Monday, July 14, 2008

The Horton's Have Survived

Baby Girl is back to herself! Yeah! This Moma is doing the happy dance in Louisiana! She was not been sick at all today so we had a great "Mommie - Daughter" day. We ran a few short errands to get ready for my Bible study group tomorrow night, but we stayed around the house for the most part. We colored and watched movies, played dress up and went outside to swing for just a while. I noticed that her appetite picked back up in time for supper tonight and the circles under her eyes are lightening up. I can still tell that she's lost weight. Even her panties are loose on her skinny fanny, now!! Here are some pictures from our day.
Alise discovered the art of using scissors today. I bought her a pair at the store after she literally begged for them when we were on the school supply aisle. Can you believe supplies are already out? Even though I would get a kick out of buying Alise's first school supplies, I am almost thankful that I only had to pay a $50 fee at her school and they've already been purchased for me (The school's PTO got a really good deal).
My happy, WELL Baby Girl!
Giving me the cold shoulder.
Playing dress up. I love that smile!!
Had to shine up my rose bowl collection for the girls tomorrow night. I wish the flower garland had shown up better in this picture.
My $25 flower arrangement for tomorrow night. A little too fancy for just hamburgers (but maybe not for Chonda Pierce), don't ya think? I was a little disappointed in the arrangement. I never have good luck with telling florists what I really want and well, God just didn't bless me with the "flower arranging" gene.
Obviously I had a little too much time on my hands today because I discovered -what I think - is the neatest thing! I disovered "yahoo groups" today!! Did you know that you can go to yahoo and set up a public or private group for just about anything you could possibly want? There are all kinds of group options like polls, instant messaging, file uploads, calendars, etc., etc. What a neat way to meet new people and exchange ideas. A-hem. Maybe I'm just a little behind the times.
And last but not least, I wanted to show you Alise's school backpack that I ordered off Etsy last week. I am so pleased with it and Alise loves it!! It is made of pink and white polka dot material with pink and black poodle accents. I opted to have the poodle applique taken off so that I could have Alise's name monogrammed across the front. It's perfect for school.


  1. I'm so glad that Alise is feeling better! :) Hope ya'll have a great week!

  2. I am so glad Alise is feeling better. You know she looks just like you, don't you? She is your mini-me! I LOVE that backpack and it will be super cute with a monogram. I LOVE me some monograms. I think the flower arrangement is so pretty! Have a great time!

  3. She is sooo cute! I can't wait for tonight. The flowers are wonderful!! How fancy, wonder what I should wear tonight?????!!!!

  4. I am so glad that Alise is feeling better.

    I love the backpack too cute.

    I used to work in a retail corporate office. We always had to have our back to school orders delivered by July 4th--that is when most people start shopping for school. I think that is crazy!!!!!!

  5. Oh I'm so glad to hear she is feeling better. She looks like an absolute doll in that tiara!!! Aren't little girls the best!?

  6. YUCK I hate it when my boys are sick. :( Glad ya'll are on the up swing!

    I cannot believe school is just around the corner! Double YUCK! I have really enjoyed summer this year and I'm NOT at all ready for school. Could be that I'm home schooling my oldest this yr, but never the less I am not ready! :-0

    Have a great week!

  7. Sorry Alise got sick, but am glad she is better! Nothing worse than a sick kid!

  8. I'm so glad to hear Alise is feeling better! Poor baby! She must of had a 24 hour bug.

    All Katie wanted to do with her scissors was cut stripes of paper. I printed out a craft project that requires cutting it out, but we didn't get that far because she just wanted to cut stripes off and paste them. Ha! Buddy, it kept her busy for a while. How did Alise like it?

  9. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Glad to hear Alise is feeling better! I just hate it when my boys are sick!

  10. Love the dress up pic, she looks like a beautiful little mermaid!

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