Thursday, June 26, 2008

Go Diego Go!

Can you tell from the pictures that we LOVED "Go Diego Go Live"? It was WONDERFUL!! I was so surprised by the "broadway-style" of the production. The stage settings were awesome and the music was so good (lots of singing). The time was just right...not too long or too short with an intermission. I would definitly recommend taking your little ones to see this if it comes close to you! Alise loved it! She asked alot of questions about what was going on, but she participated and then went nuts when Dora came on stage. I loved watching her as the production unfolded. Her eyes were huge and she was perfect through the whole thing! It was well worth the money in my book!

Baby Girl woke up this morning not wanting to go to school. But I reminded her that I would be picking her up early to go see Diego. Some of her other friends from school were going, too, from what her teachers said. I'm a cheap-skate so I packed a bag full of snacks and drinks so that we would not have to spend a fortune at the concession stand. There were also vendors selling t-shirts, caps, Diego backpacks and watches, but luckily, Alise didn't even ask for anything. We did stand in line for about two minutes to get her picture made against a Dora & Diego background. They are suppose to be
available on the internet in 48 hours.

It was "Girls Night Out" for me and Baby Girl after the show. Wayne had a hunting camp meeting after work and I just didn't feel like going home so Alise and I went to get dinner at the mall. I had promised her some Chic-fil-a, but our mall is in the process of remodeling our food court area, and the Chic-fil-a is a part of it, so we had to end up eating at McDonald's. After we ate, Alise asked if we could go to the "Hannah Montana Store" (aka. Claire's) . I said okay but that I wasn't buying anything because she had left her money at home. Alise LOVES going
through the store and trying on all the necklaces and bracelets. She's putting them on and I'm dragging them off her. I know the store clerks hate to see us come in the store. Anyway, she was absolutely perfect! The only thing she asked for was some Disney Princess fingernail polish and when I said no, she didn't whine or complain. I let her ride the train and she let me shop in Gymboree. i couldn't have asked for a better date tonight!!

Uh-oh! It finally happened! Baby Girl had to take two quarters out of her jar the last two days. Both times it was for incessant whining (I can't stand it! It's my pet peeve!) Last night she had a quarter taken out of the "GM Jar" because she started whining for another snack and she didn't finish eating her supper. This was after I had already given her some dessert of apple sauce. I warned her twice and even asked her to go to her room if she was going to whine and cry. It didn't happen, so she lost a quarter. This morning was virtually the same thing. For breakfast, I fixed her a sausage biscuit (the frozen kind your warm up in the microwave. Pa-leese! I don't actually cook in the morning!), a small honey bun, a snack bag of Fruit Loops and chocolate milk. Trust me, she doesn't eat all this. She's a nibbler in the morning. Anyway, she started whining that she wanted some powdered donuts, too. I told her that she wasn't getting anything else until she finished what I had already given her. Didn't happen, thus insued the other quarter. Now we're about to take the whole game another step. For the last two weeks, Alise has been waking up around 4 AM and getting in bed with us. She says it's because she's scared. She says her light/fan scares her (I've told you about "the eye"). So tonight, I told her that if she gets out of her bed, she looses a quarter. Now, to some people, this may not seem like a big deal, but Alise has never slept with us. Only when she is sick or it's thundering and lightening do we let her come and get in our bed. That was just something that Wayne was dead-set against when we had Baby Girl and we would like to continue it. Alise and I counted her money tonight and she has $1,77 - just enough to buy her icee and some candy tomorrow. Let's hope she doesn't loose any between now and tomorrow afternoon.

The Horton's do not have any plans for the weekend. Wayne is hoping to finish the vinyl siding on the house next door. Alise and I may run to the library and farmer's market Saturday morning and then get out her swimming pool that afternoon. I would like to take Alise to see Baby Analiyah, but I'm not sure if it's a good time. Wayne talked to Chad today and he said that she isn't sleeping. Her two week check up was today, so maybe Dr. Stanley was able to work his magic. For Allison and Chad, I hope so! I had also thought about going to the Peach Festival in Ruston this weekend, but with gas being so high, I really don't need to drive the 30 miles one way to go. We'll see. Have a good weekend!



  1. I'm so glad Alise enjoyed "Go Diego Go". I saw a commerical on Nick Jr. that "The Backyardigans" are suppose to do the same thing. Katie got a little excited when she saw the commerical, so we might have to look into it. You know I told you that we missed out out on "Playhouse Disney" in B'ham. I was so hoping they would make it up to Huntsville, but I haven't seen it yet on their schedule.

    Did Alise come apart when you took her quarters out of her jar? It kills Katie when I have to take one out, but it isn't long before they are put back in. I'm hoping she'll catch on quick of how she could put all of them in her jar. She talks about going to the jumper house aka bounce house all the time. My biggest problem with Katie is the whining and talking back. Ugh! Good luck with you and the whining.

  2. I'm glad ya'll enjoyed the "Go Diego Go" show! I bet that was fun! I don't think it is coming here though. :0
    I hope ya'll have a great weekend! :)

  3. How neat the you gals got to go to Diego! My friends children love it. Alise's dress is absolutely adorable!!!!! Love it!!!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog site! It is so nice to meet other moms from all over the U.S. :) You have quite the site! :)

    My youngest, who is 3, loves Diego and Dora. Looks like ya'll had a blast! I think I read somewhere in one of of newspapers that the show was coming here, or maybe I missed it....hmmmmmm......may have to check on that!

    Have a great weekend! Will be stopping by again!

  5. It looks like you lovely ladies were having a blast! We love Diego in our house, too.
    I hope Alise earns her quarters back soon.:)

  6. Diego - HOW FUN! I love Alise's little frog dress! She always has on the cutest outfits. Cute, cute pic of you and A. We took Evan to see Dora Live and he loved it, too. Those shows are always so fun.

  7. AWWW, so glad she enjoyed it. We went to a Sesame street show once and it was so good. I think Mattmos and I loved it more than the kids. :)