Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Night Get-Together

This morning, Bill and several of our church committees presented the new building/construction plan for our new sanctuary during the two worship services. The "Rockin' Babies Sunday School Class" decided that we needed to get together tonight to "discuss" the plan so Brad and Leigh invited us and the Guice's over for a fish fry. Wayne and I brought Oreo Ice Cream (so much for the ancient Chinese secret....I couldn't find the recipe, so Wayne still had to call Leigh). Chef Brad did a great job! Everything was fried: fish, hushpuppies, chicken strips, french fries, and mozzerella sticks! You couldn't ask for anything better! It was so good! Here are the pics from tonight

Here is Chef Brad frying up all the good stuff.

Alise meeting and petting Sugar.

The Guice's

The two A's: Anna & Alise

The Kiddie Table

Having fun on the trampoline

Wayne "trying" to play Guitar Hero

Me & Leigh And this is the reason I won't be jealous for not being in an exchange group anymore.Leigh made this for me and I love it!!



  1. That looks so fun, and that meal sounds yummy! A good Southern fish fry. Now, I love that! I got your comment, and oh how I would LOVE for us to meet one day! Ella would be right there with Alise and Sugar! Ha!

  2. Are you sure that y'all discussed or did you just eat?? You know, Baptists always look for an execuse to eat! LOL

  3. Oh YUMMMM...Now that is what I call some good ol' southern cookin'! I grew up eating all those yummies! Don't get to eat it too often now. The only one in my family that still makes dinners like that is my husbands grandmother. You've got my mouth watering and it is only 9:30 in the morning!!!! :-0
    Be blessed today!

  4. Yummy. It looks like you had a great end to your weekend.

  5. How fun!!! The food all sounds delicious!! :)

  6. I'm so glad y'all came over! We had so much fun!! We'll have to do it again, very soon!

  7. That looks like so much fun! And what a sweet mama you are for getting the goody bag for Alise. She will be a great swimmer, I am sure!