Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Times Three!

As you know, Wayne's birthday was Tuesday. Today is my mom's birthday (Happy Birthday Moma!) and my dad's birthday is next Friday, August 1st. Every year about this time, we pick a day for all my family to go out to eat and to celebrate the "summer birthdays." So, tonight we met my mom and dad at Red Lobster for supper. It is Alise's favorite restaurant. She calls it the "Monster Place." It took us a while to figure out what she was saying, but we had a really good laugh when we finally did! She loves to watch the lobsters in the aquarium. Tonight, the manager stopped by our table and Alise asked her why the lobsters had "tape" on their hands. The manager was kind enough to explain that the lobsters would pinch one another if their hands weren't taped. She loved that story! Baby Girl and I like to get the Shirley Temple drinks. They are so good and I love to hear her beg me if she can have the cherry that comes in the drink. Alise had mac n' cheese with chicken tenders, I had the Cajun Chicken Pasta (I don't eat seafood and I don't like Red Lobster's fish), and Wayne and my parents had shrimp fixed nearly every way that you can think of! I had to send my pasta back because it was cold.

After supper, we all came back to our house for cake and ice cream! I called Cyndi - the sweet woman that made Alise's pink poodle birthday cake - to make yet another strawberry cream cheese cake for my three birthday-ers. It was delish yet once again! Cyndi does such a wonderful job! I don't think I'll ever buy another store-bought cake again! Here are some pictures from our night.

Here are some more pictures of Baby Girl. I just LOVE this dress she is wearing!! I actually got it for our beach trip in September, but I couldn't resist not letting her wear it tonight. It is such a beautiful white halter dress with bright embroidery. I got it at Kohl's months ago.

And last but not least is our latest family snapshot!



  1. Anonymous9:51 PM

    What a wonderful night of celebrating you had! We love Red Lobster too, and the boys just want to watch the lobsters in the tank, we practically have to drag them to our table when they call our name,lol! What a beautiful birthday cake and oh my goodness, Alise's dress is SO BEAUTIFUL! If I had a little girl, I would have bought that dress right up!! You all look like such a lovely family, what a sweet family picture :)
    Well I hope you enjoyed your celebration! I hope the rest of your weekend is just as wonderful!!

  2. I'm going to have to try one of her cakes!! They look soooo good!! I love Alise's dress. It's the perfect beach dress.

    I hate that I missed Wayne-o's birthday.

    Can't wait to see you tomorrow! I missed you this week!!

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful celebration. And I love Alise's dress! Have a great weekend;)

  4. We are long lost sisters I think. I, too, do not care for seafood or Red Lobster! Derek, however, loves seafood. That cake looks amazing! Yum! I do love Alise's dress. I would not have been able to wait for her to wear it either. Love the family pic. Ya'll are so cute!

  5. Your parents look so sweet!!! Alise is a cutie in the pics as usual. :) My dad's bday is Aug 2nd. :)

  6. What a yummy looking cake.

    Alise's dress it too cute. She's a little doll.

    Happy Birthday to everyone!