Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Great Minds Think Alike

I just looked at Mirya's blog and saw that she had posted an update on Katie-bug's "Reward Jar." I was just about to update here about Alise's "GM Jar" (aka. "The Good Manners Jar").

I can sum it all up in 4 words: "So far, so good." I have noticed a change in Alise...less whining and arguing and more "thank you" and "please". However, I cannot get her to understand that when I ask her a question, she needs to respond with either a "Yes, ma'am" or a "No ma'am"! Ugh! She probably has enough money in her jar right now to buy that icee and candy on Friday afternoon, but I'm not going to let her know that! She did sass me this morning and I was about to pull a quarter out of her jar and she nearly went into cardiac arrest right there in the middle of the floor! I caved and told her that it was her last warning; from now on, she looses a quarter. That is my biggest weakness with her: consistency. I told Alise's teacher, Sandy, about "the jar" yesterday afternoon and she said, "Well, that's why she has been saying "thank you" and "please" today and being so sweet." So....I guess it's working. As of right now, it's still a "game" to her and she doesn't seem to be getting "bored" with it. I hope we can stretch it out for a while.

Alise had gymnastics tonight. I watched from the window again. Even after I took her to the bathroom before her class started, she still ended up having to go during class. I could see her looking at me and mouthing, "Mommie, I gotta go potty!" I shook my head and pointed toward the parallel bars. I wanted her to finish her group's session and then I would take her out to the bathroom. Obviously, she didn't understand and she started crying. Ms. SueAnn finally let her out to go to the bathroom. Of course, she didn't do anything once we got in there. Alise is turning into the little Miss Drama Queen...she came out of class boo-hoo'ing and hollering, "Mommie! Mommie!" Sometimes, I don't know if I should watch her through the window or not. But I absolutely love it...I love to watch her and see all the wonderful things she's learning and doing. She actually did a cartwheel tonight! I was so proud of her! One of the things the class teachs her is patience. There is a time during the class, that SueAnn does one-on-one and the other students have to sit on their mats and wait their turn. The last two weeks, this is when Alise decides she needs to go to the bathroom! I think she gets bored and uses "potty time" as a break. Smarty pants!!

On the way home tonight, she told me that she didn't want to go to swimming lessons next week. Ugh!! I told her how Katie was swimming like a fish and she said, "Mommie, I don't want to swim like a fish!" Well, that rubbed me the wrong way and I said, "Okay, then you'll have to stay home with Nana & Papaw while me and Daddy go to the beach with Uncle Doug, Aunt Mirya and Katie!" I think it worked. She said, "No, Mommie, I want to go to the beach, too!" {Smiling} She asked when we were going to see Katie again and I told her in a few months at the beach. She talked about Katie living a "long, long way away." She loves her little cousin!

What does everyone have planned for the 4th of July next week? Can you believe the holiday is already here?


  1. I think that jar is such a great idea. I bet the game will turn into habit in no time. I can't wait for Ella Grace to get to take dance and gymnastics. I'll be just like you...watching through the window! :)

  2. I'm glad to hear the GM jar is still working. (Cross Your Fingers)It's still working on this end. She nearly has all the rock from the bag in her jar.

    Yeah, I know I can cave just like the rest of us Moms. Buddy as soon as I start talking about taking rocks out of her jar, she straightens up pretty quick. She knows that she can't go to the bounce house until she gets all those rocks in that jar.

    In a way, I'm getting excited about our trip in 3 months. Woo Hoo! Have you been buying stuff here and there for the trip? I've really had to smack my hands several times. I'm wanting to wait for a good Summer sale to take advantage of before I go too crazy.

    Alise is going to love swimming lessons. Just give her a day or two. Everytime we pass by the Sports Club, Katie asks me to go swimming. She's resorted to begging now. I've got to get her swim belt ordered so we can go to June's house.

    Take care! We'll be talking to ya.

  3. I am so glad the GM jar is working. It was a great idea.

    I too can't belive that the fourth of July is NEXT Friday. We don't have any plans--our town has a big music festival on the fourth with fireworks that night. We might decide to go there.

  4. Hey Mimi-
    Thanks for stopping by again. Sounds like your baby girls is being challenging, hang in there! Its crazy the 4th is almost here. I am thinking of finding a small town parade (we live in a big city, and taking a hike in the mountains. Granted a small hke with two little ones.

  5. Laura-
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please come back again and again. I loved ready about your little girl! She sounds so precious! Your family photos are absolutely outstanding! I love the colors! They just pop!

    You have two blogs. Which one should I read?

  6. Glad to see you are a BAMA Fan. So am I. My DH is an Auburn Fan though. We are a divided house. Did you attend UA? Stop by my blog sometime.

  7. Sounds like we may be trying the GM jar soon.... Great idea;)