Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Girl with an Attitude

Today was not a good day for Alise. Apparently she was very ugly today at school. Bad enough for Ms. Sandy to hit me up as soon as I walked through the door! While Sandy was telling me about Alise talking back to her, Alise started crying from across the room. She knew she was in trouble!!

On the way home, I asked her, "Alise, why did you act so ugly today?"

"Because I wanted to, Mommie."

Whell! That didn't set right with me at all!!

Then she said, "Mommie, let's not tell Daddy. It's a secret."

I told her, "I'm not going to tell Daddy, baby. YOU ARE!!"

She hid from Wayne when he got home because she knew she was going to get a spanking. I could tell that she was really dreading it, too. Before he got home, she kept telling me, "Mommie, I love you. I love you, Mommie. I'm being sweet now!"

So Wayne gave her a spanking and we put her to bed early. She didn't get to watch any movies tonight or play outside. AND she got money taken out of her GM jar (which, I think hurt her more than anything!). AND she can't go to her little friend, Emma's house on Friday to play for the day instead of going to school.

I don't know what got in her today! Just a bad attitude, I guess, because she normally doesn't act that way. At least not bad enough for her teachers to actually tell me she was bad. She knows better and we're not going to tolerate our little girl being disrespectful to her teachers.

On another note, my mom and dad have asked to keep Alise Friday night, so maybe we'll get another chance for date night. I sure hope so!

Oh! And one more thing! It's time to redeem gymbucks at Gymboree. Check out the CUTE new sleepwear they have. I love them!!



  1. Awww! I could just see her looking up at you and saying "I'm being sweet now!" So cute. Maybe she was just having an "off" adults do sometimes! :)

  2. You have to say that's pretty funny. I would have to hold back the chuckle when she said that. I'm dealing with a little girl that sticks her tongue out. LOL. I'm catching myself thumping her lip when she does it, just like my Mom did with me. Childhood is wonderful!

  3. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Sounds familiar! Aidan has started saying, "Because I said so" when he wants something, eek! Love Gymboree! Sad I don't have Gymbucks to redeem this time around :)

  4. Sounds like one of those days...we had one yesterday as well. YIKES! "Those days" make me question every little mothering thing I do. I hope today is better for you (and for me:)!!!!

  5. I am so proud of your strong and loving parenting! I rarely find others who take parenting so seriously...but also find enjoyment! HUGS Laura!