Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Today is also the "National Day of Prayer." Did you remember to pray today?

Does anybody out there use paper plates? Now, let me clarify myself. First of all, I'm not talking about at family reunions or during the Holidays. And I'm not talking about the "divided" paper plates or the "cheapies" that you use to make clocks or valentine holders out of when you were in elementary school. My favorite brand is Hefty. Sometimes I can find them on sale at Wally-world for a little over three dollars for 100 plates. So, you see? I've admitted it. I use them. My next question is do you use them for "big" meals...not just sandwiches or hamburgers. I'm talking for lasagna or some other "non-sliding" kind of meal (definitly not for rice and gravy or spaghetti). Now, before you think I absolutely own no place settings of even "every day china," let me just say that no, we do not live off paper plates, but we do use them. If we run through the drive-thru some where, we'll come home and transfer the hamburgers and fries to a paper plate. This past Sunday, I made lasagna after church and we ate off paper plates. If we order a pizza or fix hamburgers on the grill, we'll grab them, then, too. The fact is, I NEVER use to do this until about three or four years after Wayne and I were married. We went to visit some friends of ours in Arkansas (who will remain anonymous) and they were the ones that actually LIVED off paper plates. I bet Jane* (name changed for obvious reasons) hadn't washed a plate in six months!!! They even ate their steak of of them and they weren't the Hefty brand, either. I was blown away! I had never considered buying paper plates for the house...they were used only at family reunions and holidays. Now, we use them at our house - I'll say... frequently, but not all the time. So, hey! It's okay. Look at it this way, there are less dishes to clean up!

My daughter is turning into a bohemian. She insists on wearing sundresses and flip flops! Imagine that! Remember last year when she refused the dresses and couldn't wear the flip flops? Well, those days are long gone! This morning, she wore a cute brown and lavender halter-style sundress that I bought in Tunica, Mississippi, at the Carter's outlet. It was so cute! She was a little concerned about the fact that the back of the dress was missing, but after a while, she just moved on with life. She looked really cute! She's also back in to the bow thing again. For several months, she wouldn't keep them in at school or she would loose them (and somehow those expensive bows never turned up in the "lost and found" box). So I stopped putting them in her hair. Well, last week, she asked to wear a bow and I made her promise that she would leave it in. So far so good. No problems in the bow area.

My parents are headed to Breaux (pronounced "Bro") Bridge tomorrow with their friends, Don and Jeni, to the annual Crawfish Festival. They are going for the Cajun food and dancing. They should be able to eat some wonderful south Lousisana food (Wish I could go!). My parents have never been and neither have Don and Jeni. I can't imagine my parents "hanging out," but that's what they said they are going to do. Breaux Bridge is about 15 miles from Lafayette.

Speaking of food, I heard one of our local radio hosts talking about a new cookbook. It's called "The Hungry Girl Cookbook." Angela said that the author of the cookbook was on the Today show this morning, so some of you may have seen it. I found it on Amazon tonight, but I'm going to see if our local Books-A-Million has it first. Angela said that there was a fudge recipe that called for just two ingredients. I package of low-fat brownie mix and a can of pumpkin. She said the fudge was wonderful. Now, I'm not wild about pumpkin, but if my friend Debi was still in town, she would drive all the way to the nearest grocery store to get a can of pumpkin just so she could try it! She loves pumpkin! Ugh!!

We don't have any major plans this weekend. If the weather is nice Saturday morning, I may take Alise back to the park, but we'll have to try the other one off Deborah Drive because our usual spot is sponsoring the "March of Dimes Walk" this weekend. After that, I think I am going to take her to see my grandmother in the nursing home. We probably won't get to stay long, but Alise will remember the bunny and want to see him again. My grandmother got her cast off, but she still is not happy living in the nursing home. As Mirya would say, "Bless her heart."

I called Portrait Innovations in Tuscaloosa today and made an appointment to have Alise's three year old picture taken next week while we are there. Our plans are to leave Monroe around 4:00 next Thursday and spend the night in Tuscaloosa. We have to find a Bama Fever or Hibbets Sports store so we can buy Baby Girl some new Alabama t-shirts because she has outgrown her others. My friend at work found some Bama crocs online and wanted to get Alise a pair for her birthday. I told her that we could get them cheaper at a Bama Fever store. I didn't know that they made the crocs in smaller sizes (She had bought her granddaughter, Claudia, a pair of LS-who ones here in town. Wayne and I are wanting to take Alise to the Bama baseball game Friday night, but I don't know if we'll be able to or not. Alise would die to see Big Al!

My friend, Leigh and I are headed to the movies tomorrow night to see "The Bridesmaid" with Patrick Dempsey. We're excited about getting to go to another movie!


  1. Honey, paper products are the most wonderful invention for a busy Mom. Like you, I never really used paper plates a whole lot. That is until we had a big drought last Summer. From July - February that's what we lived off of paper plates, plastic forks, & Solo cups. You're right, you don't have many dishes to wash. Here lately, I've been threatening to go back to the paper products because I don't have time to even clean my house.

  2. um, I thought paper plates WERE china! It just occurred to me that you were a Mason and from the Monroe area, is that correct? I am curious, I am a Mason too by marriage, and all of my in-laws are from Monroe and Enterprise...wonder if there is a relation there? I didn't hear anything about a family reunion though, so probaby not!