Sunday, August 10, 2008

Alise's First Year

Call me sentimental.

I stayed up until 1:30 Saturday morning working on Alise's "All About Me" poster that she will need for school in a few weeks (More about the poster at at another time.). I began going through old pictures and spent alot of time crying. I can't believe my Baby Girl is ready for school! It seems like yesterday we brought her home from the hospital. So in an effort to raise my spirits, I decided that each day for the next three days, I would upload pictures for each year that we have been blessed to call Alise ours and finish up on Wednesday with pictures from her first day of school. Here is to year one (I had hoped to upload more pictures from her first birthday party, but the majority of the pictures were on Wayne's laptop and he was using it at the time, so I wasn't able to). I hope you enjoy seeing these as much as I enjoyed reliving the memories.

We had a rather quiet weekend. Wayne had help on the house next door and managed to completly finish the vinyl siding as well as blow insulation in our home and that one. I had made an appointment to get Alise's hair cut in the back. I got it layered to look like the "big" girls. It's longer on the sides than in the back, but you can't really tell anything unless you are looking at it from the back. Alise asked if Allison could come over. I had forgotten that she had gotten sick the last time we had planned for a babysitter, so I called and Allison was available. Alise just loves her and they had a ball all day. I ran errands and got a pedicure. Then, Wayne and I went out to eat later that night and afterwards, went house hunting.

Today it rained off and on so it was another quiet day. We went to church and came home and ate leftover pizza that the girls had last night. Wayne ran an errand and Baby Girl and I took a nap, watched the Olympics and did "projects." She is in to painting and pasting right now.

I'm off tomorrow to keep Alise until she starts school on Wednesday. My mom is going to keep her on Tuesday. Alise asked if I would take her to get her toes painted tomorrow and I promised that I would. I also have to take her to my mom's to get her school shorts hemmed. Mom wants us both to go with her to see my Grandmother who is back in the hospital with pneumonia. Apparently, she was discharged too early and readmitted last week.



  1. Awwww... How sweet! Alise was a beautiful baby and is a beautiful little girl. You should be proud. Thanks for sharing the photos! Good luck this week!

  2. I love the slide show. She is so cute.
    I know what you mean about looking at old pictures. I get very sentimental, too! It goes by too fast!

  3. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Aw, Laura! This is just the sweetest slideshow! What a beautiful baby girl you have! I am loving the little bows and I definitely have a little bit of girl envy here,lol! Too cute and thanks for sharing! Have fun today getting a pedicure with Alise!

  4. Anonymous9:16 AM

    What great pictures! It is amazing how quickly they grow up. Pretty soon, Alise will be dating and asking to borrow the car (is your heart pounding yet?). She is going to love school and you'll find that you love her school because she loves it. Have a wonderful day with her!

    PS -- I'll post the shoe story soon enough! :)

  5. awwww I remember when she was that little!!

  6. *sigh* Oh Laura...I really have the fondest memories or your becoming a mother. I will always be very blessed to have seen you and your dear hubby through those first moments, to overcome those fears, to rejoice in the the release and beauty that only a baby can bring when they decide to enter into this world!

    One day soon we must get together...I have have something i want to show you. :)

    I have spent the past 24 hours with a mama at home and in hospital. Pray for her spirits as her labor pattered out. It was uplifting to see your blog after such a long night!

  7. That last comment was from me...was on my hubby's account.

  8. I hope she feels better...that has to worry you.

    I cannot imagine Dawson being big enough to go to school. I know I'll be crying a lot, too, when that day comes!

    I'm sure your poster looked awesome!

  9. She was such a beautiful baby and she still is as a big girl. I am full of the same emotions right now getting Evan ready for Kindergarten, so please know you are not alone. It all just goes by WAY too fast. HUGS!