Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Fall Things

I couldn't pass up the last day of September without sharing some of my favorite fall things!

I bet you think my favorite color is orange, don't you?
And, of course, Fall just wouldn't be Fall without a whole lotta this!!
So how about you? What are some of your favorite fall things?

Sorry to cut this so short, but I am waiting on a phone call from Alise's teacher. We had an "episode" at school today. It involves teeth. More to come later.


  1. I love the weather change and fall decorating. Oh and the fact that I can wear lots more clothing to hide fat rolls;) ha ha

  2. hmmm, football, fireplaces, food. Yep, all good things about fall!
    Do tell about the "episode"???

  3. Soup, soup tureens, pumpkin soup bowls, weather that dips below the 90s, leaves changing colors, fall festivals, Thanksgiving ...

  4. I think if we lived by each other we would be BFFs!!!! Fall is my favorite time of the year and all your favorites are mine!!! I hope the episode was not too bad!

  5. All I have so far is a wonderful smelling candle on the dining table flanked by two small pumpkins! It's too hot for much else, my mums outside are wilting!

  6. Those are all my favorite things, too.

    What would pre-school be without teeth incidents? Hope she is ok.

  7. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Just checking in! I LOVE Fall and am looking forward to celebrating it fully when we get back home! Pumpkin patches, Halloween, Thanksgiving, baking casseroles, crisp weather, changing of and the falling of leaves, the smell of chimney smoke!

  8. I love that orange sweater! I hope Alise didn't bit someone and I also hope nobody bit her!!

  9. Well considering I am in sunny FL, I would have to say "cooler" weather! LOL I am from Ga so I do have a few fav's. I LOVE freshly picked apples, apple cider, pumpkins, anything to do with Thanksgiving, the smell of pumpkin spice in the air, ALL THINGS FALL really! We have endless amounts of leaves since we live on property so I am a bit over the leaves, but never the less..... :)