Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bring on the Flip Flops

Happy Summer Ya'll!! I don't know about you, but here in Louisiana, it's been summer for about two months!! We go from Winter to Summer rather quickly. It has been SO hot and humid here - and it's not even August! Yikes! Our hottest days are normally in July and August. I'll be the first to admit that I don't like to sweat. Southern girls just saren't suppose to sweat. Somehow, I have a hard time picturing Scarlett O'Hara sweating at the Wilkes' bar-be-que that afternoon. After all, would Rhett have been as interested in her if her hair was all flat from the humidity and her makeup was running down her sweet face? I think not.

So....let's bring on the flip flops!!!

What is it about flip flops that just make it feel like summer is really here? How many pairs of flip flops do you own? My favorite pair are my Yellow Box flip flops that I bought about a month ago at Belk for $19. They are probably the most expensive pair of flip flops I've ever owned, but they are so cute!! And comfortable!! They feel like you are walking on a sponge. Mine are sparkley pink, of course. Then I have a few other "cheaper" pairs that I got at Target, but I only wear those around the house or maybe to a quick errand. I normally buy a new pair of "cheap" flip flops every year. Out with the old and in with the new. I can usually get more than one season out of my nicer flip flops.

Baby Girl stayed with my parents all weekend. I woke up this morning missing her alot. It was so strange to not have to worry about getting her ready for church . And when we did get to church, everyone was asking, "Where is Alise?" I honestly felt like a part of me was missing. I just couldn't wait for my parents to bring her home after their church service! I was so excited that I insisted that Wayne stop at Fred's on the way home so that we could buy her one of those blow-up swimming pools (we can't find our one from last year and Wayne insisted on getting one so that we could drain the water each time so as not to mess up the "grass". Oh, boy!). Anyway, I was in our bedroom laying down with a bad headache when I heard her knocks on the door. Wayne beat me to the door first, but I heard, "Mama!" and scooped her up and we "loved" on each other until she remembered the pool outside. After we woke up from a nap, we spent the rest of the afternoon outside. Here are some pics from our afternoon outside (believe it or not, is actually pretty nice and not too hot this afternoon):

Wayne got out the sprinkler and I think she enjoyed that more than the actual pool! And, yes! The princess slide ended up in the pool again this year! She would rather be outside than anywhere else!

I wanted to give a shout out to my cousin and best friend, Mirya. She came up with the idea for the "Rewards Jar." I've decided to use that same concept on Baby Girl, but we're calling ours the "Good Manners Jar." We sat down with Alise tonight before bed time and had a "family talk" and told her about the "GM jar." This is the way ours will work: Alise likes to stop by the store on the way home from school to get an icee and candy. Now, she will have to "behave" in order to "buy" her candy and icee. Everytime she says "thank you," "please," and "Yes, Ma'am," she gets a quarter put in the GM jar. We started her out with fifty cents tonight. Everytime she whines or misbehaves, she gets a quarter taken out of the jar. On Friday mornings, we will count her money to see if she has enough for an icee and candy and if so, we'll stop that afternoon on the way home. (We've also started giving her $1 for every time she makes her bed in the morning before school but that doesn't go in the GM jar and can't be used for an icee and candy. In July, I plan on beginning to work with her to take her plate to the sink after she eats). I've got to do something ya'll. I'm tired of always having to remind her about her manners. It's time she starts really thinking about her politeness and using those nice words. I wish they emphasized manners a little more at her school. So wish me luck (and a whole lota prayers!!)!



  1. Good luck!! I am sure she will be up to the task.

  2. Humidity turns me into the frizziest mess you have ever seen! Today, it is actually mild here, which is highly unusual! Evan loves the sprinkler, too, and would stay outside in the dark if I let him. He is an outside boy. I love it when they want to be outside, don't you? Alise looks like she is having a ball!

  3. I forgot to answer your question on how I know Kelly. We were suitemates one year in college. I just love her!

  4. Alise is so cute, running around playing with the sprinkler and her new pool. Doug got too rough with Katie's pool & put a little hole in it. Now every 3 days, I have to fill it back up with air. I'm nearly determined to just get another one.

    How is the GM jar working out? Katie is doing pretty good with hers. She reminds me that if she puts all the rocks in her jar, we can go to the bounce house. Today, I could really see a difference. She says "please" & "thank you" without me having to remind her all the time. I've only had to take a rock out once today. I just hope it continues to work. I've made it pretty easy for her because I don't want to discourage her. I think once she gets her reward, she'll want to do it more often. Good luck with Alise! I know she'll catch on real quick.

    Don't sweat too much. Tehe! I love air conditioning! Love ya!

  5. Those photos in the sprinkler are precious! I have so many great memories doing the same thing as a kid.

    Love the good manners jar idea!!

  6. AWWW, she is so cute and fun!