Monday, June 30, 2008

Swimming Lessons - Day 1

Just a quick post about Alise's swimming lessons tonight. I don't know whether to be happy or sad?

First of all, after all my "building up" for the last two weeks, Ms. Nancy was not Alise's teacher after all. It ended up being a very young girl named, Holly, who I loved and thought was great, but I think it confused Alise. Nancy was running around, closing the shop, shuffling kids between lessons. When I asked if I could watch Alise, Nancy said that would be fine, but that they liked to have just the kids in the pool area because it just worked better that way. I was very disappointed and even more disappointed that I had lugged that huge Nikon around and didn't get any pics!!

Alise did great until....Holly took her off the steps and began holding her out in the middle of the pool. All of a sudden, I heard Alise's screams and I went running to the window that was behind the cash register that said, "Only Employees Behind Register." Oh, well! So much for that! I was a momma with her baby having her first swim lesson. They're lucky I didn't go dashing into the pool area!! She was screaming for me and it was all I could do to stay calm and not go to her! Holly was firm with her and after a while Alise would calm down enough to actually do something. After our thirty minutes was up, I had seen her go under several times, Holly had her gliding, kicking her feet, and putting her face in the water...all between screams of "Mommie!" and "I want to get out! I'm ready to get out!"

The last five minutes was play time, so I gathered my stuff up and went inside the pool area. When Alise saw me, she wanted O-U-T! I asked her if she wanted to play and she told me no. She was ready to go home. Holly said that she did very well and said that Alise was very smart. Holly said she would begin counting down the times that she would go underwater. Holly told Alise that she was very brave and that she would see Alise tomorrow. Alise said, "Uh-huh!" as if to say, "Over my dead body!" I was just so thankful that neither Nancy or Holly suggested that I bring my swimsuit and get in the pool with them tomorrow (Thank you, God! The two little boys that were ahead of Alise had an awful time of it and they told the moms to bring swimsuits tomorrow)!

Alise and I talked on the way home and it didn't matter what I told her, she told me that she was NOT going back tomorrow. I talked until I was blue in the face about swimming with Brooklyn in Ms. Paula's pool, going to the beach, Katie swimming like a fish now....just on and on and on and she still refused to go. Finally, I asked her, "Alise, what in the world would it take for you to go back to swimming lessons tomorrow with Ms. Holly? Can we get an icee after lessons? Do you want to go to McDonald's? What do you want Mommie to get you?" Do you know what that little turkey told me? She said, "I want a purple sucker and a goody bag with candy in it!" Guess where I'm headed tomorrow on my lunch break?!?!

I'm not holding my breath, but I think we may have struck a deal!



  1. The only problem I have with swimming lessons is that a child has a natural desire to learn. The child also has a give and take of bravery. Just watch her to make sure this is the way for her. Both of my boys learned without force...but they just access to water everyday and lots of encouragement.

    I bet she did great! Your like me a mama bear!

  2. I have bought many a goody bags in my day...and my oldest daughter is only 4!!!! I have a feeling it won't stop any time soon.
    Yeah for Alise! Swimming is a big step for a little girl. We lived on the water growing up and my dad's idea of swim lessons was taking us out on the boat and throwing us in.( My mom was there to catch us, of coarse) but I think lessons in a pool is a much better approach! :D
    I saw your comment about Victoria magazine. they actually stopped publishing it for about 5 years or so, but just came out with it again at the end of last year. I still love it, although the originals are my favorites.
    Tell Alise we are cheering her on up here in Michigan. We have plenty of water up here if she ever wants to show us how it's done!:)

  3. I want a goody bag with a purple

  4. My 4 year old starts swimming lessons at the end of July and I'm scared to death. It is going to be 10 days full of bribery. Really.

  5. Sounds like she did wonderful. She will do even better today! It got better everyday with us. It's hard for them to trust someone they don't know! It will get better for you too!! Hang in there;) (Bribs are wonderful!!)

  6. That is SO funny-a goody bag with a purple sucker! She is precious! :)