Monday, August 04, 2008

Neville Cheerleading Camp -Updated for Pics

Monday was red and white day at camp. Here is my favorite cheerleader!
Alise and her new friend Savannah

Emma & Alise on the front steps of Neville High School

Alise with JGS secretary, Ms. Sue.

Alise's "BIG" school, Jesus Good Shepherd

If I was frustrated yesterday, then I was an emotional basket case today! Here is the story (beware: long post):

Today was the first day of Neville High School’s Cheerleading Camp. It was for ages three years and up. Since the school is close to where I work, I signed Alise up and began talking up the whole cheer clinic to her weeks ago (her daddy and I just oh-so hoping that this is just the beginning of better things to come by way of one day becoming a cheerleader for the University of Alabama! Roll Tide!! Forgive us, but we Horton’s tend to “think big!”). I walked her in the school and you could tell that she was just in awe of the whole situation….girls of all ages everywhere, the NHS cheerleaders, the “big” school itself, just everything!

After I got her signed in, one of the cheerleaders walked up to her and said, “Hi, what is your name?”

To my surprise, she said, “My name is Alise” (normally, she doesn’t answer).

The cheerleader said, “Hi, Alise! We’re going to have fun today! Do you wanna come with me?”

To this, Alise said, “Bye, Mommie!” She waved bye to me and the next thing I knew she was walking down the hall holding her new friend’s hand. I had intended on staying the first hour or so – had even told my boss on Friday that I would probably be late on Monday.

Big cry number 1. I couldn’t get out of that school fast enough! Thank God I didn’t see anybody I knew!

I didn’t get anything done at work this morning. I just knew that the school would be calling me any minute! I didn’t even get up to go to the bathroom! There were a few times I thought about taking my blackberry to the bathroom with me, but I didn’t think that would look very good. I secretly wished that I could be a fly on the wall to see how Alise was doing.

Now, before I go any further, I have to explain a few things to you. If my best friend, Carrie, was reading this, she would give me the biggest you-know-what chewing about me sending Baby Girl to Neville High School. She would rag me even more about sending her to – of all things – a cheerleading camp there! You see, I graduated from Ouachita (pronounced Wah-shi-taw) Parish High School in 1991. Neville was our biggest rival (West Monroe didn’t even exist in those days – that’s for all you WM fans!)! I mean, you couldn’t begin to believe the things the schools did to one another…we fought like cats and dogs! There was a lot more to it than just bragging rights!! It was worse than the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s! If there was a group of Neville guys on one side of Forsythe Park (our hang out spot) and Ouachita guys on the other, more than one fight would break out! Even the girls fought! If a guy dared bring a Neville girl to a Ouachita school dance, oh, whell! It was on!!! All I know is that the Ouachita girls had the big 80’s hair and the Neville girls always wore their hair straight-as-a-board with a big bow in the back! You knew what school the girls went to just by looking at their hair (and one of these days, I promise to show you a picture of mine!). So now, seventeen years later, I’m sending my baby off to the “evil one.” Now, I must admit. I really had to sleep on this a few nights before I finally decided to let Alise go to this cheerleading camp! I mean, there are some things you just don’t do!! But I finally realized that my baby’s happiness and getting to do something fun this summer was more important than any seventeen-plus year old rival against a school! So there ya go, Carrie. What can I say? I caved. Yep, another one of those times I’ve had to eat the word, “never.”

Fast forward to 11:15 AM. I had to run some of my employees out of my office and thought twice – yet again – about going to the bathroom. Nope! I had to get to that school!! Once I parked, I started running to the front door! No site of girls anywhere. I secretly started to panic! “Oh, no!” I thought. “They found out I’m one of “those Ouachita people!!”

Finally, I begin to see little girls being carried on the backs and walking hand in hand with the cheerleaders. My heart melted. The first little one I saw was Emma, Alise’s best friend from Yellow House. She had a nice tan from staying at home this summer with her mom, Lori and brother, Evan (The REALLY funny thing about this is that Lori went to Ouachita with me!!!). Emma came right to me and I asked her if she saw Alise. She said she had. Well, that’s a good thing! If Emma was still alive, then chances were, Alise was too! The lobby began filling up quickly. I still hadn’t found Alise. And then, the back doors opened and in walked my precious Baby Girl on the back of a NHS cheerleader (Carrie, are you getting this?!)!!

Cry number 2.

Alise wasn’t very talkative after camp. I think it was because she was tired. I couldn’t get a whole lot out of her about her morning, but I did realize that obviously they weren’t cheering the whole time because she brought color sheets out with her. She did tell me that they went to the football field – which was a good thing because when we parked this morning, she pointed to the stadium and asked me what it was.

After camp, I had to run to JGS because I realized this weekend that I had not turned in Alise’s computer and field trip forms. I got to introduce Alise to Ms. Sue, the secretary, who I love. When she saw us, she said, “You must be Alise!” I love that! I love the fact that they already know us there. I wanted to introduce Ms. Patrick, the principal, to Alise, but she had someone with her. We did get to meet the assistant principal. She was in the hallway when we were walking out of the office. She was very nice to Alise, too, telling her that she would be her computer teacher beginning in January. We walked back outside and I could not get Alise to stand beside the school sign. She was tired and ready to go. It was so hot!!

Cry number 3 came on the way to taking Alise back to Yellow House for the rest of the day. I was literally bawling my eyes out at the red light. All I could think about was Alise not being my baby anymore and I felt so bad that I had rushed her growing up so much that I felt like I had not taken the time to enjoy it more. There was always the thinking and planning ahead that got – and still gets - in the way of enjoying my daughter’s life. How silly and preoccupied I have been!!

Cry number 4 came when I got an email back from Lori (we work at the hospital together) saying that she hoped she didn’t cry like she did when her oldest, Evan, started school. She said she also hoped that Emma and Alise got in the same class. We will find out tomorrow night at orientation who Alise’s teacher will be (keep your fingers crossed for us that it is Ms. Wade) and who – if any – of her friends from Yellow House will be in her class.

Having said all this, I did have what I think is a good idea today! I’ve decided that I am going to do a scrapbook for Alise and each of her friends this year while they are at JGS. I think it would make a nice gift at the end of the school year for all her friends. I am such a photo fanatic and this will be the last year that she, Emma, Allie, and Olivia will be together. I’m not a scrapbooker and the idea of doing four is a little overwhelming. Do any of you have ideas? I’m hoping to find a “pre-made” scrapbook that maybe I can just “embellish.”

Thanks for sticking with me and reading all this. Like I said, it has been a roller-coaster ride! I had some pictures from today, but for some reason, I couldn't get them to upload. I kept getting an error message. Maybe it will work tomorrow.



  1. I'm sure you could find little kits or something at Michael's...I need to get crafty too...let me know if you want some help...with all this free time I have :)

  2. Sounds like Alise is doing great! They do grow up way to fast! Let me know if you figure out a way to make time slow down!

  3. Oh Laura! Hugs! I know how you feel about wishing you took the time to enjoy it more because the moments are going by too fast! I suddenly looked up this afternoon and realized how big Evan has gotten! I can't wait to see the pictures of Alise as a cheerleader! So adorable! I don't know how to scrapbook(only on the computer), but I second that Michael's should have something cute! Crossing my fingers that you get the teacher you want for Alise!

  4. Wow!!! What a day you had!! I hope your Tuesday is better. I can only imagine what you must feel like. The rivalry you describe reminds me of the OU vs OSU rivalry we have and the OU vs TX rivalry. My husband refuses to wear any shade of orange other than his hunting vest!!!!

  5. sorry you are feeling down- but you know what, you aren't forcing her to grow up too fast- she's three. Regardless of school or whatever, she is still going to be 3. It won't change until she's 4, then she'll just be 4. I know that over-simplifies it, but I have been dealing with it too, and I am trying to keep it all in perspective like that!

    As for the scrapbook, I am not very creative nor do I have much patience, so I make Adler his books from All I do is pick a theme, upload pictures, add captions to the pics if I want to, and change the page layouts to how I want them. Its a hardback book (or you can do paperback) and looks really cute. You can do as many pages as you want and its not very expensive. I googled snapfish coupons when I did mine and got 30% off! There are actually several websites that do this too, not just snapfish, just google photo book. There is actually a website that you download pics and stuff too and they make you an actual scrapbook and send it to you, but I don't have the web address. If you are interested, I can get it from my friend who did it- just let me know.

  6. You should rejoice in the fact that she's at a point where she's getting more comfortable socializing. This means you're doing your job!

    As far as scrapbooking goes, I'm not very good, but I'm learning. I just made a wedding one for my mother-in-law. It's very basic and a good starting point for larger projects. There's tons of information on the internet about getting started.

  7. Great Pictures Laura! Alise looks SO cute in her red and white outfit!

  8. You are not alone Horton sista! I have been bawling A LOT lately! It just comes with that mommy territory I guess and the fact that our babies are growing up. I wish you lived closer because I would come hug you and we could cry together! :)

    I graduated in '91, too, and went to "Ouachita" Baptist University. Our "in common" list keeps growing! :)

  9. i often wonder if I am rushing Noah. I think, I wish he'd do this...(talk, walk,etc.) and then I am sad b/c he is big enough to!