Monday, May 19, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I lied about not being able to blog today. I'm sitting here in the restaurant of the Hilton Hotel. It's lunch time and I'm the only one in here. I'm sipping a Diet Coke, checking a few Ebay bids, and waiting for my club sandwich. I'm starving and fighting a bad headache. I'm ready for this class to end. I really do miss my family. I called my mom during the break and she let me talk to Alise. She started crying and then I started crying! She said, "Mommie, I miss you! Mommie, I love you!" WHAT was I thinking two days ago?!?! I miss her so much! (My food just arrived...yum!)

Oh! But something I've never done on this trip....I actually went inside a Starbucks. I don't drink coffee. My morning caffeine consists of a Diet Coke. There is a small Starbucks located between the Hilton and the Shreveport Convention Center, so the last two mornings, I've stopped in to get a Diet Coke (the vending machines in the Center are $2.50!!! Can you believe that? "Only" $1.90 in Starbucks). So, anyway, I just IM'ed Leigh and Amie to find out what kinda drink I need to get for the road home this afternoon. Something chocolate and NOT coffee! I'll let you know what I get!

Wayne and I stayed up late last night on our cell phones and computers. Me in Shreveport and he at home in Monroe. We were on Ticket Master deciding on times and seats for the "Go Diego Go" production that is coming to our Civic Center on June 26th. Now, before you big City Slickers start gasping, let me make two points. First, this is Monroe, Louisiana. We NEVER have anything good - as in concerts and theatrics - come here (Well, there was that Kenny Chesney concert one time that I missed out on, but that doesn't count!). Normally, anything like "Diego" that is geared toward children is put on in Shreveport, Baton Rouge, or New Orleans. Second, Alise likes Diego. I think it's because of the animals. So, I'm taking her. Notice I said, "I'M taking her." Yep, ol' Wayne-o got out of it! There are only two showings that day: at 4 & 7 PM. There is no way that he could make the 4 PM showing because of his schedule and the better seats were at that time. He said, "I hope you can get off work." I said, "Oh, just watch me! If I've got tickets to take my baby to a show, ain't nothing gonna stop me from taking her!" I'll just mark it off my calendar at work and plan to work through lunch that day to make up some of the time. Actually, my boss is pretty good about things like this so I don't expect any problems. "Go Diego Go," here we come!!!

I wanted to share something with you that I heard/saw on "Good Morning America" yesterday morning while I was getting dressed in my hotel room (I don't normally watch GMA, but I couldn't find The Today Show). Maybe you saw it, too. A reporter did a story on these five, eight, nine year old girls whose parents are allowing them to go to spas for facials, microderm abrasion, brow tweezing and the like. What do you think about that? Some of the moms that were interviewed said that they only saw this as a means of personal hygiene (the moms looked like they took advantage of these services, too). The physician that was interviewed said that this was wrong and that it only adds to the ever increasing emphasis of girls' body image. She also said that mothers can contribute to this emphasis by the way they themselves dress and things like frequent spa visits. She said that the occassional special manicure/pedicure trip with mom has gotten way out of hand. She said that boys - as old as seven and eight - are "grading" girls and telling them that they are a "5" or an "8." I was shocked. And then I felt guilty for the the "special birthday" visit that I have planned for Alise next week to get her nails and toes painted (not even a manicure or pedicure, really. It's just paint!!). What in the world is a mom to do?! Let me just say this. There is no way on the face of this earth that I would take Alise Horton at nine years old to have microderm abrasion or a facial. Because you wanna know why? The only face that will be getting special treatment is MINE!!! Especially if I'm paying for it!!! Can I get an Amen? Enough said. (Must be the caffeine talking....the Migraine Excedrin and two Diet Cokes me on a rampage.)

Please, please, please pray that it doesn't rain Saturday morning! I would really rather have a bunch of kids running around on the playground that morning than in our church gym!!! Someone said, "Well, why on earth did you plan it outside?" I didn't even give them the satisfaction of answering that question!

I didn't sleep well last night. I bet I didn't go to sleep until after 1 AM! I think I had to much sweet tea at Marcaroni Grill ( affects me big time!!). What is it about being in a hotel for a few days and taking advantage of "new water" that makes your skin feel so much better?! I notice that alot when I go out of town. One of the reasons the first thing I do when I get in a hotel is take a shower! Hotel water is just different from our fine water out in Swartz!! (You local people KNOW what I'm talking about!!)

I have a confession to make. I love being called, "Mrs. Horton." Growing up, I remember my mom signing her checks, "Mrs. Jerry Anderson" and I thought one day I would be "Mrs. Somebody." Well, I don't know if it's the "swankiness" of the hotel or what, but everyone here calls me "Mrs. Horton" and I love it! The bell-hop calls me Mrs. Horton, the front desk says, "Good morning, Mrs. Horton." The sweet kid that parks my car addresses me that way, too. I love it!! What happened to the good on' days of being spoken to that way?

Oh, my goodness! A song just came over in the restaurant from the '80's!! Glen Medarious' song, "Never Gonna Change My Love for You." Do you remember that song? I love that song!

Okay. I gotta stop. The caffeine is just too much today!


  1. Girl when you get home, you're going to have big caffeine withdrawals. tehe!

    I've never had Starbucks, but I love a Chocolate Caramel Latte from Joe Muggs. I hate coffee too and this tastes nothing like coffee. Yummy!

    Some people may call me liberal, but I don't think special treats like taking your little girl to get her nails painted makes you a trouble Mom. It's just a girl thing! Besides, there is a huge difference between nails painted and microderm abrasion for a child under the age of 16 years old.

    Alise's party will be a blast for the kids whether it rains or not, as long as the food is not out in the rain. Sorry we couldn't come this year.

    By the way, Smartie Britchies clothes run to true size with Katie. The pants are full elastic for a comfortable fit and most of the tops have either ribbons or buttons to adjust the fit.

    Take care and have a safe trip home.

  2. Awww, I know you miss your family! :) But the trip made the coming home all the better! :)

    Enjoy your last leg of the trip Mrs. Horton (I so get what you wrote about that) and I pray the party will go just as planned!