Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our Weekend - Part 1

Move over Olympics! Hello, VH1 Classics! Wayne and I came across this great channel on Saturday morning. We "rocked" to the '80's all weekend and loved it! I had forgotten about the long hair dos, tight jeans, cute (at least back then, anyway) lead singers and great music!! Our channel literally did not flip all day Saturday! Get ready! This weekend is 80 hours of your favorite '80's videos! Woo-hoo! Find your VH1 Classics channel now! Makes me wish I still had my '80's hair! I know. I still have to post that picture. But at least I gave you a *hint* with my yearbook picture below!

I apologize for having to split my posts about our weekend up into parts. There is simply too much to share and too many pictures to post. So, as you can tell, we were very busy!

So let's start with Friday.
Friday was "Show and Tell" day at school. It would be Alise's first of many, I'm sure. I began explaining to her Thursday night on the way home from Open House at her school that she needed to pick a favorite toy and that she would have to get up in front of her class the next day and tell them why her toy was so special. I was secretly hoping that she would not choose her Mermaid doll. For those of you that have seen "Mermaid," you understand why. How should I say? Mermaid has just about had it, okay? Luckily, Alise chose the Build A Bear that she made with cousin Katie last year in Birmingham. She has had a renewed love for the bear now that we have a BABW in our local mall and I seem to be going bankrupt since it's opening!
On Friday morning, she got up saying that she was taking TWO teddy bears to school, thus instigating a knock-down-drag-out temper tantrum because I said ONE bear. I compromised by saying she could take TWO in the car on the way to school, but only ONE to school. By the time we left that morning, she had all but forgotten about the second bear. Thank you, Jesus!
Here is a pic of Baby Girl and her first of many Show-and-tell days! Saturday morning was THE day to buy Alise's "ballet ensemble." I say "ensemble" because I had SO much to buy! Ballet shoes, tap shoes, tights, one leotard, one pink skirt, one blue tutu with silver sequins, another leotard with a built-in tutu, a dance bag, and tap shoe holders. I literally walked out of The Dance Warehouse sick to my stomach over how much I spent in that store! But Alise was in love! I have never seen her so happier! But it took her a while to warm up to the idea. When we first walked in the door, I realized that every Linda Lavender dancer had decided to buy their ensembles that day, too. Alise didn't want anything to do with trying on a leotard. She was running around and hiding underneath the racks. When I finally convinced her to go into a dressing room with me, I had to put the fear of God into her, but she still whined and stomped around. But, then, all it took was her seeing the other little girls dancing and posing in front of the large mirrors and she was game! She was willing to try on every leotard in the store! She pranced and danced forever and then I couldn't get the leotard and tutus off of her! As soon as we got in the car, she wanted to put her ballet shoes in her new ballet bag. And when we got home, she begged me to put her new stuff on. I caved - which I really shouldn't have after the way she acted in the store - and here are a few pictures of my new ballerina!

And I certainly couldn't end this post without a picture of our special visit today from Alise's cousin, Baby Analiyah! Allison came over for a visit this afternoon, so I got to hold my new neice and for just a few short hours, get a glimpse of what it would be like to have a new baby and a three year old. Hear me good: No way!

Poor Alise! She loved getting to see Analiyah, but she didn't understand that she couldn't "play." She even got a little jealous at the end of the visit and had to be sent to her room for a few minutes. However, I did take her to Alise's room and as I held her, Alise read the story of Cinderella to her. It was the sweetest thing. We get to pick Analiyah up from daycare on Wednesday afternoon.

Here is a pic of the two cousins: They are both beautiful!



  1. Too cute! Alise is going to love dance classes!

    It was the first weekend away from my husband, but not the first time we've been apart. Two weeks after our wedding, he had to go on a work trip on a Sunday-Friday. We've spent the last two summers living apart, so a weekend with friends every once in a while is a breeze!

  2. Love that B & W of Alise! You should totally blow that up and frame it!

  3. I second Rachel--that is exactly what I was going to say--that pic MUST be big and framed. Love it! Sofia is certainly as equally as excited about Gymnastics--she prefers tap to ballet though. Super cute pics and i am crakcing up at you rocking to the 80's!

  4. We are about to start up ballet again this year, and I love it! I think the little girls look so sweet in their tutus, and Mary Ashley loves it! Emma will be so disappointed to sit this year out, but I think we'll wait until next year to get her started too.

  5. The black and white pic of Alise is beautiful!! She is such a little diva!

  6. I've been telling you Alise would make an excellent big sister!!

  7. I love the B&W picture of Alise! Just adorable!!

    Oh my.... VH1 is awesome. My hubby and I make a game out of it. I do much better with the
    90's countdown though. Sounds like you had a great weekend:)

  8. What a great weekend!! I LOVE VH1 Classics!!! I'm a total 80's girl! Alise is just SO BEAUTIFUL in her ballerina outfit! I got misty eyed just looking at the pictures! You are so lucky to have a little girl to dress up in tutus!!! You must take a million pictures of her during her dance classes!!

  9. Oh my goodness, those pics of Alise in her ballerina outfit are just priceless!! I love the third one of her posing so confidently!

    By the way -- love Katherine McPhee's version of Over The Rainbow you have on your playist!!!

  10. The B&W dance photo is the best! She is such a lovely little girl!