Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Poor Barbie

Poor beautiful, tanned, long blonde-haired Barbie. That sweet girl that gets to marry Ken, drives a pink convertible and has the perfect figure for a bathing suit. And all those other clothes, too! Well, Barbie bit the dust at our house!! {Laughing} She lost a leg!! Not just a knee or a foot…her whole leg!! Alise was trying – obviously too hard - to put painted-on-blue-jeans Barbie in the convertible (darn that car!!) and somehow broke her leg! Now, Barbie is hopping around on one foot and I have to make a trip to the toy store this weekend for another one because this is one chick that Daddy just can’t seem to make happy – I mean “fix.” (Imagine that!). It’s also the Barbie that Alise got from Katie for her birthday while we were in Alabama last month. Never fear! Mommie to the rescue!! Even though “perfect Barbie” is not at the top of my A-list, I’ll still get Baby Girl another one!

Yeah!! Our Dora & Diego tickets came in the mail!! Alise is ready for June 26th!! Did I mention I love my new blog? It’s pink! It’s got polka dots! And, as Chelita put it, it’s “so me.” {Laughing} Some of you probably think my blog’s been hosed down with pepto-bismol. {A-hem!} Anyway, just a little trivia for you, my favorite color is NOT pink! It’s purple! – But I thought pink would go better with our most recent photo shoot that has the Horton clan looking like a bunch of bright colored Easter eggs!! {Smile} By the way, I think I may have accidently had an “oops!” moment when I linked Ashley’s blog in the previous entry. Here it is again. I also left out the best news of all: Ashley does this for free!! She’s my new best friend!

We continue to fight the “I’m scared” phase with Alise. She woke up again last night and began hollering out for me, so I ended up sleeping in her room on the floor rolled up in our comforter. My back was killing me this morning! Anyway, I think it is the train that is waking her up at night (We have railroad tracks not too far from our house). I counted them and there were at least three…and this was at 2:00 in the morning! Should I complain that the trains are going through at night instead of during the day? And another thing. Alise promises that there is an “eye” on her ceiling fan. We have looked and looked and tried to listen to her explain it to us, but we have yet to see “the eye.” The only thing we can figure out is that the light bulb in the fixture must somehow look like an “eye” to her. To me and Wayne, it looks like a light bulb! A few months ago when the “scared” phase started out, she was afraid of her coat rack, so we had to end up moving that to the spare bedroom. We’ll see what happens tonight.

Maria –Allie’s mom – called me this afternoon to tell me that The Children’s Corner had some nice backpacks and that she had picked one up for Allie and was having it monogrammed. Ugh! I’m just not ready to buy a backpack. I know I’ve already bought the school uniforms, but I think getting a backpack right now would just send me over the edge. What kind of backpack does a three year old need for PreK-3 anyway? I know I don’t want one of those plastic or vinyl looking ones from Wal-mart…not that there is anything wrong with those, but I just don’t think she needs one like that with all the compartments. Maybe I’ll find one online somewhere. Then again, she does have the Steven Jacobs red ladybug backpack that I used as a diaper bag for a while.

We stayed outside for a while tonight. There was such a nice breeze that seemed to dissolve away the humidity. Wayne got the sprinkler out to water the yard and it wasn't long before Alise discovered it and begged to "go see it." Ha! She loved getting showered on, but she didn't get too wet.

And last but not least, here is Alise's 4th of July dress that arrived today. I got it off Ebay for $11.40 including shipping! I love it! The halter-style dresses seem to be the thing for summer! I can't wait to see Baby Girl in it!


  1. That is a poor Barbie!! I can't believe Wayne couldn't fix it. lol

    I love the dress!! That is too cute!! My boys just get Old Navy t-shirts.....that's about as festive as I can go with them.

  2. Man I need a friend to help me spiffy up my blog. This mama just can't find the time or desire to do so. :)

    Poor Barbie!

    I love the halter dress!

    And I am praying the EYE goes away.

  3. That little dress is adorable and just perfect for July 4th.