Saturday, July 19, 2008

Heath Ledger - Oscar Worthy?

Wayne and I had "Date Night Part 2" last night (Remember Baby Girl got sick last weekend). We had an early dinner at Copeland's and caught the 7:00 showing of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight. Wayne and I enjoyed the first Batman movie so much that we knew we had to see this one!! I had been reading all the hype this week regarding Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker in this movie. Most everyone seems to be of the mindset that his acting in this particuliar movie is worthy of an Oscar. My personal opinion: Nah! Don't get me wrong. I thought Heath did a fantastic job playing the Joker! His quirkiness and craziness that he gave the character made the audience even laugh at times. That constant licking of his lips and wild, green-streaked hair! For those of us that saw the original Batman movie from the late '80's, it's hard to get that "Jack Nicholson Joker" out of your head, so Heath's twist on the character was alot different with the portrayal of the "darker" side. But was his acting great enough for that little gold statue? How great do you have to be to win one of those things, anyway? Normally, it's those actors that you've never heard of, that have acted in a movie that doesn't even show at your local theater that wins those things! It's the actors that go to foreign countries and talk so awful about the United States, the ones that march to tear down the very foundations that our country was built upon, the ones that abuse drugs and alcohol and sleep with their fellow co-stars, the actors that make more money for one movie than 99% of Americans will ever see in their lifetimes, and die penniless too soon. Those are the ones that win those little gold statues (Do I sound bitter? I haven't watched the Oscars since March 1999 when Kate Winslet was passed over for her portrayal of Rose in Titantic)! Look, I've loved Heath Ledger since I saw The Patriot. I haven't seen every movie he's made because they were movies I didn't personally believe in or approve of (specifically, Brokeback Mountain). But if the motion picture industry chooses to award him with an Oscar, then, I can handle it. At least I can say, "Finally!!! A movie I've actually seen!! An actor I recognize!"



  1. I haven't seen that yet, but I just can't see it topping the first Batman movies. I loved those old ones. And I think Jack was the best Joker! I might wait for that one on video!

  2. I am excited about seeing this movie.

    I don't watch the Academy Awards either (except some the of the pre-show to see the dresses). Like you I usually haven't even heard of the movies that are nominated.

  3. My hubby is dying to see this new one! We tried to get tickets this weekend, but every show (all 20 of them!) was sold out. Blah. Oh well, at least not going kept me from scarfing down an entire box of Goobers and a 60-some odd oz. drink! I love movie food, I can't help myself! :)

  4. My husband and I went to the midnight showing the day it opened! I LOVED LOVED LOVED Heath Ledger and have seen just about everything he did, including Brokeback Mountain (which actually wasn't AS bad as I thought it would be). I figure, though, that if he got passed up for the Oscar while he was alive, he probably will be this time, too. I would LOVE to see him get one, though!