Saturday, September 20, 2008

Beach Bound & The Tide

Photobucket Alise woke up this morning, came busting into our bedroom and asked rather loudly, "Are we going to the beach today?!" Talk about a wake-up call?! She was rather upset when we told her that she would have to wait a whole 'nother day before she got to finally see the ocean.

Guess what Whitney?! Can you believe that I've finally packed?! My Alabama friend has been asking me all week if I've packed and I didn't even start until this morning. As of this minute, Alise and I are packed and all her toys are ready to go. Wayne isn't packed yet. He promises he can be ready in five minutes. We'll see.

Wayne had a great idea to put all our food and paper products in a plastic box so that we could put it in the bed of the truck and if it rained, nothing would be ruined. My BFF Leigh was kind enough to let us borrow her purple picnic cooler and some extra beach towels.

I have a pet peeve. I hate to come home from vacation to a messy or dirty house. I just can't stand it. So, whenever we go out of town, I always try to make sure the house is at least "picked up" so that it doesn't look "messy" as soon as we enter the house. I can gladly say that "home" will be something that I'll be glad to come back to in four days. Every thing is in it's place, the clothes have been washed and folded and we'll have nice, clean sheets to come home to! Yes!!

So how about ALABAMA this afternoon? Roll Tide!!! Wayne and I actually slept through part of the game! Can you believe that? We're just not good with games early in the day...especially when they cut in to our nap time! We usually like evening or night time games. Something about being the end of the day and getting to "settle in" to a great game is much more fun to us! Notice I said me and Wayne took a nap. Alise played in her room. I mostly just dozed. I could hear her playing in one ear. I won't rub the score in to my Arkansas friends because we'll probably loose pretty bad next week against Georgia, but I am VERY proud of my team! Alise's new cheerleader "chant" is "Go Julio!!"

We are getting ready to watch the Auburn v. LSU game. All I can say is that we are pulling for one team that we NEVER pull for unless these two teams are playing each other. I can't say who because I don't want to offend my Auburn and LSU friends. All I can say is may the best man win! Good luck, guys!

I'll be blogging from the beach so make sure you come back and visit. I can't wait to get there!!



  1. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Oh! I'm SO JEALOUS!!! I loovvee the beach and never get to go! Have tons of fun and I will be checking in to see all the wonderful and fun things that you will be doing on your much deserved vacation!!

  2. I totally agree about coming home to a clean abode! There is nothing more depressing than coming home from vacation and being like,"ugh,what smells?"

  3. HAVE FUN! The TIDE rolled for sure and that was good Auburn game! What did you decide with the laptop? Is it staying home???


  4. Ya'll have a GREAT and safe beach trip!!! Can't wait to see all the pictures! :)

  5. You don't even have to say which team you were rooting for cause the best man did win!! he he...go Tigers!! I will cheer for your Bama team unless they play us, so Roll Tide!! I used to live in B'ham! Have a great beach trip!

  6. I thought of you this weekend as I caught glimpses of the AR and Alabama game! Your team did good!

    I am with you on the clean or picked up house when you go out of town. Even when we go away for a night to see my Granny and Bryan's parents, I like to have the house picked up.

    Have fun at the beach!!

  7. I am So Jealous!! Can I go?? he he Hey, maybe we should take a blog girl beach vacation!!! Sounds like Audrey needs one too!

    I'm all about the clean house when I get home too! It just makes things a little easier.

    Enjoy your awesome vacation! I can't wait to see Alise on the beach. Have fun!!!