Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of July Weekend Recap

The Horton's had a wonderful 4th of July!! Complete with grilled hamburgers and apple pie (a la mode, of course!). We didn't make it to our local fireworks attraction because a drizzling rain set in around 6:00 that evening. My brother and his wife decided to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary in Dallas, so on the way there, they dropped my neice, Brooklyn, off at my mom and dad's for the long weekend. The girls played so well together...riding bikes, swimming, playing in a tent, eating popsicles. blowing bubbles and more swimming. However, the holiday weekend went by entirely too fast and now I am dreading returning to work and our crazy routine tomorrow! Can you believe that half the summer is over?! A month from now, Alise will be attending pre-school orientation at her new Catholic school. The external auditors will be driving me crazy at the hospital. But the best news is that hopefully, we will have a for sale sign in the yard of our "renovation project" next door (The carpet guy came out today and measured the bedrooms. Wayne is going to pick out carpet tomorrow so hopefully we will have carpet by the end of the week! Yeah!). Anyway, here are some pics from our weekend. My apple pie from last week's recipe. It was delish!!

My mom tried a new dessert recipe, too! It was called "Banana Split Supreme" and it was soooo good, too!

Alise & Brooklyn riding their bikes.

My niece, Brooklyn, from Conway, Arkansas. More to follow about her at another time.

The girls blowing bubbles. I just realized that I didn't get any pictures of the girls swimming. Maybe next time.
On Saturday morning, we slept until 9:00. I couldn't believe it when I rolled over and looked at the clock - after being slapped in the face and told, "Mommie! Mommie, wake up! Wake up!" As soon as we got up and got moving, Nana called and wanted Alise to come over and play with Brooklyn. By 10:00, Alise was gone, Wayne and Chad were working on the vinyl siding, and I was wondering what to do with myself. Hmm.... I ended up staying around the house catching up on laundry and reading.
By four o'clock, I was craving Mexican food. So much for the ol' diet. I convinced Wayne to break away early and we picked up Baby Girl and headed to El Chico's. Here is a picture.And here is a picture of Alise's art work at the restaurant.
Some of you have asked how the GM jar is going since I haven't mentioned it lately. Would you believe that just in two weeks we have seen MUCH improvement! There are still times that we have to remind Alise about her manners, but she hasn't had to take a quarter out of her jar in a long while. Even her teachers at school have noticed a difference. I must say that it makes this Moma proud! We've also been rewarding Alise for the mornings when she makes her bed - which doesn't happen every morning. Anyway, Alise asked to spend some of her piggy bank money - not GM jar money - there IS a difference - so we took her to Libby Lu's in our mall. She had enough money to buy a small tube of lip gloss. Of course, Mommie walked out with a Hannah Montana t-shirt (for $4.99) and a bling-bling bracelet - for Baby Girl, of course. Here is a picture of Alise being sprinkled with "fairy dust" in Libby Lu's. I think Wayne began feeling bad that he didn't live up to his promise to take Alise to see the "Walle" movie (She didn't even remember), so he asked her if she wanted to get her fingernails and toes painted. She responded with a resounding, "YES!!" and so she did that, complete with painted flowers on her toes.
{Sigh} We're still not through. Hold on. I can't help it. I gotta little camera happy this weekend.
As we were walking to the food court, we noticed that the new merry-go-round/carousel was in the process of being completed. Our local mall is currently going through a renovation project at our food court. The price tag is well over $1 million. Alise was in awe of the merry-go-round and all the pieces laying on the floor waiting to be added. Once it is complete, I think it will be one of the most beautiful ones that I have ever seen - complete with two tiers. Here are some pictures.
Alise's head did not hit the pillow last night before she was out like a light! She was completely worn out!
And just two more pictures...taken this morning after church.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend, too!


  1. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Hi Laura,
    I love all your pictures from your weekend! It looks like you had a wonderful one! Alise's patchwork dress is just adorable. I would be in big trouble if I had a little girl. I don't think I could resist all the adorable clothes :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am new at this and SO inspired by yours! Great work!

  3. I loved reading about your family and your weekend. I hope you don't mind having a new visitor!

  4. Glad ya'll had such a great weekend!!! Alise is such a cutie!! Wow, I'm impressed with the mall renovation. Let me know when they finish and maybe I'll come take a look. I love taking a walk down memory lane. :)

  5. Another round of great pics! You must blog the recipe to me for that banana spit dessert! It looks so delicious!!!! :) YUM!

    I ditto Audrey's comment about Alise's is adorable and I too would be in SO much trouble if I had a little girl. This maybe why God gave me 3 boys!!! I would skimp on food and she would have every bow, dress and shoes known to mankind! I couldn't hold back!!! She is adorable!

  6. It looks like you had a great weekend! We were packed to the gills with family, friends and lots of boat rides. SO MUCH FUN!
    I read Mystic Lake a few years ago and kind of forgot about it until your post. I have to go find my copy and read it again!

  7. Is that carousel going into the Orchards Mall?! Thanks for stopping by Stella Event Design! I love comments, and am so glad I found your blog--it's adorable, and you have to post the recipe for that banana split dessert!

  8. No, not the Orchards Mall. It is in the Pecanland Mall in Louisiana.

    I have posted the recipe.

  9. Wow. It looks like you had a great weekend.