Sunday, August 03, 2008

Will This Nightmare Ever End?

We weren't even out of the driveway Friday evening and Alise was asking, "Are we there yet?" I thought, "You have GOT to be kidding me!" I should have known that it was going to be a restless 100-miles to Jackson, Mississippi, and it truly was. We got there around 7:30 and decided to find a restaurant before heading to our hotel. To our disappointment, most of our favorite eating places around I-55 had closed, so we opted for Ruby Tuesday's at Northpark Mall. No comment on the food. The fact that there was no line to get in should have told us something. Alise wouldn't eat anything, which is highly unusual for her. She was in a whiny mood and I noticed that her nose was running so much that her upper lip was red and chapped from she and her teacher whiping it that day. We stopped at a Walgreen's for some medicine and then headed to our hotel, which, lucky for us, had just been remodeled. We could not get Alise to go to sleep Friday night! I don't know if it was the medicine, or if she was just so tired that she was fighting sleep altogether, but it was a major fight! She was actually screaming! I just knew any moment the hotel manager was gonna knock on our door and ask us to leave! By the time we all fell asleep Friday night, I was dreaming and wishing we had just stayed home instead.

The first thing I heard Saturday morning was, "Mommie, my ear hurts!" I was ready for somebody to shoot me! Alise cried and whined and wouldn't eat anything for breakfast but some dry Fruit Loops. I told Wayne that I would just stay at the hotel with her while he went on to the hunting show at the convention center, and then we would leave and go home. My best bet would be getting her into the Pedicatric After-Hours clinic when we got home. He wouldn't hear of it. I don't know what he did, but by the time I got out of the shower, she was running around asking for her clothes, saying that she was going with her daddy! To make a long story short, we split up: I went shopping at the Renaissance and Alise went with Wayne. I spent $50 at J.Jill - my favorite store - on two pairs of capris and a t-shirt! They were having a really good sale, but most everything had been picked over. (Mirya - the store was very small, but I sure found alot of stuff I would love to have for my winter wardrobe! And, yes, Ashley, I went to the toy store you told me about and I loved it! Bought Baby Girl a few things!) I also loved the Fresh Market grocery store that was there - so many unusual things. We met back up for lunch and went to Sweet Peppers Deli - another disappointment. I did not like the food at all. We split up again, but this time, Baby Girl and I went to the mall and shopped while Wayne went by himself to Bass Pro and some other hunting stores. We met up again, went to Helen's Young Years (I cannot believe I walked out of that store empty handed!!) and then went to dinner at a steak house. Again, the service was absolutely horrible and my poor sweet husband had words with the manager. Needless to say, we were ready to go home!! We made it home around 9:30 last night...just a few hours before tornado-like winds hit our area. We had trees down in our subdivision.

We didn't forget about Alise's ear yesterday. She just didn't seem to complain about it as much, so I thought maybe she was "making it up" because our friend Claudia-Kate has been in the hospital with a bad ear infection and we had gone to see her last Thursday. Wayne said she complained once yesterday morning while they were together and she never mentioned it to me unless I asked. We both agreed that we would wait until this morning to see how she acted. She woke up still complaining, so I called and Dr. Stanley was on weekend duty. We were his second patient. Do you realize that we have seen Dr. Stanley on his last two weekend rotations? We've been to the doctor more in the last month than we have in six months! Anyway, after Dr. Stanley checked "Baby Bear Analiyah's" heart (Alise's Build-A-Bear), he diagnosed Baby Girl with a double ear infection! I think I felt sick, too! We got scripts for antibiotics, anahestimines, and ear drops, got suckers and left. Dr. Stanley gave Alise and Baby Bear a hug! Gosh, I like him!! Now, it's 9:40 at night and I've been fighting Alise and her nose bleed for the last hour and a half. Ugh!! Will this nightmare ever end?!?!

I hate to sound so negative! I guess maybe I was just a little TOO jealous of all you who have had - and ENJOYED (key word) - your summer vacations! I was just looking too forward to getting away for the weekend. Please pray that our REAL vacation in September goes much better!!

Never fear! I actually DID get something done today. A few weeks ago I told you about a local consignment day that our city is having next weekend. I managed to get all my things tagged today to the whopping tune of $372!! That's IF everything sells. Heck, I'm just praying for enough money to buy all the new things I want for Baby Girl out of the new Orient Expressed fall catalog!!! Here is a pic of me and all my hard work:

This really isn't a good picture of all the clothes I'm consigning. They are piled on top of each other. I can't remember how many of you have little girls, but if you see something you like, email me and I'll hold it for you if you are really interested. Most of the sizes are 2T's and free from stains, rips, tears, etc. I have tons of things that still have tags!! Some of the things are smocked, gymboree, children's place, Christmas, Halloween, etc.

We have a VERY busy week, so stay tuned. Pictures and updates to follow. Remind me to tell you about Stephanie Meyer. I need someone to fill me in on her and her books.



  1. I'm so sorry y'all didn't have a great weekend. :( Poor Alise. I hope she feels better very soon. As far as I know, Sept is still on. I'm bond & determined that we will have a fantastic vacation!

    Here's a big hug from me to you! I think you just need one.

    Good luck on the clothes. I know you won't have any problems selling them.

    Give Alise a big hug for us. Love y'all!

  2. Daggum! I just noticed that I misspelled "bound" and it won't let me edit. Sorry!

  3. Anonymous11:48 PM

    That's too bad that your weekend didn't go as you had hoped. :(

    I hope Alise feels better soon, ear infections are nasty!

  4. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Oh Laura! I'm so sorry your weekend didn't go as planned! Alise is such a trooper and her parents are too!
    You did a great job on tagging all of those clothes! I know you will sell them all, if I had a little girl, I would buy them up! Well, hoping you have a better week, and hoping Alise is all better really soon!
    Take Care!

  5. So sorry your weekend didn't go as hoped for. Hopefully this week will be much better for you all and Alise feels better soon:) Here's to a better week ahead!

  6. I can so relate! Sometimes its a releif to get home.

  7. AWWW...I'm so sorry that your trip didn't go as planned. We used to make weekend trips to Jackson when we were first married and lived in Monroe. I hope Alise gets to feeling better soon! Hmm...Ella might could wear some of those 2T clothes, not sure. Wish we lived closer!

  8. You are so funny, you sound like me..."if I sell this, then I can buy THIS..."