Saturday, September 27, 2008

Black Out in Prime Time

I wish you could have seen me and my man prancing around in our living room for the first half of the Bama v. Georgia game!! You would have thought we were right there in Athens!!!! We stood up nearly the whole time - between bowls of leftover taco soup - high-fiving one another and even accidently scaring Baby Girl a few times with our whoopin' and hollerin'. We were winning!! At halftime the score was 31-0. I was totally shocked!! In the words of the sportscaster, "The Black Out has become a mugging!" I laughed out loud!

Fast forward to the 4th quarter. Skip that awful third quarter all together.

We were sitting in our recliners and were beginning to sweat. Our high-fiving became prayers. I knew if any team could come back and tie things up, it was Georgia. They are a great team. I'm not sure if the players were beginning to tire or not in the second half, but it looked like the 2007 team showed up after half time. Ugh! Still, it was a win! Kudos to JPW, Coffee, and Upchurch. They were awesome!

Roll on Tide!

It seems I'm long overdue for 6 random things about myself. While I was "vaca-ing" last week at the beach, some of my favorite bloggy friends decided to sprinkle some tag dust my way. Here ya go, Whitney and Cricket. 6 random things about myself:

1. I hate to talk on the phone at night when I get home from work. I let the answering machine pick up. Wayne doesn't understand it, but he drives a truck all day. He doesn't spend the majority of his day on the phone talking to staff, answering questions from senior management, directing department heads, etc., etc. My phone rings constantly at work. I'm an email kinda gal. When I send you an email, don't pick up the phone and call me. Just email me back with the answer. My blackberry is my new best friend (I think that's about three random things right there!).

2. This weekend, I have become addicted to peanut butter and vanilla wafers. Don't ask me why. Try it. It's the new snacking delicacy.

3. I am so pumped that leggings are back in style!! This is the best news I've gotten in a long while. Before I had Alise, people would ask when Wayne and I were going to have a baby, and I would say, "When leggings come back in style." I'm not sure why...something about those skinny legs and a big shirt to hide "everything." However, these days, I'm having a hard time finding that "big shirt." I've bought two pair for Fall, but I can't seem to find a cute top that "hides" and looks cute. Maybe it's time for that second baby.

4. I am not a Grey's Anatomy fan. I never watched from the beginning and even Leigh letting me borrow her GA First Season DVD didn't peak my viewing curiosity. I never even watched the final episode on the DVD. I'm sorry, but I can still see Patrick Dempsey riding that lawn mower and acting like a total geek in the '80's movie, "Can't Buy Me Love." It's hard to picture him as the sexy doctor that everyone loves so much.

5. I saw Nicholas Spark's new movie. My conclusion: Nicholas Sparks + Book/Movie = Death. Always.

6. I'm a sucker for a good mani, pedi, and back rub. If the word, "Moma" isn't yelled at me, I would consider it to be pure heaven.

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I am sure by now, you have heard that Paul Newman has died. He was 83. I don't think I've ever seen a Paul Newman movie, but I have tried his signature spaghetti sauces and salad dressings. My most admirable thing about Paul Newman was his long marriage to fellow actress Joanne Woodward. He once commented when asked about straying from his wife, "Why should I settle for a hamburger when I have the steak at home?" Spoken like a true lovable husband.

I picked Alise up from my mom and dad's this morning and took her to a birthday party of a new friend from school. It was at a neat little place called "Excaliber." The shape of the building is a castle, so I think when we pulled up in the parking lot, she thought she was going to "princess land" or something. Actually, it's more of an "arcade" place if I had to describe it. There were games, a climbing wall, put-put, go carts, batting cages, pizza and consessions...the works. It would be a great place for a Daddy-Daughter Date, I think. Hint, hint, Wayne. The part that I enjoyed the most was getting to meet a few of the other moms whose kids are in Alise's class and get their opinion of some things.

After Wayne came home from the camp, he painted my bedroom. Yes, can you believe it? We've had the paint for a YEAR!! It's Sherwin Williams "white raisin." A little goldy, a little yellowy. It matches our bedding. I'll try and take pictures tomorrow to post.

I emailed Cyndi - my personal baker - tonight and asked her if she would make some ladybug cupcakes for Alise's "Star of the Week." Her special week begins October 6th and since the poster that I have to make about her has a "ladybug/bama red/houndstooth" theme, I thought ladybug cupcakes would be the greatest treat for that first day. I wonder if I could get Ms. K to take pictures? If so, I'll post those, too.


  1. are you sure you're not pregnant??

  2. I loved reading your random facts! The legging story is TOO cute and funny!!! Do you have something to share with us? :) :) :)

  3. The random facts are great!! I loved leggings back in the day, but I don't know if I'd wear them again. I hadn't really thought about it!!

  4. Love leggings. Wore them on Friday to work with short denim skirts and shirt that hides (from Target). Leggings = Fall to me! Sadly you are correct about Nicholas Sparks books and movies. But I do love them!! seems like its baby time to me!!

  5. I thought about you last night during the game! I thought Gentry was going to have an aneurism. It was so funny, I wish I'd had the video camera out. He had Noah yelling, "Oh, come on!" or "Whhoooo-hooooo! YESSSSSS!" at the TV right along with him. I was afraid to walk too close by for fear I'd get a black eye from all the flailing limbs and white boy victory dancing! I also love leggings; not only b/c I am the whitest person on earth, but they are nice and opaque enough to hide those nice little spider veins that having Noah brought!

  6. I just have to add that of course we are still rooting on the razorbacks but this is not a good season for us so we will keep cheering for Bama to go all the way. I support the SEC above all else (and better bama than LSU or Florida!) ha! ROLL TIDE! :-)

  7. Do you really think tagging me is going to get my blog updated??!! I wish! I should let you update it for me....

    I'm so glad y'all got to come over tonight!! We had so much fun! Next time I promise we'll cook something different. I will be buying me an LSU shirt before then....

  8. ROLL TIDE!!! ROLL!!! I was so excited for you on Saturday. I told Bryan during the OU game I had this blogger friend who loves Alabama and I'm sure she is just so excited. I was pulling for your team!! Of course, your win benefits us greatly!!! That had to be a great game to watch!

    Boomer!!! Sooner!!!

  9. Thanks for tagging me! I'm just seeing it, because we have been out of town all weekend! I'll have to sleep on it!
    Hmmm, I'm a huge Grey's fan!! I love that show. I also loved Can't Buy Me Love!
    I want to see the new Nicholas Sparks movie...I read the book. I thought it was good....sad, but good!