs a sis or brother! Get busy:)

  11. I think we need a baby!! But I've been saying that for a LONG time....lol

  12. Okay, is there something you need to tell us? Are you and Wayne trying to have a baby? This hasn't been the first story where you've mentioned having a baby. Girl, I'm hoping to hear some good news when we get to the beach. Tehe!

    Alise looks so cute in her Tutu! I finally gave in and got Katie her skirt. She loves it! I'll have to take a pic & post it asap. How did Alise like ballet? Katie still loves her classes. She wants to go every day. Will Alise be in a recital? I heard Katie will have a Spring Recital.

    As early as I have to go to bed because of sickness, I'll be glad to take the girls along the shore and pick up shells. Early in the morning is the best time to pick up sea shells. Katie asks me everyday if we're going to the beach today. She is so excited!

    Thanks for the prayers. I really appreciate them and I'm still hopeful to be getting better by the 21st.

    Have a great weekend! Love you guys!

  13. Y'all are going to have the best time at the beach. I'm jealous (in a good way...ha). I feel for Myra. The last time we were at the beach, I had terrible morning sickness. Fried pickles at Fudpuckers about sent me over the edge. Ha!

    I love Alise's "forevah." Said just like a true Southern Belle!

  14. Now wouldn't your hubby want a little son to grow up and play for Bama someday?! :)

  15. Oh she is just too cute for words! How can you not have another one??? She is adorable! Gotta love the innocence too! I love the comment about the panties and going up her bootie! LOL LOL

    Seeing her in her ballet attire brought back so many memories of my childhood and ballet. Can't wait to hear how vacation goes!! Have a blast!

  16. Are ya'll ready for ANOTHER Hurricane?

  17. Hey! I have been catching up on all your posts! My computer cxrashed last week and we had to order a whole new one! Hey are you able to view my blog ? Let me know if you have any issues!

  18. That's so funny she said she wanted to be your baby forever...it seems my daughter wants to be a "grown up" way too fast these days!

    I thought I'd stop by because I've noticed we comment on a lot of the same blogs!!

  19. Have a great weekend! Hope you guys don't get soaked!!

  20. Well, I am still holding out hope for another Horton baby! :) I know...I am evil! HEE HEE!