Sunday, June 08, 2008

Alise's First Mani-Pedi

Her smile was priceless! I absolutely LOVED getting to experience Alise's first time to the nail salon with her. She had no idea what to expect and honestly, neither did I! I had been talking about "Ms. Kim" for the last few days and how we were going on Saturday to get her fingers and toes painted (a very late birthday present from Mommie). When I saw Kim Thursday evening (to get my own pedicure), I told her that I would be bringing Baby Girl by. She said, "Vedy good. I let my daughter paint her nails." I said, "Okay." We pulled into the parking lot a few minutes before 10:00 and I told Alise that I didn't think they were open yet. She said, "Yes, Mommie. They're open!" She couldn't wait! We walked up to the door and sure enough, "VIP Nails" had been open since 9:00!! When we walked in, Alise just looked around the room in a twirling motion...just taking it all in. I told her to pick out a color and of course, she picked out the loudest color of pink she could find. We finally agreed on a color for her toes, but I told her she would have to pick a lighter color for her fingers because we had church tomorrow (My own mother never let me wear fingernail polish to church on Sunday's and I don't want Alise wearing an outlandish color, either). She picked out a lighter shade of pink (not hot pink) with a little glitter in it. Actually, it ended up being kinda pretty. Kim's daughter - who was 12 and I didn't even get her name - came running up to us. "She need her nail painted?" She must have been waiting on us. The chair she lead us back to was right across from the five pedicure chairs and Alise just stared at the workers as they massaged and cleaned those people's feet. She barely watched Kim's daughter paint her fingernails because she was so engrossed with the ones who were getting pedicures. Then, it was time for her toes. I think she enjoyed that part more than anything. She actually watched her toes being painted. At one time, she looked over at me and gave me the biggest grin! It made my heart smile. After they were painted, she looked at me and said, "Mommie, I want flowers on them!" She wanted a design painted on them, but not just her big toe, she wanted them on ALL her toes! Two ladies walked by and admired her toes. Alise thought she was something else! They turned out SO cute! The best part of all was that Kim didn't charge me anything! I offered to pay, but Kim said, "Noh! Dis birfday present for your daughter. No pay. No pay." We walked to the car and Alise said, "Mommie, I wanted flowers on my fingers, too." I said, "Baby, we don't wear flowers on our fingers. Just our toes." Ugh!! But it was SO much fun!!! It was clearly one of the best mother-daughter times we've shared. If you've never had a pedicure, you just don't know what you're missing. And I encourage you to take your daughter for just "Mommie & Me" time. I'm sure your little girl will love it! I promised Alise that I would take her back before our beach trip in September. She was excited about that!

We had a little excitement here in the "garden district of Swartz" today. Most of you know that we live behind Swartz Baptist Church. I noticed a few days ago that their church marquee stated that our very own governor, Bobby Jindal (who some of you may not know, but he is being considered as a running mate with John McCain for the Republican ticket...), would be speaking there this morning. On the way home from our own church around lunch time, we passed by SBC but I didn't see a limo or any "state-looking" vehicle, so I don't know if Gov. Jindal stayed for the whole service or not. I do know that the church's parking lot was packed!

Wayne and I got new toys!! And not the edible kind of blackberries, either (Ha, ha, Leigh!). Actually, our contract on our old phones was up and I was dying to have a blackberry. Not exactly sure why Wayne had to have one, too. I mean, does he really need internet access while he's driving that brown truck? Oh, well. As Alise would say, me and my man are "twinkies." We love them!! And they are the reason we didn't make it to the early service at our church this morning. We stayed up until 1:00 this morning "playing" with our new toys.

Tomorrow is the day that God gives Ana Leiyah Robinson ( I know I probably spelled her name wrong...I got the spelling second hand from Wayne. I'll check on that tomorrow) to Chad and Allison. At least, that's what I've told Alise today. She is ready to see her new second-cousin. Allison is going to the hospital tonight at midnight, so hopefully tomorrow there will be a new baby in the family. We're excited for them and hope for a great delivery.



  1. This is precious, precious, precious! A girl after my own heart. She is beautiful!

  2. Tell her they are so cute! Almost as cute as the day she was born. Hee hee!

    Can't wait to hear about the new baby!

  3. I can't wait to do that with Ella Grace. How fun! Her toes look so cute.