Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Judge Rules Pringles are not Potato Chips (For Tax Purposes)

Whatever you do, just don’t call Pringles potato chips. That’s because a British judge has ruled in a tax dispute that Procter & Gamble’s snacks "don’t look like a chip, don’t feel like a chip, and don’t taste like a chip."

Heck, Pringles isn’t even "made from potato" (even though it is) for tax purposes: Potato chips “give a sharply crunchy sensation under the tooth and have to be broken down into jagged pieces when chewed,” the Cincinnati-based company’s lawyers argued. “It is totally different with a Pringle, indeed a Pringle is designed to melt down on the tongue.”

Warren agreed. Pringles aren’t “made from the potato” for the purposes of the tax office’s exemption, he said. He didn’t say what Pringles are, other than that they’re tax-exempt.

Here is the complete article. This is the craziest thing I've ever heard of and I'm a CPA!!!!



  1. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Kevin just loves pringles, I will have to link him to this article! Crazy!

  2. Um, that's a bit spooky. What exactly are Pringles then?!? I used to love those things, but now I'm a bit worried! HAHA!

  3. THAT IS CRAZY!! We should sign a petition against that!!! How funny! I would love to know what in the heck he (this crazy judge) thinks they are if their not potato chips!!

  4. I thought they were made from potato flakes, like instant potatoes...