Tuesday, July 29, 2008

OMGoodness! I've been tagged!!

Here's to Ashley! Sorry it took so long!

What were you doing ten years ago? Hmm...let's see...ten years ago would be the summer of 1998. Not a good time for me. Wayne's dad died in August with pancreatic cancer. I was still working for a local CPA firm and had already conditioned two parts of the CPA exam. I was driving to Ruston (30 miles one way) one night a week for a review course to complete/pass the last two parts of the exam, which I did in November 1998.

Favorite snacks: Sonic's grape slush, M&M's, popcorn, white covered pretzels, just about anything chocolate.

To Do List: Clean out Alise's closet, clean out the spare bedroom, buy a bigger house, sell the house we're remodeling, sell the house we're currently living in, get Alise enrolled in school in a few weeks, mail some things at the post office, the list just goes on and on....

Jobs I have had: Summer intern at State Farm for about four summers during highschool and college, babysat kids who are now old enough and are having kids of their own!, managing accountant for a local CPA firm, decision support analyst, financial accountant, and assistant controller/manager for a local hospital.

Places I have lived: Louisiana only. Sorry. Nothing interesting with this one.

Bad Habits: Ugh!! Do I have to?! Housework (Thank you, Jesus, for my maid!) Staying on the computer WAY too much!! Buying things that I simply don't need!

5 Random Things people may not Know: 1) I was accused of shop-lifting once when I was in high school. It was over a bathing suit that I did not steal. My mother had it out with the store manager and in a few days, I received a gift certificate in the mail and bought the exact swimsuit that I had been accused of stealing! 2) I am blind as a bat and wear contacts! 3) Wayne and I waited ten years before we started trying to have a baby. 4) I failed my driver's test the first time...on the DRIVING part! 5) I was voted "Most Likely to Suceed" in high school.

CDs I would want if stranded on a desert island: Anything by Michael Buble, Chris Daughtry, Celine Dion's Greatest Hits, my Sandi Patty CDs because I would have to do a whole lotta praying and lifting my hands, begging God to get me off that island!! Ha, ha! Get this: what about "Monster Ballads"?!?! Too stinkin' funny!

What I'd do if I were a Billionaire: Give, give, give. Buy a new house. Send Alise to the University of Alabama. Travel. Give some more.

I tag these people: Audrey, Leigh, & Mirya (Mi- hurry up and get your computer fixed!)



  1. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Oh you tagged me!!! I'll get the answers up later this afternoon-about to pick up Aidan and go to Costco! Too funny about the Monster Ballads CD,lol, those songs bring me back to growing up!

  2. how'd the cake go? check my blog for a surprise!

  3. Praise God for the last one....give give give....that's great! Looks like I've missed a lot over the past few days. Great cake with the strawberries! Wish I could just dive right into it! Happy Birthday to everyone! Oh and don't you just LOVE Celine??? My mom is going to see her in concert next yr.....wish I was going! :(

  4. I love reading new things about you.

  5. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful things about yourself! Very interesting.... I really enjoyed that post:) BTW.... Love Monster Ballads!!

  6. I loved reading this and learning new things about ya! I was graduating from NLU in 98! :)
    I am doing the No Other Gods bible study by Kelly Minter. It is great!! :)

  7. Fun facts! I enjoyed reading them!