Thursday, July 03, 2008

Final Day of Swimming Lessons

The final day to bore you with more swimming lessons stories. Yep, Alise finished up tonight. And guess who made it in time? Daddy! I was SOOO excited and so was Alise! Wayne got to watch her entire lesson and was very impressed. Today was the best day she's had all week! Alise still needs to practice her kicking. Wayne was so proud of her that after we ate at Cracker Barrell tonight, we went to Academy Sports and bought her a floatable swimsuit. I'm hoping to get her in Paula's pool a few times before our beach trip to go over and practice some of the things she learned this week. Here are some pictures: The swimmer and her happy Daddy!
Alise and her instructor, Ms. Holly

Me and Alise at Cracker Barrell. Someone had their mouth a little too full! (I had sweated all my makeup off at the pool! It was SOOO hot!)

Alise on the porch at Cracker Barrell.

On the way home, I decided to stop in at Old Navy at 8:45 to look at the big sale they were having. We ran into our friends, Ms. Tiffany, Addison, Ms. Staci and Kylie. We got to visiting and catching up so I didn't get to look at anything. Tiffany and I talked about Alise's swimming lessons (they have a pool) and she invited us over for a swim. We talked about gymnastics and Tiffany also told me that she got a new job teaching at Grace Episcopal School for the upcoming school year. I think the store was about to turn the lights off on us! We finally took the hint and said our good-bye's.

I told Wayne on the way home that it was so nice to have a "family night" tonight. He has been so consumed with fixing up the house next door that I've missed that feeling of "togetherness." I appreciate him working so hard today to finish his route, drive the 35 miles back to Monroe and make it in time for Baby Girl's lesson. It's also been a hard week running to swimming lessons every day and then coming home and being rushed to fix supper, get baths and get in the bed at a descent hour. The Horton's need a 3-day weekend! We need some sleep! And we need a clean house! It looks like a tornado has hit it! Another drawback from our busy week!


  1. How nice that he could show up for her final day! Great work little girl! :) Now enjoy a summer full of splashing fun!

  2. I'm so glad Alise got to show her skills in front of her daddy. Sounds like you had a great night! I think A is your mini-me for sure!

  3. Yay for Alise! What a big girl! I love the picture of you and her at Cracker Barrel. So cute.

  4. Looks like everyone is set and ready for summer! What great pics and your make up doesn't look a thing like you mentioned! You look like your glowing to me! :) I say I need a long weekend vacation to clean up and rest from the last long weekend vacation! Make any sense?? LOL

  5. Thanks for your sweet comments about the blog! I checked yours out as well and your family is adorable! I also love to cook, so we'll have to exchange recipes. Nice to "meet" you!