Thursday, August 07, 2008

Diva Day at Cheerleading Camp

Here's my little Diva! Is she cute or what in her pink tutu skirt, Belle gloves, and crown? I am so glad that she decided not to wear the green fairy wings! She kept asking me all the way to school, "Mommie, do I look pretty? How do I look?" I told her she was beautiful!! She was SO excited to go to cheerleading camp this morning! Tomorrow is their "grand finale." It starts at 11:00 and I'm taking the video camera. It will be my first attempt to try and upload a video from my camera, so stay tuned! Gosh, I hope she does well tomorrow! Here is a picture of her with one of her new cheerleader friends.

After I picked her up from camp, I needed to pick up some teacher gifts for Ms. Gloria and Ms. Sandy. I had also decided that Alise deserved a little something extra for not being put with her friends in the same class. So I let her pick out her own backpack at the monogramming store. She picked out a pink and purple Stephen Joseph back pack with a kitty and paw prints on it. She couldn't decide if she wanted that one or the one with the princess, and even asked me to buy both, but I refused. I am having her name monogrammed on it and we can pick it up on Monday. We also found a small pillow for her to use at school during naptime. These were the gifts I decided to get her teachers:

Guess what? I really think I am going to like Ms. K, Alise's new teacher.

L told me yesterday that her teacher told them that we could not walk the children to their classrooms on the first day of school. I was livid! I was like, "What kind of school is this? First, they separate my daughter from her friends and then I hear that I can't walk my sweet Baby Girl to her classroom on the first day of school?!?" So....

I emailed Ms. K, Alise's teacher. Not just about that - well, yeah, mostly about that - but I had a few other questions that I just totally blanked out on Tuesday night when she was going over things. I really expected the whole song and dance about, "Well, we don't want the parents to cause a scene...blah, blah, blah." Do you know what she told me? Short and simple: Yes, you are more than welcome to walk Alise to her classroom. That's all it took! Now, I am IN love with her!! She is going to be the best teacher in the WHOLE. WIDE. WORLD!!! I even made a comment about Alise coming from Yellow House...being separated from her friends and Ms. K wrote back and said that she had gone through the same thing with her little boy coming from Yellow House and being separated from his friends, so she gets it!! She totally understands what I am going through! Thank you, God!

Tomorrow will be another hard day...our last day at Grace Yellow House. That old, yellow house has been "home" for two years. It's the longest place that Alise has ever stayed at a daycare. I now realize how blessed Wayne and I were to find such a good daycare facility. Those women loved my baby to the max and disciplined her with love and such great, Grandma-type care. I just adore Ms. Sandy and we were fortunate to have her as a teacher for two years. When Alise first started going to Yellow House, she would cry when I left her just because the place was strange and Sandy would always come running to hold her and take her from me. She would soothe Alise and she would stop crying. I never had to worry about anything bad happening to her while I was at work and that is such a sweet peace and comfort. It's going to feel so strange getting up next week and not having to worry about fixing Alise a lunch. I think that will be the strangest thing of all!


  1. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Oh my goodness! Alise is the most adorable girl I've ever seen!! What a sweet outfit! And I just LOVE those teacher gifts you got!! Those are so pretty! I need to find a monogram store around here because I am ALL about monogramming,lol. Kevin thinks I have a little problem because I love to have just about everything personalized and monogrammed! Good luck with your last day at Yellow House, that must be so sad and hard! But there are so many wonderful and exciting adventures awaiting you in your next chapter!

  2. Good luck tomorrow:) I will be thinking of you. Here's to the next step! Great times are ahead!

  3. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Alise's new teacher sounds great! It's wonderful that she'll be learning from someone who knows what you're going through. When does she start?

    PS -- She looks great in her tutu!

  4. I LOVE Alise's tutu!!! I'm so glad that she has had such a blast at cheerleading camp! :) Sorry about all the drama with the school and I'm glad you are feeling better about things after talking to her new teacher. Hope all goes well! Change is exciting, but also very scary! I love the teacher gifts, so cute!!

  5. Oh, a girl after my own heart! I grew up going to cheer camps since I was a little girl!!! SO FUN!

    And I read through your previous posts about Alise and her friends being separated in different amazing is it that God gave us such deep emotions when it comes to our children? I could just feel your heartbreak in those words you wrote...I know I would have felt the same way! Glad you feel better about it now though. She will do GREAT! Have a great weekend!

  6. Ok that top pic is so sweet, i could grease and swallow her! Those cups are gorgeous, too, I would love that if I were a teacher instead of the corny present with an apple plastered on it!

  7. Saying goodbye is SO hard. We are in the midst of that ourselves. I just keep thinking about the bigger and better times ahead. Those personalized cups are adorable!

  8. She needs her own dressing room with a star on it!!

    And those gifts are adorable!