Monday, June 02, 2008

New York & Ebay

PhotobucketAn employee of mine was on the “Today” show this morning. Did you see the group of LSU people holding the banner and swinging their pom-poms? That was her!! God bless her!! She is with a group of friends doing the “Let’s-Hurry-and-See-New-York-in-three-days-tour.” {Laughing} L.F. is a planner (and that’s why I like her so much!) and so the group let her plan the itinerary. From the way she talked, they are going to be running the entire time they are there. Broadway shows, Sex-in-the-City tour, Statue of Liberty tour, Ground Zero, Empire State Building….the works. The group got an awfully good deal and they are staying at a hotel right on Times Square!! I haven’t talked to her – of course! Who wants to talk to their boss while they’re on vacation? – but she’s texted a few employees and seems to be having a great time. I’m happy for her! I think the group is suppose to go to Yankee Stadium tonight for a game. If you see a bunch of crazy women – still touting that LSU banner, probably – that’s L.F. and the gang! New York City will never be the same!!

I had to remind Alise on the way to school this morning that it was no longer “The Three Amigos.” Her best friend, Emma, is staying home for the summer with her mom and older brother. It’s just she and Allie, now. I also told her that she and Allie were two of the “big girls” left for the summer program at Grace and they had to be really good because the new babies who are moving up from the other class would be watching them. She said, “If they’re not good, Mommie, they’re gonna go in time out!” Sounds like she’s got a little experience in that department, doesn’t it? One of her teachers, Ms. Marilyn, caught me in the hallway and said that Allie was looking for Emma this morning when she got there (Alise is always the last of her friends to arrive…imagine that!), but that she thought two of them would get along better than three. You see, the three of them have a love/hate relationship and they’re girls on top of that, so you can only imagine!! Luckily, the three will go to school together for one more year at JGS this fall and I feel for the teacher that gets all three of them!! But, this time next year, will be very sad for three little girls and their mothers! I don’t even want to think about it!

I continue to be amazed by the things people buy on Ebay. Someone once told me that they sold their daughter’s napkin ring holders from her wedding on Ebay. She said they were so simple. Just a flower and hot glue! I love Ebay! Off and on, I put some of Alise’s clothes on there to build up a little nest egg for other things that I want for her like brand name smocked dresses and outfits. I usually buy NWT, but I have gotten lucky with a few gently used items. So….I decided to sell the leftover party supplies/favors from her 3rd birthday party on Ebay last week and guess what!?! They sold!! Can you believe it? I sold 12 party hats, 9 blowers that were never used because I forgot about them, one pink tablecloth and an unopened package of napkins, all for $10 including shipping!! What is the craziest thing you’ve ever sold or heard someone buying on Ebay?


  1. I love Ebay! I haven't bought or sold anything in a while. You are right about what people buy. It's amazing how many people shop in one place. Congrats to you:)

  2. I love eBay. I continue to be amazed at what people will buy. I don't think I have ever sold anything too crazy....just my little girl's clothes:)

  3. eBay is fun. My husband buys stuff on eBay, but I never have. I agree, it is amazing what people will buy! NYC sure sounds fun!