Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A "Daymare"

Ms. Kay is SOOOOO sweet! She is one of Alise's teachers at Grace Yellow House. At 2:30 this afternoon, I saw the day school's number pop up on my caller i.d. at the office. Panicked (remember Dr. Stanley yesterday...), I picked up the phone and Ms. Kay told me that Alise had had a "daymare" and had woke up, ran into the lunch room, crying, "Mommie! Mommie!" Ms. Kay let Alise call me at work. She said Alise wanted to know that I was okay. She wouldn't say anything to me over the phone but as she was hanging up, I heard her tell Ms. Kay that she wanted her Mommie to come pick her up. It just broke my heart and if I could have, I would have left and picked her up right then. When I asked her later what she dreamed about, all I could get out of her was that Ms. Sandy had shut the door. Not sure what this means, but I only assume that Alise was the last one in her room to wake up from her nap and must have been left alone to wake up. Ms. Gloria said that she had been fine for the remainder of the afternoon. So, maybe she just had a bad dream after all.

I'm thinking about doing this in a few weeks. I missed out on it this past Spring! My step-neice, Jill, went and said that it was really nice and she got some great things for her daughter, Ella. But I am considering being a consignor. I've got so many of Alise's clothes that are still in great condition...some with tags still on them...just sitting in boxes in our storage building. I should be able to find 15 items easily. Normally, I put things on Ebay, but this sounds like such a quicker way to get rid of some things and make a little extra cash (for my new Etsy frenzy) without worrying about shipping. We'll see.

Wayne has been online tonight desperately trying to get Bama tickets for the fall football season. He got an email today announcing what tickets were still available for the home games. He is driving me crazy asking me what games I want to go to and which game we want to carry Alise to. If gas prices are still high this fall, I really don't see us driving to Tuscaloosa. I do know that we are going to the Ole Miss v. Bama game because we have "a source." He wants to carry Alise to a game this year, but I just don't know if she is old enough to sit through an entire game of football. I would love to get a picture of her with her Bama cheerleading outfit on and Big Al (the mascot). We'll see. But if any of you SEC team fans - except LSU - are interested in selling your tickets the weekend your team plays Alabama, please let me know. We are particuliarly interested in Arkansas, Auburn, Mississippi State, & Tennessee.



  1. I know! it's pretty bad when your own family confuses you! :) I'll have my bama fan hubby keep his ears open about possible tickets for your family!

  2. That dessert looks AMAZING!! I will have to try it. And...we used to get season tix to the Vols. They are getting to be so expensive that I don't think we're going to this year. But a lot of our friends do, so if I hear of any floating around, I will let you know!

  3. Anonymous11:30 PM

    I'm glad Alise is okay! We are wondering the same thing about our kids sitting through a game! We really want to catch a few baseball games this summer. We're crossing our fingers the kids will do okay!

  4. We have a type of Munckin Market every Spring at our church. I have yet to participate, but I hear you get very good deals. Have fun!