Friday, August 08, 2008

My Favorite Cheerleader

I’m not sure if Baby Girl and her best friend, Emma, are meant to be cheerleaders or not! Oh, my goodness, L and I laughed our heads off! The girls were priceless – they did not move!! Maybe we made the mistake of flagging the girls down when they came on stage so that they would be sure to see us and that’s why they wouldn’t do anything (we were extra proud momas on the front row!). L said Emma wasn’t feeling well. I’m not sure what Alise’s problem was! She acted like she was embarrassed. But I did get a few wiggles and claps on video of her. Whether or not the girls enjoyed it, the moms sure did!!

Nana went to see the future cheerleader, too, so she took pictures (on the third row) while I videoed. The auditorium was packed!! Mom and I got there forty-five minutes early. Go figure. Alise loved it that her Nana came to see her performance. Afterwards, we all celebrated at McDonald’s and then I took Alise back to school.

Alise made a comment to me this morning that she wanted to be in the same class with Allie and Emma. I’m almost thankful for these questions now and hope that they - and my responses - will help soften the blow on Wednesday when school starts. I continue to explain to Alise that they are in the same class, they just have different teachers. I tell her that the only time she won’t be with her friends is during naptime and learning time; that she will still get to see them at recess, at lunch, and at after school care. They will get to share snacks together and hang their new book bags in the same room…anything to make it seem like they are not really separated without lying to her. So, somehow, between now and next Wednesday, I’ve got to manage to scrape my own self up off the floor long enough to pull myself together for Alise. I really don’t want to make a big scene and I don’t want Alise to see me cry because it will only upset her (I’ll be able to wear my sunglasses until I get in the building). My mom told me today while we were waiting for the cheering to begin that leaving me on the first day of kindergarten was one of the hardest things she ever had to do (Thanks, Mom!). Needless to say, I am dreading Wednesday. I think I might need a few sedatives.

Our good-byes at Yellow House this afternoon were bittersweet. Alise and I hated to say good-bye. I know Ms. Sandy and Ms. Gloria had tears in their eyes and so did I. We will miss them so much. They asked me to bring Alise back for a visit and I promised that I would. We love you Ms. Gloria and Ms. Sandy!!



  1. Oh Alise and her friend look so adorable! I know it must have been so exciting to see her onstage in a performance! Alise looks so sweet with her teachers from Yellow House! Good luck heading into next Wednesday. So exciting and nerve wracking at the same time! I am nervous for Aidan to start his new school, but that doesn't start until the first of September. Have a great weekend!

  2. Alise looks adorable as always:) Wishing you strength next Wednesday. I will be having the same issues on the 19th. I will be thinkning of you!! Enjoy your weekend:)

  3. well, at least she was still and didn't run off the stage shrieking or anything! She was cheering on the inside! :)

  4. I love their shirts! So cute! Emma Kate is going to cheer this year! She is so excited!!! Her best friend is playing it should be sweet to watch her cheer for him!