Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Taking Contributions

I think I'm going to start a collection fund for Alise's tuition and uniform expenses. Anyone out there interested in contributing?! One day this week, I heard on the radio that a local uniform store was having a sale on school uniforms. You could come and buy ahead of time -even put the clothes on lay-a-way-and receive 15% off. If the uniforms don't fit in the fall, you could exchange them for different sizes. Well, that sounded good to me, so this afternoon, after I picked Alise up from school, we headed over to KMS to shop for school uniforms. I should have gotten the hint when I couldn't find price tags on any of the items that I picked up. I finally asked for some help and the store owner was nice enough to help me pick sizes and to show me what pieces were available for Jesus Good Shepherd. First, she showed me the jumper in blue and red plaid and said that I had to have at least one because the children go to chapel on Friday's and the girls wer required to wear jumpers to chapel. The children are also required to wear red polos and navy pants. No khakis or white polos. Ugh! For the girls, there is another option of a cute white nautical-looking blouse. I got Alise to try on the jumper, navy shorts, nautical shirt and red polo without a lot of grief. After the owner began to compliment her, she was all about trying on clothes! But I nearly started crying. When Alise put on that jumper with a Peter Pan collared blouse and that short bobbed hair, I couldn't believe how grown up she looked. She looked like she was about six years old and OH, so cute!! This is what I got: 3 jumpers, 3 Peter Pan blouses, 2 nautical blouses, 2 pair of navy shorts, 1 pair of navy paints, 2 red polos, 5 pairs of socks, and two red, white and blue bows. All that was $300!! When the sales clerk rang me up, she asked if I wanted to take it all today. I looked at her like she was crazy. I told her I wanted to put it all on lay-a-way. My balance is about $240 and I have to have it paid off by August 15th. So, like I said, we're taking contributions (It's a good thing her birthday party isn't costing alot this year!!).

On the way home, I thought about calling Maria (Allie's mom) and Lori (Emma's mom) to let them know about the sale. I did end up calling Maria (I can email Lori at work tomorrow - she works at the hospital) and she appreciated me calling and letting her know. She was going to try and go on Saturday before the sale ended. She mentioned to me that someone had told her that the school "recycles" uniforms...some parents donate their children's uniforms to younger ones once they outgrow them. NOW she tells me (Especially since we'll only be going there one year!!)!! Maria said she might go by there and pick up some new blouses and shirts and hopefully pick up a couple of jumpers from another JGS family. Oh, well. I can't seem to win for loosing. I told her to find out and let me know. Worst case scenario, I could exchange the jumpers for more white blouses.

My daughter cost me a fortune today...all in less than an hour and a half. After we left the uniform store, we had to return some movies and books on CD. I had to pay $3.50 to replace a CD cover because the sun melted one of them to pieces in my car while we were gone to Alabama. Ugh!

This weekend, Wayne is back to working on the house. He is hoping to finish the tile in the back room and Chad - his "vinyl siding" friend from work - is suppose to come over and help put the metal siding on the eaves. Alise and I are headed to Wal-mart to get the items for her birthday party...balloon blower-upper, candy for the goody bags, drinks and a few other items. On Sunday afternoon, I leave for Shreveport for a few days. We don't have any major plans for the weekend prior to the "birthday weekend."

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  1. Ya know...I sew! I will just help you out next year. ;)

    I look forward to her school photos on the first day!